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Chapter 488
The sky was shattering, the azure crystals falling into the sea radiated dense "Breath" that soon filled the area before they dispersed in the water below .

The three powerhouses didn't have time to seize those crystals because an even more incredible event followed the shattering of the sky .
The many fissures in the sky widened and connected, forming an uneven rectangular area where the shards kept falling .
Then, the surface of the sky completely broke and an immense boulder fell from that huge hole .
The three powerhouses saw the event but felt powerless to stop it, the boulder had a width slightly smaller than the continent, even their mighty power wasn't enough to stop the descent of that huge landmass .
God's Left Hand shouted as she turned her gaze to look at a place somewhere at the center of the Shandal Empire .
Meanwhile, Chasing Demon and King Elbas simply retreated as they stared at the falling boulder in disbelief .
It looked as if an immense mountain was falling from the sky, its lower surface soon began to heat up as it gained speed .

What once started as a simple fissure had now turned into a meteorite threatening to extinguish all the lifeforms of the continent!
It was at that point that a blue light filled the surface of the sea below the falling mountain .
Water rose in the air and turned into ice pillars that launched themselves toward the boulder, white columns formed and clashed against its burning surface .
The size of the columns was incredible, they were as large as an entire nation and stabbed their sharp tips on the falling boulder, slowly affecting its speed .
A reverent gaze appeared on God's Left Hand as she turned and kneeled toward the territories of the Empire while still being mid-air, she knew that her god had decided to help them .
More and more ice pillars rose in the air, the level of the sea lowered as its water was used to fuel that divine spell, it was as if a white mountain had decided to fight the falling azure one to protect the lifeforms of the continent!
The boulder began to slow down when the entirety of the ice mountain crashed on it, ice-shards and azure shards flew in every direction as the two immense objects fought each other .
That event released shockwaves that reached the southwestern coastline of the continent and, of course, the coral archipelago, all the cultivators in the heroic ranks and even some in the human ranks felt that disturbance in the "Breath" .

Many powerful existences left their habitation and appeared in the open to witness that colossal event, disbelief was written in their faces when their eyes landed on the white and azure mountains fighting each other .
Noah wasn't an exception, his sea of consciousness and his beast's instincts had begun to scream as soon as the sky was pierced, he quickly left his mansion and flew high in the air to understand what was happening .
Then, he saw it .
The azure sky had a hole in it from which a shining aura was released, it seemed as if an amazing world was hidden behind it .

The boulder almost as big as the continent was continuing in its descent, an azure halo was radiated from its surface, it seemed completely made of a material similar to the "Breath" blessings .
In the end, he saw the white mountain from which pillars continued to rise to stop the advance of the falling continent, its body was pierced as the motion of the latter kept going, it was as if it was trying to envelop that unknown mountain .
The cultivators of the continent held their breaths as they watched the white pillars slowing the fall of the azure mountain until they eventually stopped it completely, an azure continent stood motionlessly over a seemingly endless white plain, a new landmass had appeared where there once was only water .

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Yet, the shockwaves radiated by that clash affected the state of the sea below, huge waves rose on its surface and spread in every direction around the new continent .
Chasing Demon, King Elbas, and God's Left Hand awakened from their stupor and disappeared from their position only to reappear on the coastline of their respective countries .
Chasing Demon closed his eyes before many immense walls rose from the seabed next to the islands and faced the incoming tsunami .
The power contained in the waves and their height was great but Chasing Demon was a rank 6 existence and the last line of defense against that natural calamity .
More and more walls rose from the sea and even the tentacles of powerful beasts appeared to repel the huge waves .
Similar scenes played themselves along the southwestern coastline, the powerhouses of the big nations appeared in the air and used their methods to defend the continent from the calamity .
It took some time but, in the end, the sea calmed down, returning to a peaceful state .
The defensive spells used to defend the continent broke or dispersed in the air, revealing once again the changed scenery on the horizon .

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Only the powerhouses kept their eyes on the hole in the sky, they were worried that another continent or something scarier would fall from it .
Yet, to their surprise, the sky simply began to reform .
An azure brilliance shone on the edges of the hole, reforming the surface of the sky and quickly filling the vast cavity that connected the Mortal Lands to what seemed a higher plane .
Noah's disbelief had long surpassed what he was able to contain and his mouth hung open on his jaw as he stared at the new continent in the sea .
His gaze then found Chasing Demon who was staring with a serious expression in his same direction .
Noah flew toward the Patriarch of the Hive and many elders did the same, Chasing Demon was the only one in the Coral archipelago who could know more about the event .
There were less than thirty cultivators behind the Patriarch of the Hive as they waited for his explanation .
Chasing Demon sighed before he turned toward the crowd and spoke a few soft words .
"It seems that a piece of the Immortal Lands has fallen in the Mortal ones . "