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Chapter 475
Noah encountered more dragons as he dove deeper into the Granite Abyss .

They were mostly rank 4 creatures with a few beasts in the third rank appearing after he reached a certain depth, taking care of them wasn't a problem .
Yet, Noah had a wary expression as he continued to descend, there was something completely off about that environment .
It wasn't something that concerned the species of beasts in there, Abyssal dragons, Void dragons, Black dragons, all those species were described in the reports about the Granite Abyss that he had studied before going there .
What didn't make sense was the light .
It wasn't just the illumination inside the gorge, the darkness that filled that place was unnatural, it was able to affect Noah's eyes which was something extremely strange .
Even the tongues of flames released by the dragons that Noah had met along his way seemed paler, it was as if they missed part of their color .
Noah didn't think too much about that, the world he lived in was strange, the "Breath" had given birth to creatures and environments with capabilities that defied logic, he couldn't find an explanation to everything .
Also, he had a target, he didn't come there to explore the canyon .
Yet, he couldn't help but pay more attention to his surroundings, his consciousness expanded till its limit to give Noah a clear understanding of what was around him .

Eventually, he sensed that the bottom was right below him and he didn't hesitate to land on it .
Heilong's wings folded themselves behind his back but remained out in the open, Noah wanted to be ready for any situation in that strange place .
The Granite Abyss was narrow but long, its sides were filled with cavities of various width that were used by the many dragons as nests, Noah guessed that those cavities had been created by the same dragons that inhabited them .
Yet, the rocky walls at the bottom where almost smooth, no dents or holes could be found on their surface, it was as if something had flattened them .
'Not even fifty meters large, I wonder if this species of dragons really lives in this narrow place . '
Noah thought as he investigated the area .
The Granite Abyss stretched for many kilometers but its width wasn't that great, especially at its bottom .
'I wonder why dragons would choose this place as their nest…'
Noah wondered as he began to walk forward, the path behind him continued only for a few hundred meters according to the cavity on the surface, he would just explore it later if he didn't find anything on the other side .

The bottom of the canyon seemed deserted but the peculiarity of that place was enhanced at its deepest point, Noah couldn't see anything at all, it was as if he had gone completely blind .
He walked for a few hundred meters without encountering any changes, everything around him was silent, the only thing that could be heard was the cries of the dragons in the cavities above him .
Then, a sudden danger was sensed by his consciousness .

Noah was a rank 4 mage, there were a few things that could make him fear for his life in a normal danger zone .
However, his mental sphere wasn't lying to him, Noah knew that he had to avoid what was coming for him at all cost .
The danger closed in at an incredible speed, Noah saw a white light on the road in front of him becoming closer and closer .
The bottom of the canyon lit up, Noah was about to be engulfed by the white light when his figure became ethereal .
A wave of pain filled his body when the light submerged him and filled the area where he had come from .

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Noah had used the Ethereal form spell while being a rank 4 mage, there was almost nothing in that rank that could have hurt him through his spell .
'Rank 5!'
Noah immediately understood the power of the creature that had launched the attack, he quickly decided that the Granite Abyss was too dangerous and that he needed to escape .
The wave of light vanished, the attack had stopped and Noah returned material a few seconds after that, he spat a mouthful of blood as black veins covered his skin and Heilong's wings unfolded behind his back, ready to take him out of that place .
Yet, right before he activated his martial art and shot in the air, the cries of the dragons above him resounded in unison .
Noah was forced to stop his actions, the wave of light released by the rank 5 creature still lingered in the environment, giving him the ability to see what was happening above him .
All the dragons in the upper parts of the canyon were peeking from their cavities and looking somewhere at the bottom of the gorge .
Then, tongues of flames shot from them and landed somewhere at a few kilometers in front of Noah .
The light radiated by the flames made Noah able to clearly see the scene, he saw how the attacks of the dragons landed on a huge figure in the distance .

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The figure was fifteen meters long and stood still on its four huge legs, the barrage of flames didn't seem able to hurt it but it was enough to keep it locked in its position .
Black scales covered its body which seemed to affect the light radiated by the flames that landed on them, softening their colors as they neared them .
The huge reptilian head of the creature was lowered as it endured the attacks, Noah's eyes went on its back where he noticed the absence of wings .
The rank 5 creature resembled a dragon in every aspect except for the absence of wings .
White flames burned on the surface of the walls next to Noah, he realized in that moment of peace that the wave of light that had engulfed him was, in fact, fire!
Also, Noah could sense that "Breath" of the darkness element fueled those white flames, that was the last detail that he needed to confirm the idea that had formed in his mind when he saw the wingless reptile .
'Rank 5 Cursed dragon!'