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Chapter 461
The temperature of the new muscles of the slave rose at a high speed, the skin above them wasn't able to sustain such heat and began to burn, emitting gray smoke in the process .

Noah knew that he did some mistake at that point and that it was too late now for the slave .
That's why he didn't stop merging the two bodies, he wanted to gather as much experience as he could before the slave died and the experiment failed .
The fusion of the muscular system was completed and Noah's focus went on the skeletal system .
The bones of the magical beast began to liquefy and enter the body of the slave, cracking sounds resounded as the bones of the man were modified due to the Elemental forging method .
The slave had never stopped screaming since the experiment began, his body was being modified while he was wide awake, it was as if he was experiencing a Pain Tribulation at that moment .
Then, before Noah could even fuse half of the skeletal systems, the skin of the man was completely burnt and the slave died .
Noah's first experiment was a failure .
That was to be expected, Noah couldn't hope to obtain some result so soon, especially when attempting in something that no one had been able to do .

His mental energy quickly entered the shining lines on the walls of his sea of consciousness, the Divine deduction technique helped him to quickly find the reason behind that failure .
'The fusion of the skins wasn't good enough, the capabilities of the skin of the magical beast weren't passed down due to that . Well, it's better to say that such a lax fusion couldn't express its qualities . '
The skin of the slave didn't obtain the qualities of the magical beast so it wasn't able to endure the burning muscles under it, leading to the death of the slave .
'It seems that I can't disregard a good amalgamation even in the early stages of the fusion or there could be deadly repercussions . My will is also a bit off but it doesn't seem to cause a failure just yet . At least now I know that the abilities of the creature can be passed down, a perfect hybrid should be able to carry the capabilities of both worlds . '
It took only one experiment for Noah to be able to pick so many details, the Divine deduction technique coupled with the mental energy produced by a rank 4 sea of consciousness was already showing its power .
'I need to take it slowly, I must be sure that the skins have completely fused before passing on the muscles . The same must be done for bones and organs, meaning that the procedure will take longer than I had predicted . '
Noah had initially thought that he could just fuse everything and then make it take the form of a human body but that approach wasn't possible .
The body of the cultivator would begin to mutate as soon as the fusion reached a certain point, meaning that the abilities of the magical beast would appear during the procedure .

Noah then took one of his white sabers and opened the corpse of the slave, he was basically performing an autopsy .

He couldn't leave any detail behind when performing such an invasive experiment, he had to actually see the changes happening inside the human body .
The bones of the slave had many cracks, that was expected since Noah had just started to modify them .
Yet, the muscles of the man had gray hair growing from them, it seemed that part of the skin of the beast had been mixed with them during the fusion .
Both problems had been caused by Noah's lack of control but it could also be said that he couldn't help it .
He was a rank 4 mage, his consciousness was so strong that Noah's control neared perfection .
However, near perfection didn't seem to be enough .

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'I still have some "Breath" of the fire element left in my mind, I'll try again with a Fire wolf and with a fire cultivator . '
Noah thought when he had finished analyzing the first experiment .
He was attempting something unheard of with an unreliable inscription method and a liquid "Breath" that didn't match his element .
Being imprecise was something that he couldn't avoid at his first attempt, he needed to become familiar with the procedure to minimize the lack of control, he needed experience in the procedure, and he had to find the other hindrances that waited for him as he went deeper in the experimentation .
Noah quickly cleaned the room using the black smoke of the Demonic form spell, nothing remained of the dead slave and the maimed corpse of the magical beast, he didn't want anyone to know what he was doing after all .
Another slave was taken from its area and brought to the central room of the underground structure by Noah, he quickly chained it to the wall and went to kill another Fire wolf .
This time, Noah knew that he would probably fail .
The slave was a woman while the magical beast was a male, Noah was quite sure that genders would affect the fusion but he wanted to test it to gather more information .

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With the remaining refined red "Breath" inside his mind and by placing his hands on both slave and beast, Noah started his second experiment .
As expected, the two bodies showed signs of rejection since their skin began to fuse .
Piece of flesh directly exploded as the skin of the magical beast was fused, Noah tried his best to contain the rejection but he ultimately failed, another experiment turned out to be a skinless corpse .
'I can't mix genders which means that obtaining precise resources will be slightly more troublesome but there should be no problem after the connection with the archipelago is set, I will have a wider variety of both magical beasts and liquid "Breath" at my disposal at that point . '
Noah thought as he cleaned the area again .
As a rank 4 mage, he was still far away from reaching his limit, even with the constant usage of the Divine deduction technique .