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Published at 13th of March 2020 02:30:14 PM

Chapter 529
Weeks passed on the piece of Immortal Lands, and the political situation between the three big nations only became tenser in that period .

Meanwhile, the cultivators from the Hive kept observing the situation as they continued to solidify their position in the new lands .
The defenses around the teleportation matrix kept accumulating, Elder Laurel even began to use the White woods as a form of protection .
Those that weren't busy with the formation, instead, kept doing their best to increase their power and to accumulate resources in the explored areas .
Elder Hope took care of pillaging the azure plain, a consistent stream of Azure Credits reached the Coral archipelago and improved the financial situation of the Hive .
The lava lake benefitted the cultivators with a fire aptitude, their understanding of the laws carried by the "Breath" of the fire element improved daily .
Elder Julia was nowhere to be seen, she only appeared when Elder Austin shared the information sent by the Papral nation .
Noah continued to hunt magical beasts, he needed to become accustomed to his new Blood companions and spell, but he mostly kept fighting to accumulate the necessary nourishments for the breakthrough .
At some point though, he felt that his hunger had disappeared, only to be replaced by a faint drowsiness .
'Finally . '

Noah thought as he dug a cave in the terrain, his instincts knew exactly what was happening .
The hunger of the magical beasts disappeared only when their form reached the maximum amount of "Breath" that they could store, that feeling would reappear once their body evolved .
Noah sat cross-legged inside his cave as he immersed himself in his drowsiness, he felt a warm sensation enveloping his body as he entered in some sort of trance .
His tissues became denser, and his bones sturdier, even his internal organs were empowered in that process so that they could fuel the higher power that his body was reaching .
The transformation that time took longer, Noah felt that the changes inside his body stabilized only after half a day .
Yet, when he opened his eyes, he was greeted by an incredible confidence in his physical strength, as well as an even stronger hunger .
'The aggression of the magical beasts increases with their rank, it seems that their hunger causes their behavior . '
Noah thought as he stood up and prepared himself to resume his hunt .
He needed to stabilize his condition and tune his martial arts to his new strength, he had yet to discover what his body was capable of now .

It had taken him about five years to reach the upper tier, that achievement was something often seen in the human world, but it was rare than ever in the magical beasts' environment .
Magical beasts rarely had the chance to eat creatures on their same or higher level, and it was almost impossible for them to have access to the dantians of rank 4 cultivators .
They usually took decades to accumulate the nourishments needed to evolve, their main food was the weaker magical beasts in their packs after all .

However, Noah was a cultivator, his battle prowess allowed him to feed on creatures that surpassed the power of his body .
The harsher requirements of his body were easily satisfied with his hunts and assassinations, allowing him to reach the upper tier of the fourth rank in just five years .
'I wonder how much it will take to reach the fifth rank, I will probably have to hibernate at that point . '
Noah smirked when thought about that .
His breakthrough to the middle tier had been quite human while that to the upper tier already matched the evolution process of the magical beasts, his existence was slowly attuning with his hybrid status .

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Noah enjoyed the feeling of having all three of his centers of power improve steadily, he hadn't grown this fast since his period in the Royal academy .
The lack of a rank 5 body-nourishing method had stopped his progress in that field for a long time, Noah had to become a heroic cultivator before he could see all his centers of power improve together .
Noah spent the next days becoming used to his new body, it didn't take much to tune his martial arts to his new strength, but he still felt amazed by the new power that he could express .
He was a hybrid in the upper tier now, the last stage of the fourth rank, he could tear magical beasts in the middle tier apart with his bare hands .
It was needless to say how much his power increased when he used the secret art .
That peaceful situation though changed when the next update from the Papral nation arrived .
Six figures gathered in the air above the lava lake, they encircled Elder Austin as they waited for him to share the reports that he had just received .
Astonished gazes were shot in Noah's direction, his companions immediately noticed his breakthrough .
Also, some kind of cold, savage aura surrounded him, his time spent in the wilderness affected his mental state and, consequently, the aura that he radiated .

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Yet, before anyone could compliment him or ask questions, Elder Austin spoke, claiming the attention of the group .
"The Council and Elbas family have reached an agreement, they will attack the territories controlled by the Shandal Empire to unite the forces under them and appease their disappointment . Our time has come . "
Elder Austin wore a smile as he spoke, the situation that the Hive was waiting for had finally arrived, that was their chance to attack the areas controlled by the three big nations!
"Who is our target?"
Elder Jason asked, he seemed the most eager of the group .
The answer to his question didn't come from Elder Austin but Noah .
"We will attack the Elbas family, of course . "
Elder Austin nodded as he looked at him, the Demon Prince of the Hive matched all the standards that the most promising cultivator of an organization must have .
"Prepare yourselves, we will attack as soon as the three big nations are locked in a battle . "
Elder Austin spoke before dismissing the group, battle intent shone in his eyes as he disappeared from his position to make his preparations .