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Chapter 469
'For the procedure to succeed, the human and the magical beast must have the same aptitude, gender, and cultivation level . Also, the personality of the human and the behavior of the species of the magical beast must match or rejections would appear while fusing the internal organs . '

Noah summarized all the data that he had gathered during his experimentations in his mind as he prepared his requests for the archipelago .
'The hybrid forged in this way can't have body parts originating only from one of the two species, everything must be fused to obtain a harmonized body with the shape of a human . Also, one body can only contain one human and one magical beast, the hybrid can't be further empowered in any way . '
Those details were sorted inside his mind, the data came from the experiments that he had performed after the creation of his first hybrid .
'A hybrid would maintain the best capabilities of both worlds, meaning that it can have a body slightly more powerful than a magical beast while keeping a dantian and a mental sphere . Also, depending on the magical beast used in the Elemental forging method, the aptitude of the hybrid can benefit from the fusion, meaning that attacks related to its element will obtain some benefits . The only downside is the conflicting mental state of the hybrid, something that should be avoidable with a strong mental sphere or a creature more fitting for the human . '
One hundred and fifty slaves with a rank 3 body, almost two hundred rank 3 magical beasts, and liquid "Breath" of the third rank of various elements, those were the resources that Noah had expended to reach his current level of expertise in the procedure .
All the slaves and the magical beasts had died during the experiments but Noah could now claim to have the confidence in beginning the last part of the experimentation: Fusing a rank 4 magical beast and a cultivator with a rank 4 body!
Noah knew that the reason behind his fast progress in the creation of his body-nourishing method was mostly due to the Divine deduction technique, his mind was extremely powerful now that he was a rank 4 mage but the technique obtained by Divine Demon was able to further improve its capabilities .

Noah didn't dare to imagine how long it would have taken to obtain the same results without that powerful technique, he guessed that he would have needed at least three times those resources to achieve the same .
However, there was a problem that he didn't encounter while experimenting with cultivators with a rank 3 body and that he knew he would find when he moved on those with a rank 4 body .
The body of a cultivator would be almost entirely reconstructed by the "Breath" during the Pain Tribulation, meaning that it would carry traces of Heaven and Earth's will .
That will would surely oppose the fusion, the black clouds that had appeared in the sky every time a hybrid was created made Noah sure that the procedure won't be smooth with humans with such a body .

Magical beasts were different, they underwent the Pain Tribulation during their breakthrough to the fourth rank but the "Breath" used to reconstruct the body had been previously stored through their training method, it could be said that, differently from humans, their body wasn't a type of reward .
Also, the body of the magical beasts would be liquefied under the influence of Noah's "Breath", meaning that any trace of Heaven and Earth's will that still remained inside it would be suppressed and destroyed by Noah's will .

The issue was then limited to the human side .
'I have a few ideas on how to deal with Heaven and Earth's will but I need to test them before undergoing the procedure myself . '
Noah thought as he contacted the slave trader and set up a meeting after expressing his requirements, he knew that the purchase at that time won't be cheap .
He was spending those days inside his mansion training with the fifth Kesier rune and deducing with the Divine deduction technique, it was normal for him to have already thought of some ways to solve the issue .
The first one was to forcibly remove the parts of the rank 4 body that had been affected by Heaven and Earth's will .
That approach would maim the cultivator and endanger its life but it would prevent any conflict from happening during the fusion .
Yet, it would also remove any capability that the body had, almost bringing its power back to the third rank .

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Also, those missing parts would eventually lead to a weaker hybrid once the fusion was completed which was something that Noah wanted to avoid .
The other approach would see Noah forging the human body before attempting to fuse it with the magical beast .
The procedure would then have two rounds of forging, meaning that there would be a higher failure rate and that the final power of the hybrid could be affected .
Both approaches didn't seem ideal but Noah had to actively test them before finding new inspirations, there was a limit to how much he could deduce without reliable data .
The day of the meeting arrived and Noah negotiated with the same slave trader the purchase of cultivators with a rank 4 body at the peak of the lower tier .
The value of those slaves was far higher than the others since they had a center of power in the heroic ranks, Noah saw three of his millions vanish to purchase only twenty cultivators .
Yet, Credits had never mattered to Noah, he was only interested in what they were able to buy .

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After returning to the encampment, Noah led the slaves to his underground structure and questioned them about their personality .
When their profile was completed, Noah requested a series of rank 4 magical beasts that matched their personality .
Rank 4 creatures weren't easy to capture alive, even some rank 4 cultivator would find that task difficult .
Luckily for Noah though, he only needed beasts at the peak of the lower tier of the fourth rank, he was trying to reproduce conditions that were similar to his situation, the next step to his experiments would be his fusion after all, it was time to tune the procedure around his level .
Also, Chasing Demon had captured a lot of magical beasts while he set the copying technique all over the archipelago so the Hive was quite experienced with that practice .
It took almost two weeks but, in the end, twenty caged magical beasts were teleported in the encampment in Efrana nation, together with the liquid "Breath" requested by Noah .