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Chapter 484
A strength that surpassed the realm of the magical beasts was contained in a small body, Noah's physical power was simply immense!

Evan felt fear for the first time since the fight had begun .
He was a mighty heroic cultivator while his target was only in the third rank and the liquid stage even, the assassination should have been smooth and easy .
Yet, Noah had sensed his attack far before it was able to reach him and had found his hiding position in an instant .
Also, his reaction time was incredible, it didn't matter how many arrows Evan shot, Noah was always able to counter them and gain the initiative in the battle .
Noah's abilities had been described in detail in the scroll that Thaddeus had given him, Evan knew that his target was a genius when the sea of consciousness was concerned .
That's why, even though he was extremely stupefied and slightly doubtful, he understood the fact that Noah's mind had surpassed the human ranks .
That discovery made him unable to realize the power held by Noah's body, he had the aspect of a human after all, his mental sphere was a center of power far more threatening .
On the other hand, Noah felt troubled .

He was using his full power to defend against the offensive of a heroic cultivator, holding back only on the abilities that would reveal his dragon side .
The power held by the arrows shot by the assailant was simply too high, he was using a martial art fueled by rank 4 "Breath" after all, Noah had to use the power of his mental sphere to match it .
Yet, doing that took a heavy toll on his dantian which could only provide liquid "Breath", Noah felt his reserves depleting after the usage of a few spells .
Martial arts were weaker than spells but they also depleted less "Breath" and mental energy, that was one of the reasons why Noah had continued to use them even if he had more powerful methods .
'I need to rely on my body . '
Noah thought as his eyes sharpened, a shockwave expanded under his feet as he shot toward the escaping cultivator .
Evan didn't hesitate to release more arrows when he saw that Noah was set on chasing him, his hands nocked and released them at an incredible speed, Noah soon found more than thirty threatening darts aiming at him .
However, he was done testing his enemy's power, he needed to end the battle quickly and retreat in the safety of the encampment .

Heilong came out of his body and clashed with the arrows, the weapons exploded when they came in contact with the blood companion, shattering its body in thousands of pieces, even the defenses of a rank 4 middle tier creature couldn't do anything against the attack of a rank 4 cultivator .
Heilong's half-transparent figure inside Noah's mind was covered in cracks due to the attack that it had just endured, Noah suppressed the waves of pain released inside his mental sphere as he stomped the ground to sprint once again toward Evan .
Noah managed to reach Evan less than an instant after the latter shot another arrow, Noah saw the sharp arrowhead aiming for his heart as he was at less than a meter of distance from the cultivator .

It was at that point that Noah released a wave of gray flames .
The flames weren't enough to stop the flight of the arrow but they covered a wider area and their power depleted part of the arrow's strength .
Evan was surprised by that sudden attack but he quickly manipulated the terrain below him to create a think and sturdy defensive wall .
Yet, while he was busy defending from the flames, he felt a series of claws piercing his body and tearing his internal organs .

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At the same time, Noah dodged the incoming arrow and kicked the wall that had barely managed to stop his flames, Evan wasn't able to make the arrow detonate since the Ghostly claws spell had broken his focus .
The wall was a defensive spell cast by a rank 3 mage, it had been able to momentarily stop Noah's flames but it couldn't endure the power behind Noah's body .
Pieces of terrain shot in every direction as Noah destroyed the wall and swung his hand toward the cultivator hiding behind it, his stretched fingers resembled the claws of a beast as they reached for Evan's chest .
Evan was unable to do anything, he could only place his inscribed bow in the trajectory of Noah's hand .
However, the bow was only a peak rank 3 weapon, it immediately broke under Noah's physical power, unable to even slow down the threatening hand that aimed for him .
Then, Noah's blow hit Evan on his chest .
Evan had a rank 4 body in the upper tier but his rib cage was pierced as if it was butter, Noah's hand stabbed his chest and came out from the back of the incredulous cultivator .
Noah then retracted his hand until he was able to squeeze Evan's heart with his grip, his cold reptilian eyes released a primordial pressure as he spoke to the man .

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"Who sent you?"
Noah tightened his grip as he asked that question, blood came out of Evan's mouth when his vital organ was being held hostage .
Nevertheless, he didn't answer, he simply closed his eyes as he focused on his dantian .
Noah felt that something was becoming unstable inside the low-waist of the assailant, his free hand stabbed him in that place only to retract it immediately after while carrying something in its grasp .
Evan continued to cough blood as his gaze went on Noah's hand, a minute but shining sphere stood in his bloodied palm among other pieces of internal organs .
Noah revealed a smirk as he ate the shining sphere, a seemingly endless amount of "Breath" filled him before his body automatically turned it into its nourishment .
Noah felt the power of his body increase once again, all his tissues became stronger and denser as he solidified his power inside the middle tier .
"You lost your dantian and I have your heart, tell me who you serve with so much zeal to make you willing to self-destruct . "
Noah asked for the third time but Evan simply smiled before closing his eyes, it was clear that he had no intention to answer .
Noah looked at that gesture and sighed internally before closing the hand inside the cultivator's chest, Evan's heart was reduced to a pulp, finally ending his life .