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Chapter 54

Noah landed on the pack of magical beasts .

The snakes were already awakened by the noise coming from the wall and immediately attacked Noah .

A two meters large head with the mouth open came in his direction but was instantly cut in two halves by a vertical slash .

The snakes grew restless when one of their pack died and madly punched at Noah that was forced to block the incoming blows .

He was sent flying on the wall where he came from and brutally crashed on it .

He could not waste any time as the rank 1 snakes were jumping at him from the holes above and the rank 2 ones were encircling him .

Generally speaking, a group of rank 2 magical beasts could not hurt Noah in a normal situation .

However, he had to jump straight in the middle of their pack due to the fall and the snakes were already prepared for his arrival .

There was also the problem with the type of magical beasts they were .

Snake-types magical beasts were usually very resilient and had a strong body with few weak points, they were considered among the most dangerous kind of magical beasts .

In the case of the Earth snakes, their bodies were extremely tough and had immense strength, yet they could not secrete poison from their fangs .

'Killing the rank 2 is quite easy even if troublesome, but the rank 3 is problematic to handle in this mess . '

The rank 3 snake was in the rear of the group keeping its eyes on Noah while the rank 2 attacked him, it seemed to study his movements waiting for the right moment to strike .

Noah pushed back the snakes in front him launching six wind slashes on them, he completely ignored the rank 1 jumping from above .

The slashes hit their bodies leaving deep wounds but they seemed not to care and begun to charge again .

Noah dodged this time and ran toward the right part of the valley madly slashing at anything that came near him .

'They are too many and I'm not even at full strength . I should escape . '

The concentration of "Breath" on his right side was slightly lower than on the left one so he chose that direction .

'Magical beasts will prefer a higher concentration of "Breath", so it's safe to assume that the beasts within the areas with a lower concentration will be weaker . '

Snakes kept on trying to encircle him but he would simply slash forward creating a path through their bodies .

Dark red blood fell on him continuously as he forced the blockage of the beasts .

When he was almost outside the borders of the pack, the rank 3 beast decided to strike .

Its massive body reached Noah's position in an instant and it shot on him with its mouth wide open .

Seeing the four meters large head coming from behind him, Noah jumped in the air and blocked the snake's fangs with his two sabers .

The clash flung Noah at some distance away from the pack and made him crash heavily on the ground .

'Peak rank 3!'

Thought Noah while he stood up inside the hole he created .

He was lightly injured from the previous attack but he had managed to get away from his disadvantageous position .

Noah didn't look back and ran at full speed following the decreasing concentration of "Breath" .

The snakes behind him followed but could not catch up with him, their speed was below the average of the beasts on the same rank .

The chase continued for an hour .

Noah had to face the continuous assaults of other snake-type beasts that appeared in front of him while escaping .

'Fire snakes, Horned snakes, Two-headed snakes, why don't they straight up call this place snake valley?!?'

Noah cursed in his mind while relentlessly slashing at any new beast that appeared in his sight .

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'If it wasn't for all these magical beasts randomly attacking me I would have shaken off the rank 3 from my back already! Luckily they are all rank 2 . '

Corpses kept on accumulating on the path he was treading on and red blood kept on flowing on the river at the center of the valley .

At some point, an imponent figure appeared in front of him .

Its body was eighteen meters long and large four, it had three horns on its head and from its fangs was dripping a violet dense liquid .

'Rank 3 Horned snake!'

Behind it, a handful of rank 2 horned snakes were coiled together looking in his direction .

The rank 3 Horned snake wasn't looking at him but at the rank 3 Earth snake following him, there seemed to be hatred in its eyes .

Realization dawned on Noah looking at the Horned snake's expression .

'They must have fought for the spot with the higher concentration of "Breath" and the Horned snake lost! That's why its pack is smaller . I can make use of it . '

Noah went in the direction of the Horned snake with resolution .

The beast was enraged by the small human trespassing its territory and shot out violet liquid spheres from its mouth .

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Noah dodged them and sensed that when they hit the ground they corroded it instantly, leaving deep holes in it .

'To think that at rank 3 it can use its poison as a ranged attack . '

He kept on running and passed the Horned snake jumping straight in its remaining pack .

The rank 2 snakes attacked him but he simply shot out more wind slashes making sure only to wound them, they were his precious helpers after all .

He continued his escape without caring for the events happening behind him .

The rank 3 Earth snake had met with the rank 3 Horned snake and engaged in a furious battle .

Meanwhile, the pack of Earth snakes arrived and were about to overwhelm the one of Horned snakes when Noah got too far away and could not sense their fight anymore .

He ran for another hour to be sure that he was outside of their patrol area .

As he ran, the quantity of rank 2 magical beasts diminished being replaced by rank 1 beasts and the concentration of "Breath" began to resemble the one of the cavity he was in .

The beasts there seemed to be afraid of him as none of them tried to attack .

Noah looked around him for a bit and found a small cave inhabited by a few rank 1 fire snakes .

It was quite hidden and there weren't any holes on its walls so he chose to rest there .

He cleared the beasts inside it and laid on the ground to rest .