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Chapter 483
The arrows flew toward Noah from many directions, they tried to encircle him and to cut away any path of retreat .

Yet, Noah was in the air, he could move more freely than simple arrows .
A shockwave spread under his feet as he shot higher in the sky, removing himself from the trajectory of the attack .
However, right before the arrows were about to converge and crash in his previous position, they made a sharp change of direction, following Noah in his escaping route .
'This is a martial art mixed with a spell!'
Noah realized as the torrent of arrows reached from below him at a high speed .
It took him only a few seconds to understand the nature of the attack, the arrows had been shot while performing a martial art but their trajectory was controlled through a spell .
Also, the fact that his sea of consciousness labeled them as a potential danger made him sure of another detail .
'Their power surpasses the human ranks!'
A sudden ambush and a mighty power, Noah's confusion mounted as he stared at the incoming arrows .

Yet, some irritation rose inside him, his mind was calm but his instincts were screaming .
He was a dragon that had just reclaimed his rightful place in the sky and defeated the Tribulation sent by Heaven and Earth, how could someone dare to attempt to take him down?
Noah's consciousness spread as his body turned ethereal, the arrows pierced him before exploding inside his incorporeal figure .
A series of explosions filled the sky, hundreds of arrows reached for Noah and self-destructed when he entered in their range, Noah waited patiently inside the smoke created by the blast as he analyzed that attack .
'Their weight seems off, I can feel some pressure even when using the Ethereal form spell but they can't hurt me like this, not with my new body . '
The rank 5 Cursed dragon had been able to injure him through his ethereal form but this attack was weaker and his body had simply improved too much since then .
Meanwhile, his consciousness searched for traces of his attacker, his heavy mental waves swept the area around and below him as they tried to find the cultivator responsible for the ambush .
'Found you . '
Noah's reptilian eyes shone with a cold light when his consciousness found a cultivator hiding in the trees below him .

The mental energy of the cultivator used to conceal his presence couldn't do anything against Noah's investigatory capabilities, his power was completely revealed to him
'Rank 4 body in the upper tier, rank 4 dantian in the gaseous stage, earth aptitude, and rank 3 mental sphere… He doesn't seem a lone cultivator . '
Noah's attention went on the runes that covered his body and that acted as a magnet for the "Breath" around him, such a cultivation technique seemed too complex to be the creation of a cultivator on that level .
Also, the ambush had happened right before he reached the encampment in Afria nation, the timing was too perfect for it to be the act of an individual without any backing .

'I should be able to safely reach the encampment but I don't really want to let go of this chance to fight a heroic cultivator . I'm even quite hungry . '
Noah thought as he waited to return material, many possibilities were played in his mind in those seconds .
The encampment of the Hive had an elder guarding it, Noah would be safe once reached its perimeter .
Yet, that would only delay the issue and not solve it, he wanted to deal a blow to the force that had sent that cultivator .

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Even his instincts were screaming to kill the offender and ravage his body, one shouldn't attack a dragon without being certain of killing it after all!
Noah returned material inside the smoke released by the explosions of the arrows and focused on a position behind the ambusher before his body was covered in black flames .
Evan had read the file that listed Noah's abilities, the scroll containing his information had been updated after the battles on the islands, Noah's profile was quite complete and detailed .
That's why Evan directly turned as soon as he sensed a fluctuation on the "Breath" behind him, his hands moved inhumanely fast as they nocked and released tens of brown arrows in the inscribed bow that he wielded toward the black flames that had appeared mid-air .
'He has been informed about my abilities . '
Noah realized that when he saw that the assassin had been able to exploit the weakness of the Warp spell as soon as he had used it .
A black sphere formed in front of Noah as he came out of the black flames, the "Breath" and mental energy contained in the arrows were absorbed by the Black hole spell, turning those powerful items in simple metal sticks .
Also, the "Breath" that had been redirected to Noah's body was dismantled and absorbed by him, Noah felt that the energy of a heroic cultivator nourished his body better than the magical beasts inside his space-ring .
The arrows then crashed on him as he came out of the black flames, metal sounds resounded as the pointy tips of the arrows broke when they came in contact with Noah's skin, they were unable to even leave a mark on it .

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"Who sent you?"
Noah asked as red veins spread over the sclera of his eyes .
Evan had been momentarily surprised by the defensive power of his body, he knew the power and the constitution of his arrows and was left completely stunned when he saw that they broke without even denting Noah's skin .
Yet, when he saw the red veins around Noah's vertical pupils, he awakened from his stupor and shot another arrow with his bow .
The arrow exploded as soon as it left the bow, dense "Breath" and mental energy were released, affecting the trajectory of the Mental tremor spell than Noah had launched .
Evan retreated behind a tree to safely prepare more arrow but a sudden sense of danger made him jump away from that spot .
He turned his head only to see that Noah had chased behind him and kicked the tree, directly eradicating it from the ground and breaking its trunk in half .