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Chapter 476
Noah seemed petrified as he stared at the mighty beast being suppressed by the barrage of flames of the dragons in the upper part of the Granite Abyss .

The attacks of more than one hundred rank 4 creatures kept the Cursed dragon still, unable to move and react .
Noah focused on the scene while the liquid "Breath" in his circulatory system healed the internal injuries caused by the white flames of the dragon, he began to understand the situation as he analyzed what was happening in front of him .
'The Cursed dragon is malnourished and old, it can't express its full power . Also, it can't fly, the other dragons can simply attack it from time to time until it ultimately dies . '
Noah could finally understand why that many powerful dragons had chosen to set their nests there .
A rank 5 magical beast was a being that contained an unimaginable amount of "Breath", even a dying specimen in that rank would be the most desired meal of any rank 4 creature .
'They are waiting for the moment when it dies, I bet this place will fall into chaos once that happens . '
Noah could clearly imagine the scenes following the rank 5 dragon's death .
The creatures in the upper parts of the canyon would engage in a fierce battle for the chance to eat its corpse, the winner would see its power increase by many levels after all .
The barrage of flames continued for a while and it stopped only when the rank 5 dragon fell on the ground, exhausted by the incessant attacks .
The Cursed dragon seemed to fall in some sort of slumber when it fell, the other dragons stopped releasing flames only when the first snore resounded in the area .

Then, a peculiar thing happened .
The light that still lingered in the area dimmed as if absorbed by something .
It didn't happen immediately, Noah saw his vision grew darker every time the Cursed dragon breathed .
'The records said that Cursed dragons could use part of the absorbed "Breath" to increase the power of their flames, I didn't expect it to be the "Breath" contained in the light . '
Noah thought as his vision turned completely dark .
A place where not even cultivators with a rank 4 body could see and white flames, it didn't take even an instant for Noah to make that connection .
'A creature of the darkness element that uses light to empower its flames, how amazing this species was when it had wings?'
Noah was amazed .
Magical beasts could absorb "Breath" of any element but the ability of the Cursed dragons surpassed anything that he could imagine .
After all, light was everywhere in the world, which meant that the growth of their flames virtually had no limits!

'Dammit, now I desire it even more . '
Noah cursed in his mind as he took a pill from his space-ring and directly ate it .
The injuries suffered while he was in the ethereal form began to heal at a faster speed due to the effects of the pill, Noah could stop using the liquid "Breath" inside the membrane around his heart at that point .

The ability of his body would have been enough to heal his injuries but Noah wanted to be ready to go all out!
He had confirmed the existence of the Cursed dragons and he had been amazed by their powers, now he only needed to find a specimen that matched the rank of his body .
'I should confirm something first . '
Noah thought as Heilong's wings flapped softly and lifted him in the air .
Noah flew slowly, he didn't want to make any unnecessary sound as he reached an area above the rank 5 creature .
Then, he expanded his consciousness and analyzed the ground around it .

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'The terrain in a one hundred meters area around it is completely burned, it seems that the dragons above don't allow it to move even . Perfect!'
Noah had to analyze the ground before he could have any hope to find a rank 4 Cursed dragon .
According to the status of the ground around the rank 5 creature, the dragons in the upper parts of the Granite Abyss seemed to suppress it every time it moved .
They had reacted before when the beast attacked Noah and it seemed that they did the same whenever it moved .
No other traces of burned terrain could be found outside that area, meaning that the dragon had been forced to stay in that position for a long time!
The reason why Noah was so happy about that discovery was simple: If the dragon couldn't move, then it couldn't hunt!
Since it couldn't hunt, there was the chance that weaker creatures of its same species were still around at the bottom of the canyon!
Noah didn't waste time after that discovery, he didn't know when the rank 5 dragon would wake up and launch another wave of those threatening white flames, he didn't want to remain in that place for longer than necessary .
He directly flew past the sleeping dragon while keeping his consciousness focused on the ground, he was almost certain that he wouldn't find another creature as powerful as that one but he hoped that there would be at least some weaker than it .
Soon, his eyes lit up when his consciousness sensed that other lifeforms were either sleeping or hiding in some cavities that had begun to appear .

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They were weak, only in the second or third rank, Noah couldn't count more than twenty of them .
Yet, they were all big wingless reptiles that seemed smaller versions of the rank 5 creature being kept still a few hundred meters behind .
'There must be at least one! I'd rather not feed a dragon in the third rank until it reaches the heroic ranks . '
Noah continued in his search until, eventually, he found what he was looking for .
Two wingless dragons roared at each other as they came out of their cavities, it seemed that the events with the rank 5 creature had awakened them .
Noah sensed their power, they were both in the fourth rank, one near the peak of the lower tier and one at the beginning of the middle tier, their scales were filled with dents and scars, it seemed that it wasn't the first time that they fought .
'Why would it attack something stronger?'
Noah wondered before he understood the situation: The specimen near the peak of the lower tier was a male while the other was a female, the former was probably attacking it to force itself on the other .
'This place has driven you crazy enough . '
Noah thought as he dove toward the two dragons, hundred ethereal claws materialized around him and shot toward the middle tier specimen, killing it in an instant .
There were less than thirty specimens left of the Cursed dragon species and Noah had just killed one of them!
Then, Noah landed in front of the other rank 4 dragon while storing the one that he had just killed, he couldn't help but wear a cold smile as he looked at his prey .