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Chapter 507
Noah and the elders stared at the sky above the clouds in silence for a while before returning to reality and lowering their faces, their minds had wandered enough, they were only halfway through their journey after all .

"There isn't much that can be taught at this point, every cultivator is different and the path toward the higher ranks can only be paved by yourself . This is the miraculous yet solitary life that every being looking for power must walk . Let's resume our journey now . "
Elder Hope spoke those last words before flying south, Noah and the elders quickly followed behind her, no one spoke after that .
Another month passed, the group sent by the Hive continuously flew through the clouds as it reached for the southwestern coast of the piece of Immortal Lands .
The endless sea was below them for the whole time, they were making sure to never go too close to the new land even though they had long crossed the areas where the encampments of the three big nations were .
Then, at some point, Elder Hope stopped herself and signaled to the elders behind her to do the same .
Noah and the others waited for their leader to use her methods to scan the surroundings, Elder Hope made a hand-gesture next to her ears and closed her eyes as her consciousness expanded .
It didn't take much before Elder Hope nodded and retracted her consciousness before pointing toward the east and flying in that direction .
Noah and the others followed, the group flew for a few more days before it could finally spot land .
Noah saw the endless layer of ice that held the azure land in its embrace, his consciousness sensed the density of the "Breath" in the environment above the land and was amazed by it, he now knew that the reports were right when they said that the piece of Immortal Lands could be barely inhabited by human cultivators .

'How do they even plan on fixing this issue? The three big nations are strong but even they can't modify this environment that much . '
Noah thought as he neared the new continent with his group, his eyes and mind analyzed everything that entered in their range .
A wide desert expanded over the azure land in the area that they were nearing, the azure halo of the continent was almost completely blocked by the thickness of the yellow sand that filled the surface .
The area seemed deserted, no trace of life could be seen or sensed by the cultivators of the Hive .
Yet, Noah's instincts told him that something had noticed their arrival and was keeping its attention on them .
"What do you think?"
Elder Hope asked as she turned toward Noah and Elder Laurel, they were the experts in the magical beasts and plants' fields of the group after all .
"The temperature and this environment aren't suitable for most magical plants but the sand is too thick and the "Breath" released by the land below it interferes with my mental waves . "
Elder Laurel spoke while keeping her gaze on the ground, she couldn't find any trace of life but that didn't mean that there weren't any threats .

"There is something beneath the surface . "
Noah warned his companions and their gazes went on the yellow sand where he was watching .
However, they couldn't see anything at all, they even started to doubt Noah since nothing happened as time passed .
On the other hand, Noah was one hundred percent sure that something was lying in wait for them .
'You leave me no choice . '
Noah snorted in his mind as he flew downward, toward the ground .
A low growl was released from his mouth, Noah was using his dragon's side to challenge whatever was hiding under the surface .
The others in his team didn't understand what was happening nor why the Demon Prince was making such lifelike beast's cries but they still followed him .

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Faint tremors began to fill the desert and screeching noises started to come out of the yellow sand, it seemed that Noah had managed to cause some sort of reaction with his growl .
"They are coming . "
Noah warned in a soft voice and kicked the air to fly higher in the sky and retreat, the elders quickly followed his example and retreated .
Holes formed in the sand as soon as Noah escaped, thirty meters long yellow worms came out them and tried to pounce the air where the heroic cultivators were previously .
"Armored sandworms, all in the fourth rank . They have thick skins but they can't do much except for jumping at us, we can slowly kill them and seize their corpses, they are somewhat valuable . "
Noah explained as he pointed at the more than twenty rank 4 magical beasts that had come out of the sand, respectful gazes were shot in his direction before the elders focused on the creatures .
The elders had initially doubted his abilities when they saw that nothing was happening but the recent event had completely confirmed Noah's capabilities .
"I wasn't aware that a cultivator could imitate the cries of a magical beast to incite a reaction in them . "
Elder Duke spoke from his safe position in the air, they weren't in a hurry to take care of the sandworms after all .

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"It's just an unorthodox technique that I've learnt in the Royal academy, it's not that reliable though . "
Noah lied to the elder as he wielded a pair of white sabers .
Those weren't his new Demonic swords but only a pair of peak rank 3 inscribed weapons that had enhanced sturdiness and sharpness .
Noah wouldn't dare to reveal his full strength right away, he was in an unexplored continent filled with threats, it was better to keep most of his abilities hidden .
Also, he didn't really need to use most of his power to handle those beasts .
"The academy sure seems an amazing place . "
Elder Duke commented as he wielded a whip, that answer was enough for him .
Even the other elders wielded their weapons and prepared to fight against the pack of sandworms before Elder Hope gave the order and they dove again toward the ground .