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Chapter 505
Five heroic cultivators set off from the Coral archipelago and began to fly west .

They flew high in the air, far away from the azure sea, and they didn't speak, they were doing their best to be as silent as possible .
Even their mental waves were retracted, they only used their eyes to analyze their surroundings, they didn't want to risk being discovered by enemy forces as they tried to reach the new continent .
Noah ran in the air, dense layers of dark "Breath" formed under his feet as he stepped on them, he didn't need to use Heilong's wings to fly anymore and he was faster that way since his body was stronger than his Blood companion .
Three elders ran next to him while a fourth one was in the lead, they were the team that the Hive had sent to explore the new land and, of course, each one of them had different areas of specialization that suited the task .
Elder Hope was the leader of the group and was the only rank 4 cultivator in the liquid stage among them, she had a wind aptitude and most of her abilities were focused on movement and espionage, she was the scout of the team who was also tasked to create an escape route in dangerous situations .
Elder Duke was an old rank 4 cultivator in the gaseous stage, he was bald but a long white beard grew from his jaw .
He had a water aptitude and was specialized in defensive measures which even included some simple formations .
Elder Laurel was the expert in magical plants and vegetation even though she had a fire aptitude that generally conflicted with that field .

She was also in possession of abilities with a large area of effect that could help the group when it was surrounded, making her presence quite important in the team .
Elder Morgan was the expert in formation, her role was to create the teleportation matrix that could allow them to safely return to the archipelago but she also had good defensive measures due to her water aptitude, she and Elder Duke would take care of the defense of the team together once reached the new land .
It was needless to say that the expert in the magical beasts' field was Noah .
'They are all quite old, it seems that they are desperate to find something that makes their cultivation level improve . '
Noah thought as he gazed at his companions .
They all had gray and white hair, either short or long, their power was only reflected by their shining eyes as they focused on their surroundings .
The lifespan of a cultivator would eventually be depleted unless it continuously raised its level but that matter wasn't that simple once reached the heroic ranks .
Noah guessed that the elders that had volunteered for the task were cultivators that needed to find some kind of inspiration or guide that the old continent couldn't offer to continue cultivating in the heroic ranks, there weren't many cultivators who had been able to create their personal training methods like him .

Actually, to be precise, it could be said that an existence like him was a first in that world .

After all, Noah had become a complete heroic cultivator at the age of thirty-seven and even by creating his personal techniques and methods, that feat was something that even his companions found hard to believe!
"Five months in the fourth rank and you are already at this level, the difference between our cultivation techniques is really vast . "
Elder Laurel whispered to Noah as she flew next to him .
Those were the first words that had been spoken after the group had set off, they had been flying in a straight line for a month already .
"I was just lucky, anyone would achieve the same if it was to obtain the inheritance of a God . "
Noah answered in a soft voice while shrugging his shoulders, he didn't really want to speak too much before they reached a safe area .

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"No one becomes a heroic cultivator before turning forty thanks to its luck, you should have more confidence in yourself . I heard that you have created your cultivation technique as soon as you entered the fourth rank, did you gain some insights about the darkness element already?"
Elder Laurel spoke again and her question made Noah interested in her words .
"Insights of the darkness element?"
Noah asked .
He had realized that there was a deeper meaning hidden in the "Breath" that he absorbed but he had yet to figure out what it was and if it was useful to his cultivation .
Hearing a cultivator that had been in the heroic ranks for far longer than him speaking about it claimed a large part of his attention .
Elder Laurel slightly smiled at his question and released a short sigh before making a short explanation .
"Heroic cultivators pursue their individuality but through energies that don't belong to them . These energies carry general meanings depending on the element they belong but a cultivator must understand the meanings that match its individuality if it doesn't want to see its improvements slowing down . You are already a step ahead of most cultivators since you shouldn't find any hindrances in the fourth rank thanks to your cultivation technique . "

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Noah carefully memorized her words and replayed them in his head .
The records concerning heroic cultivators were scarce, especially those concerning their insights before the creation of techniques and methods .
'I was right in guessing that the heroic ranks won't be just a matter of absorbing "Breath" anymore… Yet, looking for the meaning carried by the darkness element seems a bit too philosophical for my tastes . '
Noah thought as he continued to fly, only the clouds could be seen around him but his reptilian eyes could clearly see the sea at some kilometers below him .
"Could you be more specific?"
In the end, Noah simply asked her for a more detailed explanation .
Elder Laurel put a pensive expression before shaking her head while revealing a helpless smile .
"If I knew something more specific, I would have already advanced to the liquid stage . "
Her eyes went on Elder Hope who was in the lead, she winked at Noah as she gestured him to ask her .