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Chapter 460
Humans generally envied the easy path to power that magical beasts had .

It couldn't be helped, magical beasts didn't need techniques nor needed to pay attention to their element, that was one of the reasons why it was impossible to completely exterminate them, they seemed to be privileged beings in the cultivation journey .
Noah wasn't an exception, he envied those creatures like every other human did .
Cultivating without the need of a technique was the dream of every cultivator, they wouldn't need the support of organizations to increase their power if something like that was possible .
Yet, no one had ever managed to completely imitate the cultivation method of the magical beasts .
Noah had never thought of himself as someone with an incredible talent of far smarter than anyone else, his power came from hard work, amazing determination, and sacrifice, he was only able to make those decisions at a young age .
However, there was something that he had suspected since he heard about the attempts to imitate those creatures .
This world had beings able to fly, gods, Immortal lands, it wasn't bound to mortal limits like his previous one .
Also, cultivators had appeared a long time ago so it was safe to assume that experimentations on the magical beasts had been attempted for a long period .
If those mighty cultivators of the past hadn't been able to find a solution to the issue, then there simply wasn't a solution .

Humans couldn't imitate magical beasts, that path led to a dead-end, that cultivation method was limited to those creatures .
That's why Noah thought that, if imitating a magical beast was impossible, the only option left was to become a magical beast .
The Elemental forging method could fuse two material into one, modifying it and giving it a meaning through the refined "Breath" of the cultivator performing the inscription .
Noah used the Divine deduction technique to better analyze his inspiration, he then chose to use the body of a human as the core material and the body of the magical beasts as the material that had to be fused .
There were many issues with his idea though .
First of all, he needed a large number of cultivators and magical beasts to proceed with his experiments, he needed humans willingly to endure the pain of the procedure to obtain reliable data .
Then, there was a problem that concerned his element .
Darkness cultivators were hard to find and so were magical beasts of the same element, the Elemental forging method used a "Breath" that matched the cultivator performing it, meaning that Noah would have been forced to experiment only on beings of the darkness element .
Also, his mansion couldn't hold that many beasts and slaves, he needed a place where he could experiment without being interrupted and without judging eyes, what he was going to do wasn't exactly ethical after all .

Yet, with the backing of the Hive, all those issues had been solved in a short amount of time .

The underground facility had been quickly built, it was quite bare but Noah didn't need any luxurious furniture in there .
The slaves had been obtained with the help of the elder, Noah was filthy rich right now, his wealth had been barely affected by that purchase .
The magical beasts had been captured by the elder in his group, the mystical fog was a danger zone, its insides were filled by those creatures .
Then, for what concerned the "Breath" of a different element, he had asked the cultivators in the liquid stage of the third rank in his group to fill almost empty versions of Obsidian Credits with it .
According to Noah's idea, succeeding in fusing the body of a magical beast with that of a human wouldn't increase its level, it would just completely change the nature of that body .
That's why he needed for their level to be the same, every little difference could create a destructive chain reaction that would ultimately make the experiment fail .
As for why he asked only for the "Breath" of the cultivators in the liquid stage, it was because they were on his same cultivation level .

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The purpose of the experiments was to create a reliable procedure that Noah would eventually apply to himself .
When that time came, Noah would still be a liquid stage cultivator in the third rank since he had decided to not approach the solid stage until he created a cultivation technique .
Noah couldn't risk miscalculating something due to a difference in the power of the "Breath" so he limited his request to those in the liquid stage .
Capturing the magical beasts alive was also another form of precaution, Noah could kill them with his mind right before the experiment started so that he could be sure that the quality of the corpse wasn't affected in any way .
There was only one big detail that Noah wasn't sure of .
Fusing the bodies of a human and of a magical beast would surely create a powerful finished product but he couldn't be certain that the cultivator would then have access to the cultivation method of the magical beasts .
However, the only way to solve that doubt was to succeed in his experiments .
Screams resounded in the underground area .
Noah kept his hands sealed on the screaming slave and the liquefying corpse of the beast .

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His piercing gaze memorized all the events that happened since he began to fuse those two bodies .
'Skin with skin, muscles with muscles, organs with organs, I'll focus on the containment later . '
Noah decided as the skin of the beast slowly entered the man's body .
The man screamed to no end as that external material fused with his skin, forever changing its capabilities .
Gray fur started to grow on the slave, the first signs of mutation had appeared but Noah didn't seem to mind them .
He was focused on seeing if the procedure was doable, he had time to perfect it later on .
After the skin, it was time for the muscles .
The man shook when the muscles of the Fire wolf liquefied and entered his muscles, his temperature also rose due to the peculiar body of the magical beast .
'Its abilities are being passed down!'
Noah exclaimed in his mind when he saw that the man's muscles were gaining some of the abilities of the Fire wolf .
Yet, before all the muscular system of the man was filled with that of the magical beast, a gray smoke started to come out of the slave .