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Published at 12th of March 2020 02:15:35 PM

Chapter 515
Noah repeated the word "mistake" in his mind as he tried to link that realization to his element and his cultivation .

'A mistake that strives for power . The sole fact that I'm alive is an act of defiance against Heaven and Earth but my defiance is not what drives my life, it's just a consequence of my pursuit for power . '
Noah didn't choose to defy the rules of Heaven and Earth and to train in unorthodox methods because he preferred that path, he had been forced by the many dire situations of his life to walk on that road .
His status as bastard had forced him to train in the Forging of the Seven Hells to obtain a rank 3 body, his family would have never given him an orthodox body-nourishing method due to his father's obstruction .
He had learnt the Elemental forging method because that was the only inscription method that he could train in, he needed to learn it or he would have had to rely on techniques created by others to raise his level .
He had fused himself with a magical beast because that was the only inspiration that he had obtained regarding body-nourishing methods, he had to wait to pass his Earth Tribulation to reach that enlightenment .
The reason behind all those choices had been his pursuit of power, he had always had the chance to stop training or to slow down his growth after all .
Yet, his ambition led him to his current path, making him become a being ready to do anything to increase his strength .

'The mistake was starting cultivating, Heaven and Earth wanted me to remain as a commoner and live inside the family, they didn't predict my ambition…'
Earth itself had given that information to Noah, he was sure that his reasoning was on point .
'Yet, how do I link these qualities to my element?'
His understanding of the darkness element was still poor, he had just started studying the laws contained in the "Breath" that he absorbed after all .
However, his peculiar mental state and his knowledge about himself made him understand a few things .
'Darkness is everywhere, just like light . It fills the world, it can envelop everything and devour it . Nothing can stop it and everyone feels it at some point, I've felt it many times in my near-death experiences . '
Noah remembered the darkness that was about to invade his mind every time he was about to die and even that when he had actually died .

'Darkness isn't simply the absence of light, it exists and thrives, just like me . '
Noah reviewed the scenes that he had seen in the Granite Abyss .
The environment there had been deeply affected by the rank 5 Cursed dragon, even his rank 4 body wasn't able to see anything there .
'A darkness that feeds on light to become void, a cultivator that shouldn't exist but that continues its pursuit of power, void that exists . . . '
Noah came out of his peculiar mental state after he thought that, his mental energy stopped fueling the Divine deduction technique as soon as he realized that something had changed about his dantian .

It wasn't something that concerned his Black hole cultivation technique, the whirlpool continued absorbing "Breath" as usual and his will in front of it didn't affect it in the slightest .

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Yet, Noah felt as if his dantian was enlarging a bit faster, it was as if it didn't oppose its enlargement as strongly as before .
Also, part of the laws that the "Breath" carried weren't destroyed anymore by his cultivation technique but were instead nourishing his dantian .
That nourishment was minimal, Noah was barely able to notice it .
Yet, he felt as if something deeper about him had changed again, as if he was slowly beginning to tune with laws of the darkness element that suited him .
'These laws… I don't know what they represent but they don't have a connection with Heaven and Earth anymore after they nourish my dantian . I guess they are feeding my individuality . '
Noah thought as he analyzed the process, the fact that his center of power was improving faster without the help of his cultivation technique felt amazing, he didn't even know that something like that was possible .
'It seems that I've taken the first real step on my personal path . This might be the reason behind the Tribulations, heroic cultivators steal Heaven and Earth's laws to improve after all . '

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The deeper understanding of his status as a heroic cultivator made Noah realize why Heaven and Earth didn't want to see the birth of such powerful beings, everything made more sense now in his mind .
A plain filled with thick vegetation followed the lake inhabited by the species of octopuses, Noah slowly flew back on the ground as he prepared himself to explore it .
Remaining in the new continent was a must in his opinion, its environment was simply too perfect for his rank, he knew that he would require the Hive's help to create a training area that matched that place .
Also, there was the slight chance that he could find traces left by divine beings that matched his element, Noah couldn't let go of that opportunity, no matter how slim it was .
After all, cultivators of the light and darkness element were extremely rare and, even when one of them managed to enter the cultivation journey, it would be forced to bear the incredible costs that the techniques and methods of its element carried .
Most of them didn't even go after the fourth rank, the hindrances that afflicted all heroic cultivators were even harsher for those with a rare aptitude, leaving the creation of techniques and spells as the only alternative available .
However, only a small percentage of the cultivators could learn inscription methods and even fewer of them could succeed in that task, Noah knew that the chances of finding something left by a divine cultivator of the darkness element were nearly zero .
Yet, he could still find remains of magical beasts of the same element and even simple corpses of powerful beings that he could eat, the only thing that he could hope for was that his power would be enough to seize those benefits .
Noah walked on the ground as he continued his solitary exploration, a dark halo followed him as the light around him kept on being absorbed by his body .