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Chapter 513
The Hive barely had forty heroic cultivators in the entirety of their ranks .

There was a limit to how much support the Coral archipelago could give to the group exploring the new continent, its situation wasn't as stable as that of three big nations .
Defending its territory and trying to create footholds in the old continent was already requiring most of its assets, it couldn't just expose itself and risk to lose the stability that it had finally gained .
After all, even the Papral nation and Utra nation had been forced to ask for the help of the sects and noble families to preserve their richest territories while continuing the exploration of the new land, the Hive simply couldn't match them .
Also, colonizing the new continent was a real challenge: The atmosphere there prevented any human cultivator from inhabiting that land and the three big nations were extremely secretive about the methods that they were using for that task .
Due to all those reasons, the Hive was only able to send three heroic cultivators through the teleportation matrix in the forest of White woods .
Elder Laurel carefully inspected the area under the white crows of the magical plants as the lights of the teleportation illuminated the forest, she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the White woods didn't feel threatened by those waves of energy .
Three figures became visible at the center of the formation when its lights faded, two men a woman appeared and revealed surprised expressions when they felt the density of the "Breath" in the air .

"Elder Austin, I wasn't aware the Patriarch was going to send you . "
Elder Hope bowed toward the cultivator with the aspect of a middle-aged man .
Noah and the others had gathered there to greet the reinforcements sent by the Hive but they were all surprised when they saw the three newcomers .
Two of them looked old just like Noah's companions and were both in the gaseous stage of the fourth rank .
However, Elder Austin was different, he had scarlet hair, no beard, and a pair of shining green eyes but, most importantly, he was a heroic cultivator in the fifth rank!
"I've decided to come as soon as you discovered traces of divine beings linked to the fire element, Elder Jason and Elder Pansy have decided to follow me for the same reason . "
Elder Austin spoke as he explained the reason behind his presence there .

He was one of the few rank 5 cultivators of the Hive after all, his status was lower only to that of Chasing Demon!
'They all have a fire aptitude, I wonder how much they will improve thanks to the red lake . '
Noah thought as he kept his eyes on the rank 5 elder, he clearly felt that the latter was stronger than him but he wasn't able to discern his exact power .
He felt that his mental waves melted as soon as they reached for Elder Austin, even his sea of consciousness was inferior to such a mighty cultivator .
Elder Austin noticed Noah's attempts to probe his power and turned his gaze toward him while revealing a smile .

Noah simply retracted his consciousness and bowed at that gesture, he knew that trying to probe him had been impolite but he hadn't been able to hold himself back when he had understood that the elder was a rank 5 cultivator .

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"Laurel, Jason, Pansy, you three will come with me and cultivate next to the lava lake, the rest of you will focus on protecting the teleportation matrix and exploring more territories . The Hive has yet to discover how the three big nations are attempting to colonize this land so it's pointless to waste time in it, it's better to use your power to search for more traces of divine beings . "
Elder Austin ordered before flying in the sky, followed by three elders .
He had obviously become the leader of the group as soon as he stepped in the new continent and decided for the heroic cultivators with a fire aptitude to focus on the lava lake, they were the only ones who could gain some benefits from it .
"I can remain here and protect the formation, Elder Laurel has taught me how to handle the White woods, there shouldn't be any problem . "
Elder Morgan spoke to the remaining three cultivators on the ground .
"I will come back often and remain in the areas nearby, you can take care of the territories more in the distance . "
Elder Duke said as he nodded to Elder Morgan, his eyes often went on the formation on the ground, he seemed extremely interested in it .

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Elder Hope turned to look at Noah, it was clear that she was waiting for his words before deciding what to do .
"I think I'll explore the west coast now, it's impossible to colonize the plain without the support of the Hive and the center of the continent seems too dangerous for my current level . I could still gather resources from the plain while you take care of the southern coast though, unless you have a better plan . "
Noah spoke, explaining the approach that he wanted to pursue .
Elder Hope thought for a while before nodding and adding a few words .
"The center of the continent is indeed too dangerous to us, it's better to remain on the coastline . Well, good luck, everyone is on its own now . "
Elder Hope flew away after those words and Noah did the same after nodding to the two elders that had decided to supervise the teleportation matrix .
'Eight heroic cultivators, one in the fifth rank, one in the liquid stage of the fourth rank, and six in the gaseous stage, our forces here are shallow but it's the best that the Hive can do at the moment . Four elders are busy with the lava lake since it matches their element while two cultivators will oversee the formation, leaving only me and Elder Hope to the exploration . I should use this chance to reach the upper tier…'
Noah thought as he turned toward north a flew past the forest of White woods, his consciousness eagerly searched for powerful magical beasts as he analyzed the environment below him .