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Published at 8th of March 2020 05:20:12 AM

Chapter 519
An intense heat enveloped Noah as he was thrown in the distance, he felt that even his skin couldn't oppose the power behind the woman's spell .

'I need to enter in melee range . '
Noah thought as he created dense layers of "Breath" under his feet to stop his momentum, he managed to stop himself only when he was at more than a hundred meters away from his enemy .
He was in a pitiful state, most of his robe had been burned, and his skin was charred in many spots, even the lightning bolt that had hit him near the Granite Abyss hadn't been able to inflict so much damage .
The woman didn't wait for Noah to recover, she created hundreds of fire spears again which she empowered with her inscribed torch before launching them toward him .
Noah saw how the barrage of spears was reaching for him once again, his mind became incredibly calm once he accepted that he had to sacrifice something if he wanted to win that battle .
Noah threw many pieces of magical beasts in his mouth before kicking the air to activate his Shadow sprint martial art, the healing capabilities of his body were momentarily weakened due to the activation of the secret art, the burned skin didn't heal while he dodged the incoming spears .
The woman seemed to have understood Noah's goal, it was clear that Noah wanted to get close to her to unleash one of those threatening slashes when her defenses were at their lowest .

That's why she summoned the giant fire eagle once again and manipulated it to aid the spears in Noah's chase .
Noah felt surrounded: The fire spears chased behind him, and the eagle defended the area around his enemy, there didn't seem to be a way to near the woman .
Also, Noah was wary of the defensive blue sphere that had already defeated his offense once, he didn't know if the woman was able to use that ability again .
'I just need to touch her!'
Noah steeled his determination as he shot toward the eagle, blue flames filled its body when the woman understood that Noah was aiming for it .
Noah performed two vertical slashes with his weapons, two fissures appeared on the body of the eagle, severing it in three parts .
Also, Noah's attacks continued to fly toward the woman, two black lines became visible after part of their power was dispersed to pierce the fire eagle .

The woman saw the black lines and focused on her inscribed torch, the dispersing flames that made her eagle were absorbed by her weapon and created the same expanding blue sphere from before .
The fire spears remained intact since she had used the flames that made the eagle to create the defensive sphere, they were still flying toward Noah from behind his back .
The blue color filled the air around Noah, he found himself between the expanding sphere and the hundreds of spears, only the Warp spell could make him escape that situation .
However, Noah had no intention to escape .
The two black lines crashed on the sphere, releasing a black smoke that managed to pierce its surface, creating small holes in that powerful spell .

Noah's mental energy was depleted as hundreds of ethereal claws formed around him and shot toward those holes, reaching for the insides of the body of the woman and tearing everything in their path .

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The woman seemed to have realized something after the Ghostly claws spell hit her, but she was forced to put a stop to her thoughts since Noah kicked the air again and reappeared in front of one of the holes in her defensive spell .
His eyes released a mental shockwave, a mental beam reached for the woman and threatened to crack her sea of consciousness with its might!
However, the woman knew the nature of that attack and immediately acted to counter it .
Her consciousness focused in the area in front of her mental sphere and dense layers made of flames appeared in the trajectory of Noah's mental beam, Noah could feel how those defenses depleted a large quantity of the power carried by his spell before it managed to hit the heroic cultivator .
The Mental tremor spell hit the woman's sea of consciousness, the walls of her mental sphere shook as they endured Noah's attack .
Noah saw that the holes on the surface the blue sphere enlarged when the woman's focus wavered, Heilong came out in the open and enveloped Noah as he launched himself through the blue flames .
Noah felt Heilong cries of pain, and cracks appeared on its ethereal figure inside his mind as he used his blood companion to cross the defensive sphere of his enemy .

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Yet, the woman managed to make the sphere detonate while she endured the tremors that filled the walls of her mind .
Noah saw the detonation of the defensive spell and turned ethereal, part of Heilong's body was destroyed before it could hide inside his skin, but most of it managed to escape the deadly heat released by that attack .
The Ethereal form spell allowed Noah to remain in his enemy's range, he calmly waited for his body to return material before kicking the air and appearing right in front of her .
The fire spears were still aiming at him from behind his back, but Noah had been too fast in the execution of his spells before sprinting again with his martial art, they didn't have any chance to reach him .
Noah performed a downward vertical slash with his left arm, the air cracked right above the woman's head before the saber's trajectory reached for her head .
It was at that point that red lines shone on the yellow robe of the heroic cultivator from the Papral nation, a seemingly impenetrable layer covered the woman's skin, blocking Noah's attack before falling apart .
The defensive capabilities of her robe gave her the time needed to stabilize her sea of consciousness and envelop her body with the blue flames contained in her inscribed torch, the heat that had previously burned Noah's skin enveloped his body once again .
It was at that moment that Noah activated his most powerful spell, black smoke rose from his skin and morphed him into a fiendish figure .