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Chapter 543
The rank 6 cultivators of the four nations were aware of the events that had disturbed the peace in the piece of Immortal Lands in the last period .

A heroic cultivator of the Papral nation had been killed, and her death kindled the battle intent of the three big countries, ultimately leading to the attack on the territories of the Empire .
The specifics about Elder Cheryl's death were still unclear though, a culprit had yet to be found, which forced the interested nation to consider everyone else as their enemy .
Of course, there was someone among the four powerhouses that knew everything about that messy situation .
Chasing Demon did his best to appear clueless about the political situation of the new continent .
The fact that God's Right Hand had contacted him meant that the Hive could gain something from that meeting, he couldn't waste that chance .
"First of all, I would like to say that every faction has lost something, so we can skip the part where we ask for compensation . Do we all agree on this point?"
God's Right Hand's calm voice resounded in the air, the clouds above him seemed to stop when his words traveled through the sky .
Yet, the power carried by his voice wasn't able to affect the existences in front of him, and King Elbas immediately snorted before pointing at Chasing Demon to deny his statement .
"Every faction except for the Coral archipelago! Actually, I would really like to know why the Hive was in my territories . "
Chasing Demon listened to King Elbas' words and shrugged his shoulders once again before answering with an expressionless face .
"An external force has just hired my men, my organization can't sustain the expenses of two different wars, we just wanted to make some quick gains while also weakening you all . "

King Elbas' eyes sharpened when he heard those words .
Chasing Demon's lie had been flawless, and he had also avoided hiding the real intentions behind the attack .
It must be said that they were all aware that the Hive was attacking the old continent, thousands of cultivators had landed on the shores of a weak territory in the area of influence of the Empire and had begun to submit its inhabitant .
Chasing Demon's alibi was perfect, but he felt like adding something to his statement .
"We are not greedy, we will just wait for the inevitable war between your three factions before claiming the southwestern coast . The Hive has experience in stealing nations after all . "
Chasing Demon opened a flask full of wine as soon as he finished speaking and began to drink in silence, his performance was over, now he only had to listen to the real rulers of the Mortal Lands before deciding how to exploit the meeting to his advantage .
King Elbas wanted to retort, but he knew that Chasing Demon was right, even one of the three big nations didn't have the power to stop a fourth organization from taking over part of a completely new continent .
Of course, he and the other three rank 6 entities would be furious to know that the Hive had explored the piece of Immortal Lands for months by then, but they were far from suspecting something like that .

"I agree, just go straight to the point . "
In the end, King Elbas spoke those words while turning toward God's Right Hand .

"Same here, just reveal the reason behind this meeting . "
Grand Elder Diana agreed and turned toward the envoy of the Empire too .
Chasing Demon simply nodded when he saw that God's Right Hand was waiting for his answer .
"Very well . "
God's Right Hand revealed a smile after those words and waved his hand over the table .
An image appeared over its surface, the other three cultivators quickly realized that the picture illustrated the known territories of the new continent .
Chasing Demon's eyes immediately went on the southwestern coast and sighed internally when he saw that those areas were dark, only the vague shape of its borders was drawn .
The same went for the northwestern and southeastern coasts, those areas were dark, only the coastlines had been depicted .
However, the territories on the northeastern coast were depicted in detail .
God's Right Hand had revealed the layout of those territories, leaving apart only the traces left by divine beings that the Empire had discovered!
"What does this mean?"

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Great Elder Diana asked while she memorized the information revealed by the picture, even the other two powerhouses wondered about the meaning behind that action .
"We all know that there are traces left by divine beings on the new continent and that the density of "Breath" in the environment increases as we explore its depths . Yet, we have all limited our explorations to the coastlines because we are aware that only rank 6 existences can explore the center of the continent!"
God's Right Hand spoke, revealing an essential piece of information that Chasing Demon promptly noted in his mind .
Silence fell on the meeting, both King Elbas and Great Elder Diana were aware of that truth, but they didn't speak about it .
The inland territories were simply too dangerous, and too many powerful beings inhabited them, even rank 6 cultivators couldn't explore them that easily, not alone at least .
After all, the new continent had once been an environment that only divine beings could explore, it wasn't a surprise that it hid dangers that even peak heroic cultivators feared .
"What are you suggesting?"
King Elbas asked .
His tone was far more polite compared to before, it seemed that the topic deeply interested him .
"I say that we can stop caring about the coastlines and make an alliance to explore the most dangerous areas, we can resume killing each other after the entirety of the continent is mapped . "
God's Right Hand answered and pointed at the map before adding something .

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"There is no point in wasting assets with so many resources at hand, and we can't continue to hold ourselves back just because we belong to different factions . Let the weaklings fight over the coastlines while we explore the rank 6 danger zones together, we are all aiming to the Immortal Lands after all . "
God's Right Hand explained further .
The rulers of the three big nations had to remain in their domains as a last line of defense, even Chasing Demon needed to stay in the archipelago to operate the copying technique .
Yet, the envoy of the Empire was suggesting to drop those enmities to finally explore those dangerous areas .
"And whose word can we trust to form this alliance?"
Chasing Demon spoke at that time .
As the weakest organization, the Hive would be the first to be attacked if its strongest power was to suddenly disappear .
God's Right Hand took a shining token from his storage device and answered while wearing a reverent gaze .
"The Almighty's, of course!"