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Published at 23rd of March 2020 03:51:37 PM

Chapter 544
The token shone with a soft light but radiated an ancient aura, King Elbas, Great Elder Diana, and Chasing Demon could immediately realize that the power contained in the inscribed item surpassed their realm .

"A pact?"
Great Elder Diana asked .
That kind of item was often seen in the cultivator world, many pacts and agreements were sealed through tokens or sigils .
Of course, a token able to force four rank 6 existences to follow an agreement had to be in the divine ranks .
"Yes, reveal the details of the territories that you've conquered, and you will join God's Left Hand and me in the exploration of the depths of the new continent . There must be a reason why these territories have fallen from the Immortal Lands, the cause is either on the other side of the sky or at the center of the new continent . "
God's Right Hand ended his explanation with those words, the Shandal Empire was basically offering the help of two rank 6 cultivators to explore the depths of the new continent!
It was needless to say that such an offer was incredibly enticing for the three guests, the chance to explore areas that could benefit them despite their high rank was something that they would rather not miss .
King Elbas was the first to act, he touched the shining token and browsed the conditions of the agreement in his mind before waving his hand toward the map .
Names and lines of demarcation began to appear on the southeastern coast, the dark areas were replaced by detailed drawings that depicted the environment on those territories .
Then, he touched the token again, and a shining rune appeared on the back of his hand, the ruler of the Utra nation had immediately agreed to the alliance!

Great Elder Diana did the same, she checked the terms of the agreement and waved her hand before sealing the alliance .
The territories on the northwestern coast of the map obtained names and details, only the traces left by divine beings weren't mentioned on the map .
The three of them then turned toward Chasing Demon who wore a solemn expression .
He knew that he was the weakest of them and that his organization paled compared to those of the forces sealing the agreement .
Yet, obtaining something that could benefit him despite his rank couldn't be missed, it was possible that nothing else in the entirety of the Mortal Lands could offer him such a chance .
His hesitation was soon replaced by determination, and he reached for the token, accepting the terms of the alliance that the item contained .
The four major forces of the Mortal Lands had sealed the contract created by the God of the Empire!
Each of those powerful entities had a nation that relied on them for protection and guidance, but they were still cultivators, the weight of their organizations couldn't hinder their path to power .
Families, sects, soldiers, and nations were notions that belonged to the human world, there was no place for them in the solitary life of those that strived for the stars .

Of course, Chasing Demon didn't add the information that he knew about the southwestern coast to the map, those areas remained dark .
The light of the token flickered when the alliance was sealed, and the item rose in the air before shooting in the distance, toward the territories of the Empire .
No one asked about its destination, it was clear that the token was returning to the only being that could control it .
"Now, we just have a few matters to settle . "
God's Right Hand stood up as he resumed to speak .
"The alliance divides the four corners of the new continent between our countries, but there are many territories that have yet to be claimed under a banner, especially for what concerns the southwestern coast . "
Chasing Demon's expression didn't flicker when he heard those words, he knew that the time to obtain official claims over the new lands had arrived .
"It's not fair to divide the coastlines into four equal parts, the Hive didn't bear the expenses of the colonization in these last five years so it can't gain such rich and vast territory for free . Our nations need a chance to conquer some of them without too much bloodshed . "
The alliance aimed to preserve the current strength of those four nations to focus on the complete colonization of the new continent, it would be pointless to start a war right after sealing the pact .
"I might have an idea that should satisfy all the interested parts . "

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God's Right Hand said before revealing his thoughts to those that were now his companions .
Back on the piece of Immortal Lands, on the eastern coast .
Elder Julia flew at high speed toward the southern coast, followed by the rank 4 cultivators of the Hive .
They had left the territories controlled by the Utra nation in a hurry after the truce had been called, and, until then, they had been unable to learn more about that matter from Elder Julia .
At some point though, a figure descended from the clouds and joined Elder Julia in her flight .
The figure was Elder Austin, the rank 4 cultivators behind him were immediately able to recognize him .
Also, they were able to notice that his complexion was quite pale and that brown runes seemed glued to specific spots of his body .

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"Damned Edna, she was able to retaliate even in her injured state, her status as inscription master can't be underestimated . "
Elder Austin cursed loudly, and his words resounded in the space behind him, Noah and his companions could clearly hear them .
Then, right when the snowy plain became somewhat visible in the distance, the inscribed notebooks of all the members of the group received a mental message at the same time .
The message seemed extremely important since dense mental waves were contained in it, and there was only one being in the entirety of the Hive whose mind could produce that energy .
The cultivators quickly listened to the message, Chasing Demon's voice resounded in their seas of consciousness and summarized the events that concerned the meeting between the rank 6 existences .
The last phrase of his message though made them so surprised that they all halted their flight to watch the expressions of their companions .
Only Noah's head remained lowered on the inscribed notebook, Chasing Demon's last phrase echoed in his mind and filled him with eagerness .
'The three big nations won't leave the southwestern coast to the Hive for free, but bloodsheds must be avoided per the terms of the alliance, so one versus one battles have been issued to decide the owners of those territories . '