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Chapter 524
In the forest of White woods, on the terrain under the white crowns of the trees .

The light of the teleportation matrix shone, revealing a short figure that wore a simple white robe .
Elder Hope kowtowed when the figure was revealed, her forehead touched the ground as respectful words came out of her mouth .
"Welcome to the new continent, Master!"
Noah and the other cultivators of Hive were all there, they were welcoming the new rank 5 cultivator that had come in their aid from the archipelago .
"Welcome to the Immortal Lands, Julia! With you here, only a handful of us remains in the Coral archipelago!"
Elder Austin exclaimed as he greeted the middle-aged woman that came out of the teleportation matrix .
Noah's gaze was on her, she had long gray hair and gray eyes, her gaze didn't shine like that of most cultivators, something that Noah found quite peculiar .
'It's so strange, it's as if she isn't here at all . '
Noah thought as he inspected Elder Julia .

He could clearly make out her appearance, but his consciousness found it hard to analyze her, his mental waves just went through her as if she was made of air .
Elder Julia shot an expressionless look at Noah before focusing on the kneeling Elder Hope, and warmth appeared on her face when she looked at her disciple .
"Don't worry about the Prince, he did the same with me . "
Elder Austin spoke as he flew in the air, Elder Julia followed him, and together they disappeared in the sky over the white crowns of the magical plants .
Only then did the others breathe a sigh of relief, being next to two rank 5 existences had made them quite tense .
"You should be more respectful toward your seniors . "
Elder Hope stood up and spoke to Noah, it was clear that she didn't appreciate the probing of her master .
"Sorry, it's a bad habit of mine . "
Noah plainly answered as he sat on the ground and began to stare the fifth Kesier rune .

The truth was that Noah didn't really care about seniority or similar, he simply knew that those powerful beings wouldn't punish him due to his privileged position .
Heroic cultivators in the fifth rank had a superior understanding of the laws carried by their element compared to Noah, and he couldn't let go of the possibility to gain some inspiration from them .
'Elder Julia resembles thin air, my consciousness was completely unable to sense her . Amazing . '
Noah thought as he continued to train with the Kesier rune, every existence in the fifth rank was always able to leave a deep impression on him .
'The Hive should only have seven or eight cultivators in the fifth rank in total and, now, two of them are here . The forces of each relevant organization on the old continent are slowly being drawn here, attracted by opportunities that the Mortal Lands can't offer . '
Mental energy was expended to fuel the Divine deduction technique, it was needless to say that Noah's sea of consciousness emptied itself at high speed since he was also staring at the rune at that moment .

'I'm the mistake that keeps on living, the void that exists, but where am I going?'
Noah would often ponder about himself and then about the laws of the darkness element with the help of the Divine deduction technique, he knew that he would need that kind of understanding sooner or later .

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'Power is my purpose and goal because power stands above everything . Power to rise in the sky so that I can obtain an even stronger power, an endless journey, just like a saber that uses the hindrances on its path to reach higher levels of sharpness . '
Noah felt as if his understanding increasing slightly, but he didn't notice any improvement in his absorption of "Breath" .
'It seems that I need to link the understanding about myself with that of the laws of the darkness element for my dantian to obtain some benefits . '
He felt no disappointment in that realization, he knew that it would take time to advance in that field, even with the help of the technique created by Divine Demon .
Noah was different from the other rank 4 cultivators, he already had his personal cultivation technique, meaning that he wouldn't encounter any hindrance in the path to the fifth rank .
Elder Julia and Elder Austin descended from the sky and landed on the ground a few minutes later, it seemed that their conversation had ended and that they were ready to inform the rest of the group about it .
"Elder Julia will cover some of you with her abilities, allowing you to take by surprise the explorers that you find one the road . Yet, she refuses to attack anyone who isn't on her level . "
Elder Austin spoke, he seemed quite disappointed in that outcome .
"Hmph, juniors should fight juniors . They won't reach our level if we solve all their problems . "

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Elder Julia snorted as she replied to Elder Austin's words, her expression showed how determined she was in her decision .
'That's actually perfect . '
Noah thought when he understood that he could benefit from that situation .
Personally joining the battles not only would allow him to gather dantians more quickly, but it would also give him insights on how to improve his battle prowess .
His experience in battles in the heroic ranks was lacking after all, he knew that he needed to improve his battle style, but he wasn't sure about what he needed to prioritize .
Also, he agreed with Elder Julia's reasoning, there was no point in having your centers of power in the fourth rank if you didn't know how to use them properly .
The team tasked for the ambushes was quickly created, Noah, Hope, Jason, and Pansy would fly along the southern coastline looking for cultivators coming from the Utra nation .
Elder Julia would be with them, hiding their presence and ready to intervene in case a powerful existence appeared .
Laurel, Morgan, and Duke would remain in the forest of White woods and work on building defensive measures while Elder Austin would resume his cultivation above the lava lake .
In less than a day, six figures shot in the air and flew toward the southern coast, ready to perform their roles .