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Chapter 526: 526
The cultivator from the Shosti family released his most powerful defensive spell when he saw those two dangerous attacks, a torrent of water engulfed his figure and stopped the advance of both stick and sword .

Noah didn't wait for the torrent to disperse, his eyes released a mental beam, and a hundred ethereal claws shot toward his enemy, he used his mental attacks to pierce the cultivator's defense .
His Death area spell was still active, and the heroic cultivator was already injured, he didn't manage to keep the torrent of water active when Noah's mental attacks landed on his mind and internal organs .
The water dispersed and fell on the ground below, the cultivator wasn't even able to make it detonate to repel his assailants, leaving him defenseless between the three assassins .
Jason and Patsy attacked once again with their weapons, flames covered the surface of both stick and sword as they reached for the old cultivator's body .
The man from the Shosti family was about to raise his harpoon and shield to block the attacks, but a series of wind blades stabbed his back again, stopping his attempt to defend .
The fiery stick landed on the cultivator's shoulder, releasing a shockwave that cracked the bones in that area and spread flames that burned his skin and muscles .
The sword stabbed his abdomen, burning a large part of his internal organs .
The noble was about to die, life was abandoning his body, it would be just a matter of seconds before the flames burned the entirety of its figure .

Yet, at that point, a black saber slashed his low-waist horizontally, severing his lower body from the rest of his abdomen .
Noah quickly stored the lower body of the cultivator and sent precise orders to the spirit automaton of his space-ring, he relied on his rank 6 inscribed item to preserve the dantian of the noble .
A surprised expression never left the face of the noble, he remained shocked even in his death .
Elder Hope appeared from his hiding spot when the noble died, she wanted to enjoy that victory with her companions .
However, the voice of her master resounded in the area and suppressed her excitement .
"You are lucky that I'm here . "
Elder Julia appeared next to the group and raised her hand, where a dense sphere of mental energy was restrained .
The sphere played the images of the noble's battle and showed the faces of Noah, Jason, and Pansy in detail .

"You have been too slow and have given too much space to your enemy, allowing him to send a distress call to his allies . Luckily for the Hive, I've intercepted it . "
Elder Julia explained the situation as she shattered the sphere with her grip, the noble's mental energy dispersed in the air, vanishing in the world .
"You three . "
Elder Julia pointed at Jason, Pansy, and Hope as she continued to speak .
"You have spent too much time in seclusion, your techniques are good, but you have forgotten how powerful heroic cultivators are . You must use your consciousnesses to restrain your enemies and your strongest attacks to end the battles quickly, don't rely on your martial arts if they aren't as effective as the Prince's . "

Elder Julia gave pointers about the battle, her status as a rank 5 cultivator allowed her to see any flaws in the three elders' combat style .
"As for you, Prince . "

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Elder Julia turned to Noah as the focus of the conversation went on him .
"You must also learn to use your consciousness better, but your biggest flaw is the simplicity of your attacks . There is no point in having a powerful offensive if it can be countered easily . Well, you have been in the fourth rank for less than a year, your battle prowess is already amazing considering that short period . Just remember my words when you are about to create or purchase a technique or spell . "
Noah performed a simple bow when he heard those words .
He knew that Elder Julia was right, he had reached a similar conclusion some time ago .
The problem with his consciousness was that his enemies either matched or surpassed its level, making his mental energy unable to affect his enemies without the usage of his mental spells .
As for his offensive, his martial art needed to be simple so that he could perform it while activating the secret art, he could add more complex forms only after his expertise increased .
It was pointless to speak about his spells, he had yet to learn how to create them .
'The fastest way to improve my battle prowess is through Blood companions . '

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Noah thought once again about that solution, his mind began to explore the best pair of magical beasts that could help him improve his combat style .
Elder Julia waved her hand after she finished giving pointers, the upper part of the noble's corpse was in Jason's hands, but it was soon cut in countless pieces by the elder's spell .
The pieces fell in the ground below, Jason didn't even go after the falling space-ring when he saw that Elder Julia shook her head toward him .
"Leave it here, we need for the forces of the Utra nation to find the remains of its corpse . Also, his assassination would resemble Elder Cheryl's, which might push the Elbas family to attack the Empire . We should return to the teleportation matrix now and wait for the reaction of the Royals and noble families . "
Elder Julia explained once again before disappearing from the group's sight .
Noah directly began to fly toward the western coast, he had decided to use this waiting period to create the Blood companions that he needed, and, to do so, he needed to return to the old continent .
The environment of the new continent was richer of rank 4 magical beasts, but he needed specific creatures, beings that he wasn't sure could be found on the new land .
The rest of the group quickly followed him, their minds were still playing Elder Julia's advice while they chased behind him .
They were so immersed in their thoughts that they didn't notice that a bloodied shining sphere appeared in Noah's hands and was quickly eaten by him .