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Published at 28th of January 2020 09:37:55 PM

Chapter 429
Noah had some sort of inspiration after his continue deductions and a week of battles .

He was aware that his inscription method wasn't suited for the creation of diagrams and techniques but it was amazing at creating items .
He didn't know yet how he would solve that issue in the future, spells needed diagrams after all, he wasn't ready to give up on their creations .
Yet, he knew that, for now, if he wanted to create a cultivation technique, he had to forge an item .
The inspiration came after his repeated use of the Black hole spell in battle, that spell was able to absorb enemy's attacks, destroy them, and direct the energy contained in them in the body of the cultivator who could use it in its next attack .
'A black hole is an unthinkable amount of mass concentrated in a small space, it is even able to curve the light due to its immense gravity… That might be the right path to follow to create a cultivation technique . '
Noah reviewed the little information that he remembered about a black hole in his mind, he felt strange to realize that his cultivation techniques had a similar aspect to that astronomical object .
The rank 2 Dark vortex technique created a black vortex that totally resembled a black hole and the rank 4 Dark convergence created a sphere around his dantian with even more resemblance .
'It should be something mine though and not a modified copy, the Elemental forging method is the only path . '
Noah's deductions ultimately led him to the "Breath" blessing, that miraculous mineral was able to attract "Breath" but it didn't have any absorbing capabilities .

'I might not need any other material, I don't think there is something that matches my needs after all . The "Breath" blessing could be the core of the item that will allow me to cultivate in the heroic ranks!'
An item that worked as a cultivation technique, that was Noah's solution .
'I would need to add an absorption ability and limit it to the darkness element but that's not the main issue . The real problem is that the item would need to be in the heroic ranks . '
To absorb "Breath" suitable for the heroic ranks, an item in the heroic ranks was needed, that was only logical .
'How big the mineral must be though? Even the boulder in the Royal Inheritance was only suitable for the human ranks! Yet, the bigger it is, the stronger its suction force will be once I compress it . '
Noah's idea was quite simple .
He needed to find a "Breath" blessing big enough to affect the "Breath" inside the matter, compress it, and add a function that allowed it to absorb "Breath" of the darkness element through the Elemental forging method .
Ideally, the item created in that way would have an extremely small size and absorb "Breath" of the darkness element continuously, Noah would just have to insert the item in the dantian to cultivate autonomously all the time .
However, there were many problems linked to that project .

First of all, he wasn't able to create rank 4 inscribed items yet, his new Demonic swords had barely reached the upper tier of the third rank and most of that was thanks to his experience in their structure and the quality of the dragon' corpses in the Inheritance .

Second, that continuous training would put his dantian under heavy stress .
There was also the issue of the Credits needed to purchase enough minerals with which test the technique but Noah didn't feel as if it would be a problem .
He had eighty million Credits and the complete support of his sect, he couldn't think of something that he couldn't buy .
Yet, before requesting for the minerals, he had to make sure that he could modify them to match his needs .
A white saber appeared in his hands, Noah swiftly slashed at the "Breath" blessing under him and cut away a small corner of the cube .
Then his mental sphere quickly imbued the unrefined gaseous "Breath" inside it with a meaning that Noah had created without much thinking .
Following the procedures of the Elemental forging method, Noah controlled the now refined "Breath" and fused it with the severed corner of the mineral .

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Noah tried to modify the mineral according to the Dark convergence technique but hoping to limit its effects to the darkness element .
It was needless to say that his first attempt failed, the small piece of "Breath" blessing crumbled when Noah tried to modify its internal composition .
'I guess I can only deduce and try again later, I can't hope to succeed so soon after all . '
Thinking that, Noah used again the Divine deduction technique to evaluate the many approaches to his new creation .
Time passed slowly on the archipelago .
The underground organization had suddenly revealed themselves on the surface and conquered all the peripheral islands, the legal organizations felt surrounded in the internal islands where their headquarters were .
They didn't have the power to break through the blockage, the legal organizations there were under the orders of the continent after all, there was a limit to how much they could cooperate .
Also, they had no reason to force the blockage, they had already notified their nations on the continent, they just had to wait for reinforcements to arrive .
The Coral archipelago was at some distance from the continent, a couple of months were needed to traverse the sea .

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The closest big nation was the Shandal Empire but the many wars fought on the countries near it delayed the dispatch of reinforcements .
The Papral nation and the Utra nation were a bit more far away and they too had some reserves about the matters in the archipelago .
The situation on the continents wasn't exactly easy, the balance of the three big nations had to be kept, none of them wanted to be the first to send reinforcements .
Nevertheless, unaware to most noble families, a ship still sailed from the shores of the Utra nation on the direction of the archipelago .
On the main deck of the inscribed ship, two young-looking cultivators, a man and a woman, could be seen staring in the distance .
If Noah was there, he would be able to recognize both of them .
The man was Errol, the tall youth that had been part of Noah's team during the exploration of the Royal Inheritance .
The woman was Ruth Eeggi, the red-haired girl that Thaddeus had picked as his disciple .