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Chapter 540: 540
Noah had hidden for all his life .

It didn't matter where he went, there was always something stronger than him that he had to fear and escape .
He had only been able to reveal himself inside the safety of the Chasing demon sect, and he had nothing to fear after the Coral archipelago claimed its independence, the copying spell simply defended him from any possible threat .
Yet, he couldn't remain inside the borders of the archipelago forever, he needed to gather experiences to improve .
Also, relying on the Hive for protection wasn't much different from hiding .
However, as his journey through the piece of Immortal Lands continued, Noah began to explore the depths of his individuality and find pride in his exceptional achievements .
He was the youngest rank 4 mage in the history of that world, no one could even come closer to his record;
He had reached the fourth rank of the dantian with a cultivation technique that he had personally created, only the most nourished and talented cultivators could attempt in something like that, and almost all of them would still fail;
He had fused with a magical beast, solving one of the most significant weaknesses of the cultivators and succeeding in discovering the secrets behind that race, that achievement alone was incredible .
'Why would I even hide!'

Noah screamed inside his mind, but only a roar came out of his mouth .
He wasn't a lone human cultivator without backing anymore, he was a heroic existence that strived for the realms high in the sky!
'Who cares if they find out that I reached the heroic ranks? Who cares if they discover that I can launch flames from my mouth?'
Black smoke came began to come out of Zac's body, its defensive capabilities immediately increased when the Demonic form spell was activated .
The three cultivators from the Utra nation took a step back when they saw the smoke .
The power behind their spells had partially depleted to pierce Zac's defense, but the arrival of the black smoke further stalled their advance .
The roar didn't scare them, they were aware that Noah used magical beasts as puppets, but Professor Roy felt that something was off with that cry, it seemed completely different but also extremely similar to that of a dragon-type magical beast .
'Who cares if they hear me roar!'
Noah shouted in his mind before activating his secret art and kicking the air under his feet .

Zac's body broke to let Noah's out, the Blood companion was soon reabsorbed in his body, and the spells of his enemies flew in the distance now that their target was gone .
What came out of the Dark turtle though wasn't a human, it was a fiendish figure with a pair of horns and a tail!
Noah didn't hesitate to enter the complete Demonic form against three heroic cultivators!
He wielded two black sabers, and an uneven sphere floated next to him, the Dark blast spell had never stopped gathering energies while Noah was inside his Blood companion .

Noah directly threw his spell toward the three cultivators, the sphere had reached a radius of two meters by then, that width was enough for his purposes .
The cultivators from the Utra nation retreated once again when they saw the uneven sphere coming for them, a dangerous sensation was radiated by its shape, and a threatening black smoke surrounded its surface as it reached for them .
The cultivators didn't remain passive in front of Noah's offensive, three walls made of ice, water, and flames surrounded the Dark blast spell and tried to contain its might .
Meanwhile, they also targeted Noah with their attacks .

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Two huge fiery snakes and a hundred starfishes made of water appeared in the sky and shot toward Noah .
Also, countless ice shards joined the charge of the starfishes and aimed for the fuming fiend above them, Noah found himself surrounded by three different attacks once again .
Noah didn't seem to care about the incoming spells, he quickly detonated the uneven sphere before diving directly toward the three cultivators!
An explosion resounded in the area, and cracks appeared on the surfaces of the three walls when the blast and the black smoke reached them .
Yet, the joint power of three defensive spells managed to stop Noah's attack completely .
It was at that point though that the cultivators from the Utra nation noticed that something was wrong .
Their vision and consciousness had flickered for an instant when the spell exploded but, when they focused again on the battlefield, Noah had completely disappeared .
Then, all three of them felt claws tearing through their internal organs .
Blood came out of the mouths of the cultivators, they quickly understood that Noah had smuggled hundreds of those ethereal claws inside the Dark blast spell to catch them by surprise .

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Professor Roy didn't even have the time to curse since a shockwave hit his mental sphere, his mind went blank while he tried to stabilize the tremors that filled the walls of his sea of consciousness .
Noah was over him, he had used the detonation of his spell to activate the full power of the Shadow sprint martial art and make his enemies lose track of him .
Then, he had targeted the cultivator that knew him better, he had decided not to hide anymore, but giving a chance to your enemies to learn all your abilities was simply stupid .
The one who could pick some clues about his status as a hybrid was Professor Roy, so he had to be taken care of first .
Noah performed two slashes as he descended toward Professor Roy's head, the air shattered as two fuming lines vertically cut the sky .
Roy was clueless about the imminent threat, his mind was still trembling under the effects of the Mental tremor spell, his complete focus was on the walls of his mental sphere .
Yet, a barrage of ice shards and starfishes appeared in his protection, the other two cultivators had promptly redirected their spells to defend their powerless companion .
Two fuming fissures appeared on the defensive barrage, countless starfishes were destroyed, and ice fell in every direction as the spells tried to block Noah's attack .
In the end, Noah's slashes didn't reach Roy, their power was depleted at a few meters from his head, only some traces of the corrosive smoke remained in the air between them .
Roy's companions heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that he was safe, they were about to launch themselves toward Noah when they saw that a black trail dove at high speed toward the Professor .