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Published at 3rd of February 2020 10:21:43 PM

Chapter 457
Noah didn't care about many things, it could be said that there were only a few things that mattered in his mind .

Cultivation was in the first place, there was nothing that he valued more than his personal power .
Yet, through his life in search of methods to cultivate, he started to care about a few people .
The most important one was his mother, Lily, the woman that had given up on everything just to give him more time to grow, sacrificing herself to free him from the bindings of the Balvan family .
Now, after his conversation with Earth, it seemed as if Lily's suffering and Noah's hardships had been part of Heaven and Earth's arrangements .
Noah's anger exploded, the feelings that he kept sealed as he waited to become strong enough to take his revenge on his father came out at that moment .
Earth had been slowly taking control of Noah's mental energy before but now the entirety of the mental sphere resonated with him .
Heilong's ethereal figure shot toward Earth, its maws opened as it roared toward the azure figure .
"Pointless . "
Earth spoke as it stretched a hand toward the head of the beast, Heilong's charge was stopped by that simple gesture!
"I gave birth to every living being of this world, did you think that modifying it a bit would make it escape my control?"

The mental energy that had accumulated on the spheres and that had dispersed back on the sea rose once again and circled the azure figure after it spoke .
Then, it enveloped Heilong, the mental energy under Earth's control began to enter the dragon's body as if trying to seize control over the ethereal form of the beast .
It was at that moment that Noah's will inside Heilong began to fight back, waves of pain reached Noah due to the shared senses with his blood companion as Heaven and Earth's will and his fought inside the dragon .
Second of silence passed inside the sphere as both wills fought without being able to overcome the other .
The figure's brows knitted when it saw that it couldn't take control of the creature, the hand that was holding the dragon arched, stabbing its fingers inside its head and pouring more mental energy inside its form .
What followed that gesture was an explosion .
Heilong's ethereal figure exploded only to reform back at the center of the mental sphere .
Countless cracks could be seen on its body, Noah knew from the pain that he was experiencing that his blood companion's injuries were severe, it would take a while to heal them .
Yet, its sacrifice wasn't in vain, he had now confirmed that his will could be used to fight Earth!
"Such a determination in defying our will, everything you touch seems to become our enemy . "

Earth spoke again as it watched the hand that it had used to fend off Heilong .
The azure color radiated from that limb had become softer after part of the mental energy that made the figure was used, it was clear that there was a set limit to its power .
Noah stretched a hand, the refined liquid "Breath" inside his mind shot toward him and took the shape of two black sabers .

An intense sharpness was radiated by those ethereal weapons, Noah's meaning was completely exuded by their auras .
Earth did the same, part of the remaining mental energy under its control gathered in its hands and took the form of two azure sabers, it was time for a frontal clash!
Noah and Heaven and Earth's wills fought to take control of the sea under their feet but there wasn't a clear winner: Heaven and Earth's will was stronger but Noah decisively detonated the mental energy that started to escape his control every time, leaving no fuel for Earth to use .
Then, Noah flew at high speed in the direction of the azure figure .
Many slashes were launched in less than a second, Noah expressed the complete mastery of the Three Forms of the Ashura as he attacked Earth .
The other, though, didn't show any flaw as it attacked Noah's back using his same martial art .

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Black and azure sabers clashed against each other as the series of attacks continued, shockwaves were created after each clash which propagated toward the walls of the mental sphere .
Yet, they were unable to do any damage since the dark protective layers negated any form of attack from reaching the walls .
Noah had prepared himself and was even quite experienced in fights inside the mental sphere, he knew that his mind could suffer severe injuries if he didn't take any precautions .
The light radiated by the azure figure became less intense as more mental energy was expended to match Noah's attacks .
On the other hand, Noah's sabers managed to maintain their glow even after more than fifty exchanges had happened!
It wasn't a difference in the power of their wills, Noah's sabers were formed by "Breath" under his control, they were more durable than Earth's ones since they weren't made only by mental energy .
Noah pressed in his offensive without a break, Earth was slowly put into a passive position as more of the mental energy under its control was expended .
Then, one of Noah's weapons managed to pierce the azure saber that had appeared to block it and landed on the azure figure, directly stabbing the center of its forehead .
The sharpness contained in the black saber spread, creating cracks in the now pale figure that simply stopped its attacks and watched Noah with a gaze full of arrogance and contempt .
"We will meet again if you manage to survive Heaven and the heroic ranks, we will see then if your soul can reach godhood . "

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Earth spoke one last time before its body shattered in many pieces and those shards of mental energy returned to the sea which was now devoid of Heaven and Earth's will .
A rumble filled the insides of the mental sphere after Earth was defeated, the dark layers protecting the walls were torn apart as Noah's sea of consciousness enlarged by many sizes .
The mental sphere seemed to cross some sort of barrier as it expanded, only to stop a few seconds after that invisible layer pierced .
It was at that moment that Noah opened his material eyes and the room around him trembled .
The pressure applied on his mind by the room seemed to retract as Noah's consciousness expanded, he was soon able to sense the entirety of the mansion and even the areas inside the mystical fog behind him .
Also, faint traces of the "Breath" inside the matter could be sensed by his mind, Noah saw how that "Breath" contained some sort of purer will that what he normally found in the "Breath" .
Then, while he was still in the process of becoming used to his new power, he was enlightened .
The enlightenment though wasn't about the creation of his cultivation technique, it concerned the other center of power that had been stuck for so many years .
Noah finally knew what he had to do to improve his body .