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Published at 13th of March 2020 02:30:11 PM

Chapter 532
Noah appeared behind Lois Elbas, his cold reptilian eyes were fixed on her neck as he slashed with both his Demonic swords .

His skin caved in as his sabers shattered the air in their trajectory, a dense, dangerous feeling filled Lois when she felt the power behind that attack .
At once, she knew that not even her most potent defensive spell would be able to block Noah's slashes .
Seven talismans appeared in the air in front of her, they created defensive spheres that surrounded her figure and fused with that already around her .
Then, a small orange orb came out of her chest and fused with the defenses around her, sparks appeared on the surface of the spheres right before the air cracked by Noah's weapons reformed .
What followed that clash was a loud explosion .
Lois had emptied her reserves of defensive talismans to block Noah's attack and even empowered them with her technique, but the sphere around her still shattered under the incredible power behind Noah's martial art .
The shards of the sphere released sparks in the air, creating loud explosions as the "Breath" and mental energy that they contained dispersed in the sky .
Noah saw the sparks nearing him and stretched his arm in front of him .
A giant tortoise shell appeared in front of him, and a series of black layers formed in front of it .
The layers broke when they crashed with the sparks, but more of them immediately took their place, the shards of the defensive sphere weren't even able to touch the shell .

Lois' pale figure was revealed when the explosions ended, she seemed exhausted, it took all her concentration to activate so many talismans at the same time .
Also, there was a wound at the center of her chest, she had forcefully expelled the orange orb from her body after all, that act had left some injuries .
"I am Lois Elbas, name a price, and I'll be sure to pay it if you let me go . "
Lois spoke as she turned toward Noah, she felt more threatened by him, which made her think that he was the leader of the assailants .
'She is a Royal! That explains why she has so many protective items . '
Noah thought when he heard her words, but he didn't stop his offensive .
The turtle returned inside his body, and he deactivated his martial art before waving his hand toward her .
Lois didn't understand what was happening, but then she felt a piercing pain on her chest, blood came out of her mouth as she lowered her head to stare at that spot .
She saw how a hole as large as two fists had appeared where her heart was, her eyes widened while she used her remaining forces to raise her gaze once again to stare at the man donning a black robe .
She saw the black trail once again, it reached Noah's forearm before halting the release of black smoke from its tip, she was only able to see a winged form entering Noah's robe before her vision went dark .

Lois Elbas died, the Hive had just killed a member of the Royal family!
Noah quickly reached for Lois corpse and stored it after cutting away the finger wearing the space-ring, it would be up to Elder Austin and Elder Julia to decide what to do with that storage item .

"Did we really kill a Royal?"
Elder Jason asked as he neared Noah with a worried expression .
Noah stared at Jason for a brief moment before he understood what he was feeling .
Jason was a heroic cultivator who had lived in the Coral archipelago for most of his life .
As a member of a dominant organization, he had never had to fear stronger powers, he could act freely without caring about the consequences of his actions .
Instead, Noah had lived an opposite life, he had always been a mere ant in a world filled by monsters that tried to control and exploit him .
He didn't hesitate for even a second before inflicting the final blow to Lois, he was so used to have stronger powers after him that he didn't even consider the possibility of letting her live .

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A tinge of admiration appeared inside Jason when he saw how calm Noah was, he couldn't help but accept the fact that he had earned the title of Demon Prince .
A rough cry sounded in the area a few instants after the Royal died, Jason and Noah turned in its direction only to see Fred Muwlos staring at them .
Fred's condition was poor, most of his robe had been burned, and many deep wounds filled his body, it seemed that Elder Hope's ambush was going well .
Fred briefly looked at Jason before fixing his gaze on Noah, his eyes widened, and he released another loud cry when he understood who he was .
Fred shouted, and large flames enveloped his body, pushing the three elders around him back for a few meters .
Then, he shot in Noah's direction at an incredible speed, Noah was sure that he wouldn't be able to match that acceleration even while using his Shadow sprint!
Noah's eyes sharpened when he saw the figure reaching for him, the threatening flames around the noble's figure surpassed the power of the liquid stage and entered that of the solid stage!
'He used a secret art!'

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Noah immediately realized that when he felt the power behind Fred's flames, it seemed that the noble was so desperate that he had decided to waste his dantian only to launch an incredible offensive against him .
Noah kicked the air as he activated his secret art once again, his figure disappeared right before Fred could reach him .
Yet, to Noah's surprise, Fred's eyes were able to follow his movements even when he used the Shadow sprint coupled with the secret art!
Fred gathered the flames around his body on his right palm before throwing them toward Noah, a shining red orb flew at high speed toward him .
'I can't escape!'
Noah thought when he saw that the orb was even faster than Fred, his martial art wouldn't be able to shake it off, and he didn't have enough time to use the Warp spell .
He could only defend .
A Black turtle appeared out in the open and enveloped Noah with its vast body, its shell pointed toward the incoming orb as countless defensive layers appeared over it .
A black sphere formed in front of the layers, Noah activated the Black hole spell to deplete part of the power contained in Fred's attack .
At last, Noah became ethereal, even his Ethereal form spell was activated as he tried to survive that powerful spell .
Then, the orb clashed with Noah's defensive methods, and the sky became red in that area .