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Chapter 542
Noah turned his gaze toward the falling burning figure, even the other cultivators of both nations interrupted their battles after the explosion resounded the area .

The flames that surrounded the falling figure were thick, it wasn't clear who was enduring that scorching attack .
Yet, everyone in the area knew that it had fallen from the battlefield of the two rank 5 cultivators .
Seconds of silence passed as if they were years, the outcome of the battle between the two powerhouses would make their fights pointless, not even all of them together could rival a rank 5 existence .
No one dared to near the falling figure, the flames around it were too powerful, and they were concerned about its identity, they would rather avoid attempting to save the wrong cultivator .
The figure continued to fall until it crashed on the ground, there were still a few rank 4 Spiked roots on that spot, but the flames instantly burned them .
The flames lasted for a few minutes before they dispersed on the terrain, revealing a fainted woman covered in half-transparent runes .
The outcome of the battle became clear to everyone, Lady Edna had been defeated by Elder Austin!
'She is alive . '
Noah's eyes sharpened when he thought that .
The runes around her body seemed some natural form of protection that had prevented the flames from affecting her skin, but their power had largely depleted during the fall .
'The dantian of a rank 5 cultivator! If I manage to eat it…"
Noah's hunger began to fill his mind when he realized that he had a chance to seize Lady Edna's center of power .
His fuming foot slowly turned in her direction, power began to accumulate on his legs while he prepared to sprint toward the ground .

His focus rose as he inspected his surroundings, everyone's attention was on the fainted Lady Edna, no one was watching him .
Yet, it was at that point that Elder Julia appeared in the middle of the battlefield .
Everyone's attention went on her, and the cultivators of the Utra nation began to take steps back when they saw that another rank 5 entity had appeared .
However, her next words surprised both groups .
"Let's go, we are done here . "
Elder Julia's words resounded in the area and stupefied both groups .
Elder Austin had just defeated Lady Edna, and now even Julia had appeared, they clearly had the upper hand, why would they retreat?
"The higher-ups are having a meeting, they called a truce until an agreement is reached . "
Elder Julia explained before slowly flying toward the southern coast .
A few hours before, while the siege on the territories colonized by the Empire was still happening .

A large table made of marble floated high in the sky over the sea between the new and old continent .
Four seats floated next to the sides of the table, and a middle-aged man sat on one of them, calmly sipping what seemed tea from a cup .
The man had short black hair, dark eyes, and a short beard, and his expression was incredibly calm as he waited for the other three guests to join him .

Minutes passed in which he didn't move from his position, he simply took short sips from his cup from time to time .
Then, a man appeared and neared the table without taking a seat .
"I must warn you, if this is some kind of trap, I'm more than willing to make the entire archipelago detonate . I reckon half of the Empire will be destroyed in the shockwave . "
The man who had just appeared and spoken was Chasing Demon, the patriarch of the Hive .
"Do not fear, young one, the Almighty just wants to find an agreement . "
The man answered without raising his gaze from his cup .
Chasing Demon inspected him for a while before sighing a sitting in his opposite direction, caution lingered on his eyes as he watched his surroundings .
More time passed, and another figure appeared .
It was a man who wore a golden crown, and a golden robe, surprise mixed with arrogance were exuded by his expression when he saw the two men sitting next to the floating table .

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"Why is the closest man to god summoning me? Is the Empire so scared about the attack on its territories?"
The newly arrived cultivator was King Elbas, the ruler of the Utra nation .
"King Elbas, please, just call me God's Right Hand and sit . We are just missing a guest for the meeting to being . "
God's Right Hand spoke while pointing to the seat to his left .
King Elbas didn't move and simply turned his gaze toward Chasing Demon before speaking once again .
"Why is he here? Our three nations are enough to colonize the piece of Immortal Lands . "
"Because greed has won over one of you, we need a fourth power to secure the coasts peacefully, or we will never make it to the center of the new lands . "
A female voice resounded in the air which answered King Elbas' question, a beautiful middle-aged woman appeared immediately after and sat on the remaining seat .
"Thank you for joining this meeting, Great Elder Diana . "
God's Right Hand spoke and turned toward King Elbas, the other rank 6 existences on the table did the same and waited for the ruler of the Utra nation to sit on the table .
King Elbas hesitated for a while before heaving a sigh and sitting in front of Grand Elder Diana, her shining blue eyes watched him through the whole process before turning toward the envoy of the Empire .
"First of all, I'd like to ask for a truce for the duration of this meeting, no killings on the new lands while we are here . "
God's Right Hand spoke, and his words made both King Elbas and Grand Elder Diana complain .

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"You can't ask for something like that when your territories are under siege . "
"I agree with King Elbas, the Empire has no right to stop the attack, we can have the meeting after the battle ends . "
God's Right Hand revealed a calm smile before answering those complaints .
"Very well, we'll talk after the battle ends . "
It was at that point that an explosion resounded from below them, and a blue pillar appeared in the new land .
The cultivators around the table were quite surprised by the power behind the blast, but they were rank 6 existences, such an explosion couldn't affect them .
King Elbas and Grand Elder Diana immediately picked their inscribed notebooks and remained in silence as they listened to the reports of the troops on that battlefield .
It took a while, but, in the end, both of them sent one last message through their items before turning toward God's Right Hand and speaking a single word at the same time .
"Truce . "
The three rank 6 cultivators then turned toward Chasing Demon who simply shrugged his shoulders before repeating that word .
"Truce . "