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Published at 12th of March 2020 02:15:40 PM

Chapter 511
Noah flew across the azure plain and picked more of those azure bushes before reaching the mountain chain in the distance .

However, his consciousness and instincts detected an immense danger hiding inside those mountains, Noah felt forced to retreat before even entering the air above that environment .
The danger he felt surpassed that radiated by the rank 5 Giant sandworm, he didn't identify the cause of that threat but he knew that it had to be something of a higher rank .
That realization dispersed the satisfaction that he had felt after defeating a rank 4 magical beast in the upper tier with his bare hands, the wild and unruly aura that had accompanied him since he became a hybrid vanished only to be replaced by his usual sharp coldness .
'It's only when you reach a certain height that you realize how high the sky really is . '
Noah thought as he released a loud sigh .
The mountains were still in front of him but he didn't dare to fly over them, all his struggles and accumulated power were nothing when they were put against something so strong .
'The path is long and my ambition is limitless, I will reach those ranks as long as I don't die . '
Noah closed his eyes as he said those words in his mind .

He had never thought that he was better than those around him, he had always believed that he had achieved his current power through his dedication and hard work, something that anyone could have .
Yet, as time passed, he had surpassed all the cultivators that had been a match for him or that had been far stronger than him .
William, Daniel, Kevin, June, Nina, the black robes in Odrea nation, Roy, they had all been surpassed by Noah's growing speed for one reason or another .
That slowly gave Noah some sort of confidence, he knew that he would continue to grow stronger as long as he remained alive .
'The sky is filled with monsters and I've just entered their world . I don't know how the elders managed to live for so long without improving their ranks . '
Noah opened his eyes and turned as he thought about that, Elder Laurel and the others had remained in the gaseous stage of the fourth rank for decades, maybe even centuries, their situation was something that a workaholic person like Noah hoped to never understand .
'The meaning of the darkness element… The meaning of the darkness element…'
Noah repeated those words in his mind as he flew over the azure plain, he could only think about increasing his power after sensing the threat hidden in the mountain range .

His attention was on the shining black gas that entered his dantian through the black ring, his mental energy continuously fueled the Divine deduction technique as he studied the laws that the absorbed "Breath" carried .
Meanwhile, a white saber was in his hand .
Noah casually slashed toward the ground, aiming for the rank 4 Saber-toothed tigers that ran on the plain .
His mind would improve with the fifth Kesier rune and his dantian was continuously enlarging, he could only ponder on the laws of the darkness element and eat to increase his power .

Noah dove on the ground every time a tiger died and calmly ate it before returning in the air and swinging his saber again, he felt his body slowly becoming stronger as he devoured those powerful beasts .
Five days passed quickly, Noah and Elder Hope reunited in the air over the forest of White woods .
"What happened to you?"

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Elder Hope asked when she saw the state Noah was in, his long black hair was disheveled and dirty, the upper part of his robe was missing and its lower part was torn in many spots, and traces of blood could be seen everywhere from his hands to his face .
Also, a cold aura surrounded him, Noah resembled a wild beast that had just come out of a harsh battle and that was ready to jump straight into another one .
"The mountain range toward the east is too dangerous for us but the azure plain can be colonized, we can begin clearing the area immediately if the others are done with the teleportation matrix . "
Noah didn't answer her question as he summarized the last five days, he directly flew on the ground toward his three companions after speaking those words .
Elder Hope watched his back for a few seconds before following him, she had the faint feeling that his power had increased in that short period .
Also, his mindset seemed to have changed, there was some sort of determination that had been absent during the journey through the sea .
The three elders tasked with the creation of the teleportation matrix were completely focused on the terrain as they traced shining lines on the ground, Elder Morgan had her eyes closed as her fingers dug the terrain and Elder Duke oversaw her work, only Elder Laurel glanced at the trees around her from time to time .
"How was your trip?"

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Elder Laurel asked when she saw the two figures carefully flying across the white crowns of the magical plants, Noah took a few branches of the azure bushes from his space-ring and threw them at her as he landed on the ground .
Elder Laurel's eyes lit up when she saw the plant, she immediately began to analyze it and murmur in a soft voice as if she was speaking to herself .
"These are Azure Credits, in their raw form at least . They are called after the Obsidian Credits since their capabilities are similar, they are basically containers of "Breath" . The continent doesn't have many of these, a complete bush could be worth tens if not hundreds of Credits depending on how many leaves it has!"
Noah pointed toward the azure plain after hearing Elder Laurel's words and wore an expressionless face as he spoke to her .
"The plain after this forest has a large number of these plants growing on its surface . I guess we found something similar to a mine of Obsidian Credits then . "
Elder Laurel nodded and gave the branches back to Noah, her gaze went of Elder Hope as she silently waited for her report .
Elder Hope waited a few seconds before speaking words that left the group speechless .
"I think I've found traces left by divine beings . "