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Published at 24th of February 2020 08:45:05 AM

Chapter 501: 501
Magical beasts had bodies that were leagues above those of the humans, their only weakness was that their owners didn't know how to express their full potential .

Noah had obtained an even stronger power by fusing himself with a beast, his martial arts would become far more powerful since they were performed with such a monstrous strength, the only drawback was the higher consumption of "Breath" since it had to be tuned around the physical strength of the body .
However, using a martial art while wielding the strength of a beast wasn't the best that Noah could do .
During his seclusion, Noah had thought deeply about his situation and evaluated the possibilities that his centers of power could offer, he was about to enter a world filled with monsters that had lived for centuries after all, he had to have something that could match such enormous experience .
He found the answer he was looking for in the secret arts .
Secret arts could push a center of power to its limits to give the cultivator performing it a temporary wave of power, allowing it to surpass what its rank made possible .
Such power wasn't free though, the center of power would be heavily injured after withstanding that stressful procedure, the fairness of Heaven and Earth required that drawback .
Yet, Noah was different .

The "Breath" inside Noah's dantian boiled as it tried to reach a higher stage, there was only so much of it that he could use during the Tribulation .
However, to fuel his martial art while using a secret art, Noah needed large amounts of "Breath", his calculations told him that his dantian would be emptied if he was to use the energy that it contained .
Completely emptying his dantian while facing the Heaven Tribulation though would endanger his future prospects since his organ would lack part of the nourishments given by the impurities that were released, Noah simply couldn't use it .
That's why he decided to rely on the ring around his dantian that worked as a rank 3 cultivation technique .
"Breath" of the darkness element was continuously gathered by his inscribed item and was redirected to his arm, cracks began to appear on the ring around his dantian as the process continued, even a peak rank 3 item couldn't sustain the energy needed for that attack .
Noah's left arm resembled an insatiable beast that continuously devoured "Breath" to perform that simple gesture, Noah barely had the time to imbue part of his will in it before it was consumed .
Noah made a basic slash with his saber but the amount of energy contained inside it was so high that even his peak rank 3 weapon began to crack under such pressure!

The air on the trail of the Demonic sword shattered, cracks spread like a spider web from the horizontal line that Noah had traced .
Then, toward the end of the slash, the black saber completely shattered, leaving only a small shard inside Noah's palm .
The fissure in the sky quickly closed itself, leaving a weaponless Noah flying in the air under the black clouds, it seemed as if his attack didn't have any effect .

However, the eyes of the elders watching the scene had widened during the process and their gazes immediately went on the clouds after the black saber broke .
A massive lightning bolt was about to be released before Noah's attack but its thick orange body seemed to have stopped moving after the slash was performed .
Even the black clouds had stopped their motion, the sparks on their surface had frozen, it was as if time had stopped in the area of the sky that they occupied .

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Then, a chasm appeared along their bodies which divided the immense Heaven Tribulation in two .
Also, black smoke began to corrode the dark clouds, further enlarging the fissure that Noah had created with his martial art .
"Breath" was released by the clouds and was redirected toward Noah, he felt his dantian being nourished by an external force as the boiling rank 3 "Breath" inside it slowly became a shining black gas .
The ring around his organ couldn't withstand the pressure anymore and shattered, the minute black shards fell inside his body which quickly absorbed them to turn them into nourishment .
The Heaver Tribulation had been defeated with only one attack!
'This rank 4 "Breath" still contains Heaven and Earth's will, I don't need it . '
Noah thought as he analyzed his dantian, the "Breath" in the fourth rank that had just formed after the entirety of his solid "Breath" had boiled was cast out and dispersed in the air .

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Then, Noah opened his right hand, an even smaller black ring was in his palm which had a dense black whirlpool rotating in its center .
Noah pointed the remaining shard of his Demonic sword toward his low-waist and pierced it, stopping only when the shard stabbed his dantian, creating a small hole in it .
Noah retracted the shard and inserted the minute ring inside his body, he placed it inside the wound of his dantian, creating something similar to a tunnel that connected the outside world with the insides his center of power .
The whirlpool at the center of the ring immediately began to send rank 4 "Breath" of the darkness element in the insides of his dantian, the area around him seemed to become brighter as the "Breath" carrying the laws of the darkness element contained inside the matter was absorbed .
The will of Heaven and Earth contained in that "Breath" was destroyed as Noah's new cultivation technique absorbed it, the greed radiated by the inscribed item didn't leave any trace of it .
Noah felt a wave of energy filling him, a power beyond anything that he had ever felt seemed contained in those few strands of shining gas that were slowly enlarging his dantian .
Yet, as the pressure inside that organ increased, part of the gaseous "Breath" was about to come out from the opening where his cultivation technique had been placed .
It was at that point that a half-transparent Noah sat cross-legged in front of the opening, Noah had created a will to stop his "Breath" from leaking out!
The black clouds in the air dispersed under the amazed gaze of the elders, the Tribulation had been passed, signing Noah's entrance in the heroic ranks .