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Chapter 458
The enlightenment didn't come from the world around him or from the new power that his mind held, it had actually arrived when he reviewed Earth's words .

A smile appeared on his face as the idea took form, his mental energy was quickly expended to fuel the Divine deduction technique but more brilliant water was created from the bottom of his sphere after that expenditure .
Noah was now a rank 4 mage, his sea of consciousness would produce a better and stronger mental energy .
Noah controlled the new mental energy and made it enter the inscriptions on the walls of his sphere, his thoughts ran at an unimaginable speed as he analyzed the specifics of his idea .
'You called me an abomination, you will have no words for me after my body-nourishing method is complete . '
His consciousness reached for a place above the mansion as he thought that .
There, he found another strong consciousness that seemed to pay attention to the area, Noah felt its surprise when his thoughts connected with it .
"Who!? Wait . Is that you, Prince? How is this possible?"
The thoughts of the consciousness were clearly heard by Noah while he was still inside the mansion .
"Elder, you were once a citizen of the central part of the continent, right?"
Noah spoke through his mind, he knew that the elder sent to accompany his group was somewhere above his mansion so it was easy for him to find him .

"Yes, but that was a long time ago . Most importantly, how did you manage to find me?"
The elder's thoughts resounded inside Noah's sphere but Noah completely ignored his question as he spoke again .
"Elder, I have a request . "
It took some time before Noah became used to his new power .
The walls of his room trembled every time Noah's gaze swept them, the pressure radiated by his new mental energy was able to affect the material world, Noah feared that he would inadvertently kill some of the cultivators of his group if he came out of the mansion before learning to control himself .
Meanwhile, he was amazed by the new world that he was able to see: Every material that made his mansion exuded "Breath" but their internal composition contained a different kind of energy .
The "Breath" inside the matter wasn't only purer and denser, it also carried a thick will that gave it specific roles .

Noah wasn't able to understand the meaning behind that will, he could only pick some random details but he was sure of one thing: That will carried the laws that Heaven and Earth had set!
Noah knew that to affect such a "Breath" he had to use a stronger will, meaning that his hope to create a rank 4 cultivation technique while he was only a human mage was simply a vain dream or a project that would have taken him decades to complete .
Now he was a rank 4 mage, he could decide to resume his experimentations for his cultivation technique but the enlightenment birthed after his Earth Tribulation was a matter too pressing to postpone .

That was because it concerned a body-nourishing method!
The body of a cultivator was its foundation, the growth of both mind and dantian would be hindered if the body wasn't able to contain them .
The sea of consciousness pressed less on the body than the dantian but Noah was already in the liquid stage of the third rank, some sort of limitation was bound to appear before his Heaven Tribulation .
That's why he decided to work on his nourishing method first .
Also, the idea that he had was simply so amazing that couldn't contain himself .
In a seemingly desolate area near the mystical fog but far away from the Hive's encampment, a hooded Noah calmly waited in front of a huge caravan .

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Runes could be seen on the sides of the many carriages that made the caravan, he knew that they were meant to restrain whoever was inside them .
A fat man exited from the first carriage and neared Noah with a wide smile on his face .
"My lord, this is the first time that I've traveled so far to complete a sale! Our common friend said that you were willing to purchase slaves in large numbers, I hope he was speaking the truth . "
The fat man immediately went to the core of the matter when he spoke .
The man was a cultivator in the third rank and also a slave trader that Noah had contacted through the elder of his group .
"I need cultivators with a rank 3 body, at least a hundred of them . "
Noah gave voice to his needs without caring for the merchant's words .
The man's eyes lit up when he heard the number of slaves requested by Noah, he joined his hands on his waist as he bent toward him to whisper something .
"You have come to the right person . I have the best women in the continent, all trained to serve their masters without complaints and with a body strong enough to serve even the most powerful cultivators without breaking . "
The merchant spoke wearing a lecherous expression, Noah moved his eyes back on the caravan as he expressed his requirements more clearly .

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"Gender doesn't matter . All I ask is for cultivators with a rank 3 body that have a high tolerance to pain . "
Near the Hive's encampment, a few kilometers deeper in the mystical fog .
Noah oversaw the cultivators of his group as they dug an underground structure .
One hundred cultivators stood behind him, they had inscribed chains around their neck and wrists and all of them had a rank 3 body, they were the slaves that Noah had purchased from the merchant .
"I've gathered the magical beasts that you have requested, Prince . They are all in the third rank but their elements aren't that various since the mystical fog doesn't offer that variety of creatures . "
The elder spoke through his consciousness to Noah, the latter had tasked him to capture as many rank 3 creatures as he could while he was busy purchasing the slaves .
"Thank you, Elder, you can cage them inside my underground quarters when the work is completed . Also, I have to ask you to make this entire area soundproof, I don't want my experiments to attract unwanted attention . "
Noah's answered through his mind, his eyes radiated a chilling coldness as he prepared himself to forge an abomination .