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Chapter 48

In a basement inside Lansay mansion, a man in his fifties with curly blonde hair was watching a map with some pawns on it .

At some point, a soldier appeared behind him and kneeled on the floor .

"Lord Tobias, the spies in Basil's escort have sent the report . None of Kevin's men joined the battle, only a kid went to fight and killed all of the peasants . They now have resumed their trip toward our direction . "

Tobias nodded not even turning back to look at the soldier and moved one of the pawns on the map .

"Did you find the carriage where Basil is staying?"

"Yes, the spies reported that he went out of his carriage to relieve himself from the harshness of the battle . "

Tobias shook his head .

"That kid is too weak, the patriarch's bloodline has gotten too soft, no wonder we are in this situation . "

He sighed and then pointed on the map .

"Send the mages to intercept them on Twilboia Cliff, put an end to my nephew's dream . "




Meanwhile, on the caravan, Noah was lying on the roof of a carriage concentrating his mental energy to scan the surroundings .

They were nearing a place called Twilboia Cliff which in Kevin's opinion was the perfect place for an ambush, so he was wary of anything out of the ordinary that entered his perception .

Lansay mansion was in the opposite direction of Balvan mansion from the point of view of Mossgrove city, so Noah didn't know much about the environment of this region .

At some point, he felt someone getting close to his side .

He turned to look in that direction and saw Basil clumsily trying to climb to the top of the carriage where he was .

Noah waited patiently for the nobleman to succeed in his climbing and smiled a little when he saw him sitting next to him .

"Can I help you with something, mister heir?"

Basil nodded and answered .

"I want you to reply to some of my questions . "

Noah became slightly interested .

"Go ahead, I don't have much to do anyway . "

He had yet to receive the second Kesier rune so his training had momentarily halted .

"How did you kill those men?"

Noah was momentarily confused and pointed at the sabers on his back with a questioning look .

"No, I mean, how could you do that so naturally?"

Basil corrected himself and Noah finally understood the meaning of his words .

"Mh, I believe you won't feel bad about killing animals to feed yourself . It's the same with humans on my road toward power: they stood in my way so I killed them . "

Basil was bewildered seeing a man younger than him speaking in such ways about human life .

"B-But you won't die if you don't have power, it's not the same! They were just hungry commoners fighting for food!"

Noah looked at him with scorn .

"Weren't you the one that wanted to show my corpse to the animals defending you?"

Basil became silent to Noah's reprimand and a bit of shame appeared on his face .

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"I-I was just imitating the way the people in the Shosti family acted . I never saw a corpse before your fight . "

Noah shook his head .

'He is still a kid after all, I'm the strange one since my appearance doesn't reflect my real age . '

He thought for a bit and then he answered with sincerity .

"If a dragon was to pass by right now and attacked us we would all be dead . Good, evil, and all the other human constructs would be reduced to ashes by a random event . You say you won't die if you don't have power but that is false: those villagers were weak so they got exploited until they chose to go against a group of cultivators, their end was decided the moment they accepted your uncle's deal; you are weak so your family is hunting you down due to the status you were born with and all you can do is hide in a carriage hoping that Kevin will be strong enough to protect you . "

Basil lowered his head hearing these words but Noah's speech wasn't over yet .

"If you care about something, you should be strong enough to defend it . If you want something, you should be strong enough to aim for it . If you are weak, you should aim to become stronger . If you want to become stronger, you must have the resolution to climb mountains of corpses . You should have understood by now that the cultivation world is not a nice one . "

Basil nodded and expressed the last question he had in his mind .

"Killing fifty innocent men to protect one only for some small increase in power, aren't you afraid that the world will consider you a demon?"

This question made Noah fell in deep thought .

He ran through all the experiences he had in this life .

The battles with the magical beasts, the sparring with his Master, his mother's smile, the various missions until only one image remained in his mind .

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There was an elderly man floating in the air .

He had one hand raised to block a lance of flames launched by a dragon .

In the eyes of a baby, he looked like a god free from any restriction, untouchable by normal humans .

'I wonder how much will it take for me to reach that level . '

Noah had unconsciously raised his gaze to the sky, staring at a fixed point with vacant eyes .

A pure and boundless yearning for power made itself clear inside his mind and then, he answered .

"So what?"

Basil was about to ask more before a chilling sensation enveloped him .

Noah was still looking at the sky but his eyes were dark and cold, like a beast looking at its prey .

Seeing no changes in his attitude, Basil gave up on asking more questions and climbed down the carriage to go back to his original lodging .

Noah stared at the sky for a long time before he moved his gaze toward a small mountain next to a cliff in the distance .

'If the world will call me a demon, so be it . If it will give me the power to save my mother and to pursue the road of cultivation without restrictions, I will gladly forsake my humanity . '

The caravan continued on its road to Twilboia Cliff unaware of the spies in its group or of the battle that was waiting there for it .