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Published at 12th of March 2020 02:15:49 PM

Chapter 504
Noah returned to his ruined mansion to prepare for his next move .

There were no paths that would make him gain any profit on the continent, only the piece of Immortal Lands could bring benefits to his personal power .
'I need to stabilize my position inside the fourth rank, it should take a few weeks before my dantian becomes ready for a battle . '
Noah thought as he sat in one of the intact training areas .
He knew that Elder Iris would contact him once the Hive decided that it was time to explore the new continent, he didn't know exactly when that would happen but he guessed it wouldn't take more than half a year .
The three big nations had freely explored the new continent for four years already, their heroic assets had made incredible gains in that period, the Hive could just settle for human cultivators while that happened .
Noah's attention went on his will floating in front of his dantian .
Mental energy entered his half-transparent figure, giving it enough power to affect the black ring inside his wounded center of power .
The rotation whirlpool inside the ring slowed down, its absorption speed was lowered thanks to the will placed in front of it before returning to a normal speed as soon as Noah willed it .
'All the tests have been made, the rank 4 Black hole cultivation technique should function until the peak of the solid stage of the fourth rank, I just need to constantly refill the mental energy needed to fuel my will to control it . Now, I only lack a proper weapon . '

His last peak rank 3 Demonic sword had broken to perform the Dragon's claw while he was using the secret art, it was safe to assume that normal rank 3 inscribed items wouldn't be able to withstand its power either .
'I need to forge another item in the heroic ranks, I guess it's time I match Ivor's achievements . '
Noah had never forgotten the first time he had seen Ivor's knife and he had always known that his ability in the Elemental forging method was inferior to his .
Ivor had been able to forge a rank 4 item while he was still in the human ranks while Noah had needed to reach the absolute peak of the third rank and be a rank 4 mage to do the same, their wills were simply on two different levels .
Ivor was ready to sacrifice his life to complete the forging while Noah couldn't want something like that, their intentions couldn't carry the same power .
Noah sighed as he stared at his right arm before requesting for a series of materials from the Hive .
'There can only be one core material…'
Noah thought as he undressed his upper body and Heilong came out in the open .
Then, he inserted his right arm inside his companion's mouth and he ordered it to bite his limb off .

Heilong's fangs weren't enough to sever his arm right away and Noah didn't have any other weapon at his disposal, he could only pull back his shoulder with all his strength to help his Blood companion .
It took a while but, in the end, Noah managed to cut the entirety of his right arm away .

Blood fell from his maimed shoulder but Noah suppressed the pain as he sorted the drugs contained inside his space-ring, a pill radiating a powerful energy quickly appeared in his remaining palm which he didn't hesitate to eat .
A surge of energy filled his body as the drug melted, the energy seemed alive as it searched for wounds inside Noah .
Noah controlled the energy to stay away from his dantian, he didn't want for the medicine to mistakenly close the opening needed for his cultivation technique, and redirected its focus on his right shoulder .
Warmth filled his maimed shoulder, his severed limb slowly showed signs of growing back!
'I need more energy . '
Noah thought as he inspected the effects of the drug .

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He had used one of the best rank 4 curative pills that he had but its effects were intended to work on humans, drugs like that weren't created for hybrids .
The corpse of a rank 4 dragon in the middle tier appeared in the open and Noah began to take small bites out of it, the "Breath" contained in the magical beast entered his body and was turned into nourishment that it freely absorbed .
Part of that nourishment healed the after-effects of the secret art, Noah's muscles began to bulge and return to their normal state, Noah quickly returned to his normal aspect thanks to that meal .
The rest of the nourishment was redirected to his right shoulder, the healing capabilities of his body and the powerful drug that he had just used would make his entire arm regrow in a day according to his calculation .
'The materials that I've requested should arrive soon and my arm should be enough to create a pair of sabers . I should treat them better this time though, I can't waste useful pills every time a Demonic sword breaks . '
Noah thought as he closed his eyes to focus on his dantian and, specifically, to the "Breath" that it was storing .
He immersed himself in the study of that "Breath", his dragon's instinct saw it only as food but he knew that it hid some kind of deeper meaning .

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Time passed in the Coral archipelago .
The news of Noah's breakthrough and his request to join the team meant to explore the piece of Immortal Lands quickly spread through the heroic ranks of the Hive .
It must be said that there weren't many elders willing to embark in such a dangerous mission, many of them would rather take the safe approach and try to openly create some sort of city on the continent, they didn't feel there was any reason to mess with the colonization of the three big nations .
However, the Hive had never intended to interfere with the three factions on the new continent, its plans concerned the opposite shore that they were exploring .
The only problem with that approach was the distance with the archipelago but that issue could be solved once a teleportation matrix was set, it would be only a matter of protecting such formation at that point .
It took four months after Noah's Tribulation to create an explorative team made of five elders, they were all complete heroic cultivators in the fourth rank and, of course, Noah was one of them .