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Chapter 471
Rank 4 mages had a mental energy that could affect the material world .

Also, they were able to create wills that carried part of their thoughts .
Eccentric Thunder, Divine Demon, Noah had met the wills of those powerful cultivators but he had never been able to create one of his own .
Yet, after being in the fourth rank of the sea of consciousness for a few months, he had managed to do it .
Noah's black figure was formed by the condensed thoughts that carried his hatred toward anyone and anything that tried to control and exploit him .
Rhys, the Royals, Heaven and Earth, the hatred that targeted them was condensed in a form made of mental energy that Noah could use for his needs .
Of course, Noah was still far away from creating a will that could think, he couldn't be compared to Eccentric Thunder or Divine Demon after all .
'This should be enough . '
Noah thought as he pressed a finger on his forehead and slowly detached it in a pulling motion .

Noah's black figure was pulled by his finger and appeared in the material world, it was only the size of a man's fist and it floated in the air but its eyes quickly went on Noah's body .
The figure analyzed Noah's body with a gaze full of hatred, it seemed ready to pounce him but Noah's words stopped its tracks .
"Not me, not yet . "
Noah spoke while pointing at the woman chained on the wall .
His will turned its head to the slave and revealed a menacing smile before diving directly into her body .
The slave shivered, she was awakened by the changes happening inside her body but she couldn't understand what was going on .
It was as if an external force was devouring something inside her without causing her any pain, actually, she felt even lighter as time passed .
Noah analyzed the work of his will, part of it was consumed every time a piece of Heaven and Earth's will was destroyed .

Yet, the "Breath" inside her body that was left without a will soon stopped working properly, Noah could see how her tissues began to die after his will swept them .
'Almost ninety percent of the rank 4 body of a cultivator is reconstructed after the Pain Tribulation but my will was only able to clean seventy percent of it . Well, I can still use her to practice . '
Noah thought after his will inside the slave's body was depleted, it didn't manage to complete its task since a bit of Heaven and Earth's will still remained inside the woman but Noah didn't expect much from his first attempt .
His hands quickly went on the woman and the magical beast's corpse next to her, he was going to perform the fusion even if he was sure that it would fail, he couldn't just waste her without gathering any experience .
The remaining skin of the beast liquefied and fused with the wounded one of the slave, there was no rejection that time, the two beings were forged together as if they were beings in the third ranks .
'The laws contained in the body of the beast are enough to stabilize the forged body!'

Noah exclaimed in his mind when he saw that the skin of the woman stopped dying after it was fused with that of the beast .

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He was worried that, by removing Heaven and Earth's will from the body of the slave, he would need to create something in its place .
Yet, the laws contained in the body of the beast would simply take its place after the fusion, making the dying tissues work again .
The bits of Heaven and Earth's will inside the beast's body were removed while Noah liquefied it through his refined "Breath", making it the perfect glue that kept the slave's body working .
Noah hurried the fusion as much as he could, he needed to fuse the dying tissues of the woman before they fell apart, something that would unavoidably lead to a failure in the procedure .
Thanks to his training and mastery, Noah succeeded in fusing the dying tissues with the magical beast, even if he had to leave some unstable spots .
However, he then met the parts of her body that his will wasn't able to clean and the self-destruction happened again .
The slave died at that point, there was nothing that Noah could have done to prevent it .
Yet, he now knew that he had found the right method, he had just to master it!

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'I need to create a stronger will and I need to harmonize the capabilities of the rank 4 bodies so that the hybrid won't suffer from rejections . Once I've completed these steps, it would be my turn . '
Noah thought as he quickly cleaned the area and went to pick another slave, his gaze showed the eagerness that he felt as he approached the end of his experiments .
Humans with a rank 4 body had special characteristics depending on their body-nourishing method .
Noah had a black membrane around his heart which contained liquid "Breath" that he could inject in his circulatory system, that feature was specific for the Yin body method in which he had trained .
Some of the slaves had similar features, rank 4 body-nourishing methods increased in value if they added those special qualities to a cultivator, it was normal for the slaves to have chosen to train in them if they had the chance .
Yet, they were a hindrance toward the creation of a harmonious hybrid, they were the opposite of the tails and wings of the magical beasts, something that belonged only to the human world .
Noah didn't want to remove those abilities from the slaves before fusing them with a magical beast, he wanted for the hybrids to keep them, he was striving for perfection after all .
The only way to succeed though was through his experiments .
In less than a month, the other nineteen slaves died and Noah was forced to purchase more of them, as well as requesting more magical beasts from the Coral archipelago .