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Chapter 45

Noah was sitting inside one of the carriages of the caravan .

Kevin had invited him inside finding unnecessary his participation in the selection for the escort group .

"You know, me and your master were considered the best warriors of our generation . We would usually meet during our training days doing missions since the relationship between my Lansay family and your Balvan family has always been friendly . "

Kevin was speaking while being seated in front of Noah .

"But, well, he became the vice-captain of Balvan's outer ring while I became the head of the guards of my family, so we didn't have a chance to meet in a long time . "

He was pouring what seemed wine in two cups from a clay jug in his hand, then he offered one of the cups to Noah .

"When I heard that his disciple was going to assist for this mission I was instantly curious . I must say that you live up to your master's reputation . "

He raised his cup in a toasting gesture and Noah welcomed it by doing the same with his cup, yet he was using his mental energy to scan the liquid inside it .

'There seems to be no problem with the wine, I think he is telling the truth, his relationship with Master must be really good . '

Noah didn't hesitate anymore and took a sip from the cup .

A familiar burning sensation ran through his throat but was soon suppressed by the healing ability of his body .

'Oh right, with a rank 2 body in the higher tier I bet it will be pretty hard to get drunk . '

He had entered the sixth cycle so the effects of the Forging of the Seven Hells were becoming more prominent as he neared the competition of the process .

His healing abilities had improved, the same went for his "Breath" perception and his martial art execution .

'Well, I could not feel the increase in perception since it was outclassed by my advancement to rank 1 mage but my martial art has reached a whole new level, it should have fully broken through the level of a rank 3 magical beast . '

His most powerful attacks were already on that level after he obtained a rank 2 body but with the sixth cycle already nearing the rank 3 limit, his whole martial art had reached that level .

'My limit should be around thirty attacks at full power and if I factor the absorption of the acupoints I should be able to double that number . I should be fine unless I find myself in a really long fight . '

The disadvantage of not having a dantian was greatly reduced but still existed which made Noah still concerned about a fight with a real cultivator .

"Do you like the wine?"

Kevin's voice made him realize that he had lost himself in thoughts and he hurriedly made an explanation .

"I'm sorry, I had something in my mind . "

Kevin looked confused and said:

"You are too polite, no one has ever apologized for a few seconds of silence . "

Noah was surprised .

'Uh? Few seconds? Has my thinking speed become that high?'

He hastily raised his cup again to hide his confused expression and took another sip .

Then he put down the cup and stared at Kevin with a stern expression, a bit of coldness was released by his eyes .

"Shall we start with the real talk?"

Kevin seemed to approve as he emptied his cup and answered with a calm voice .

"What do you want to know?"

Noah's question arrived instantly .

"Why the escort?"

The question hit some crucial point as Kevin sighed and a sad expression appeared on his face .

"As you know, the young master in the caravan is the main descendant of the Lansay family . Logically speaking he should succeed his father as the patriarch of the family but . . . "

He filled another cup of wine before resuming his speech .

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"But he is too young . His father is gravely ill and will not live for long so his uncle might use this trip as a chance to kill the heir and take control of the family . "

Noah understood something but there were still some doubts in his mind .

"How is it possible that a patriarch of a medium-size noble family could have let the situation escalate to this?"

Kevin drank again and answered .

"It was the patriarch's fault if the Lansay family got punished so his brother, Tobias Lansay, used these events to gather consensus with the other soldiers in the inner circle . The only corp that remained loyal to Benedict Lansay, the patriarch, is the one with me in this mission . "

The situation was far worse than what Noah imagined .

"And what bringing back the heir can even do? They can just kill him once he is in the mansion . "

Kevin put down the cup and got near to Noah .

His voice became extremely low .

"This is a secret of the inner circle so if I ever find out that you disclosed it to anyone I will make killing you my lifelong mission, do you understand me?"

A dense killing intent was released by Kevin .

The soldiers and wanderers that were going through the selection outside the carriage trembled as the atmosphere became incredibly stiff .

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Noah simply kept looking at the big man in front of him but a trace of admiration was formed his mind .

'He is a veteran of the battlefield, I can't even imagine the number of lives he has taken . '

The stalemate lasted for a whole minute before Noah made up his mind and nodded .

Kevin stared at him for a few more seconds before he revealed the information .

"Lansay treasury is protected by a special formation . I don't know much about formations but I know the rules behind this one . Only the current patriarch or his descendants can control it and can determine the fate of every item inside the treasury . Benedict Lansay already gave the control of the formation to his son but he must first get there to accept it . If he was to die before that, the control of the formation would directly go to the next in line of succession, which is to say Tobias Lansay . "

'There is such a thing in this world, the branches of cultivation are really various . '

He remembered how when he was still a child, the mansion's wall wounded a dragon .

'That should be a formation too, they seem some really powerful things . I should ask Master about the various applications that cultivation has once I go back . '

"Are you saying that the formation will know if the heir dies?"

Noah's question was answered by a slight nod from Kevin .

He fell deep in thought before asking with an expressionless face:

"What do I gain from helping you?"