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Chapter 527
Noah knew his weaknesses better than anyone else, he was the only one that knew the full extent of his power after all .

His body was accumulating "Breath" for the breakthrough in the upper tier, that process required an incredible amount of energy, even the noble's dantian wasn't able to start the transformation .
It had to be said though that even his body couldn't absorb all the "Breath" contained in what he ate, part of it was lost when it became nourishment .
Magical beasts were powerful and had a simple cultivation journey, but even they weren't perfect, they would have already conquered the Mortal Lands if they could just absorb all the "Breath" that their prey contained .
Yet, Noah was sure that his breakthrough would arrive soon since he was accumulating an insane amount of nourishments in the new continent .
His dantian and mind were improving quite fast too, his sea of consciousness had always been his most significant advantage, and his dantian greatly benefitted from the Black hole cultivation technique and his understanding of the laws of the darkness element .
The only problem was his battle prowess .
His offense was simply lacking, he had grown so fast that most of the scrolls obtained in Divine Demon's inheritance had already become unusable .
He was able to fight toe to toe with other heroic cultivators only thanks to his body, but that approach had too many flaws, he couldn't rely on it for too long .

Once its power was discovered, the heroic cultivators fighting Noah would do anything in their power to stop him from entering melee combat, leaving him with no methods to defeat his opponents .
However, his martial arts couldn't be improved at the moment, and he had yet to invent a method to create spells, he could only use Blood companions to enhance his battle prowess .
Noah used the teleportation matrix in the forest of White woods to return to the old continent, the formation brought him back directly in the Coral archipelago .
He didn't have much time since the Utra nation would soon discover the death of the noble from the Shosti family and react, he needed to be there to benefit from that situation .
Of course, Noah had already decided which magical beasts he needed .
His expertise in the magical beasts' field continued to grow as he kept exploring new areas, and his dragon's instincts allowed him to evaluate his candidates better .
Noah didn't stop on the archipelago and directly took another teleportation matrix, the Hive had set up many footholds throughout the continent, it was easy to find a formation that could bring him near the danger zones where his targets lived .
He first went near the territories of the Shandal Empire, in a grassland filled with rabbit-type magical beasts .

He didn't have a various offensive, so he needed a sneaky and fast Blood companion that could fill the openings left by his martial art, something that could be deadly if one overlooked it .
What Noah believed was the perfect creature for that role was the Night falcon .

Noah knew that the wings of a Night falcon wouldn't improve his flying speed, falcons rarely surpassed one meter of height in that world .
Yet, he needed it for its speed and aerial maneuverability, its sharp beak and claws were deadly weapons when matched with its incredible speed .
Also, Night falcons could merge with the darkness to increase their speed, Noah was almost sure that they could use the blackness of the Demonic form to their advantage .
Noah found baiting a peak rank 4 Night falcon out quite problematic, he had to gather a high number of rabbit's corpses to make one of them descend from the sky .
At that point, a well-aimed slash, empowered by his secret art and while the falcon was stunned by his ethereal claws, was enough to take it down .

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Noah quickly performed the procedure needed for the creation of a Blood companion and left the area, reaching for the teleportation matrix that would take him back to the archipelago .
The will of a peak rank 4 creature weighed on his mind, but he could easily withstand that pressure, only another beast on that level could make his mental sphere feel something .
Of course, Noah wouldn't stop at one Blood companion since he had more room inside his sea of consciousness .
'Considering that I have to remove Heilong, I have more than enough space for another peak rank 4 creature . '
Noah thought as he went for another teleportation matrix as soon as he returned to the archipelago .
His destination at that time was a waterfall in the territories in the area of influence of the Papral nation .
The environment near the waterfall was a danger zone inhabited by a peculiar species of turtle-type magical beasts .
This species was called Dark turtles due to the color of their shells, and the specimens could add defensive layers over their already sturdy shells .

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Now that Noah had decided to remove Heilong from his mind, he needed another defensive method that didn't deplete much energy, something reliable that he could use even hundreds of times in battle without becoming exhausted .
Finding a peak rank 4 Dark turtle was easier than baiting out the falcon, but its killing took far more time .
Noah found himself having to deal with a numerous pack of Dark turtles, which had many specimens in the fourth rank .
His mental attacks were deflected by the defensive layers that appeared over the shells of the creatures, forcing him to rely on his secret art to kill those beasts .
In the end, he killed the entire pack and performed the procedure described by the Body-inscription spell with the peak rank 4 specimen after making some room inside his mind .
Heilong's ethereal figure inside his mind shattered and fell on the sea below, the blood that made the tattoo on Noah's skin left his body as he killed his companion .
In a bit more than a week, Noah had successfully killed two peak rank 4 magical beasts of the darkness element and transformed them into his Blood companions, empowering their abilities with the Elemental forging method .
After the tattoo of the Dark turtle began to move on his chest, Noah knew that it was time to return to the new continent .