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Chapter 545
One versus one battles to claim the ownership of a territory, that was the condition placed over the conquest of the southwestern coast .

Specifics about the battles and the agreements were sent alongside Chasing Demon's message, Elder Austin was particularly annoyed when he read that the Hive would only obtain the desert without fighting since it was situated at the exact corner of their coast .
Powerful sandworms inhabited the desert, and one rank 5 specimen had even been confirmed, it was virtually useless as an asset .
Another aspect of the agreement was that the territories on the coastlines could only feature battles between rank 4 cultivators, while rank 5 cultivators had to fight for the areas more inland .
Simply speaking, Elder Austin couldn't fight for the ownership of the lava lake, he could only join the battle for the azure plain or similar territories that had yet to be explored .
'The lava lake and the forest of White woods must be maintained, but it wouldn't be bad to win all the battles . '
Noah thought as he reviewed the outline of the new continent in his mind .
The lava lake contained traces left by divine beings, it was the most valuable territory explored by them and had to belong to the Hive .
The Coral archipelago had more than doubled its human assets in the last years, but it lacked methods to nourish its heroic cultivators, the lava lake could provide that service, for what concerned those with a fire aptitude at least .
As for the forest of White woods, the Hive had already set a teleportation matrix and many defenses there, it had to keep ownership over that land, or its efforts would be wasted .
Also, the fact that it had already infiltrated the new continent would be revealed if the forest passed on the enemy's hands, something like that had to be prevented at all costs .

Elder Austin turned toward the rank 4 cultivators behind him, his eyes moved between the elders with a fire aptitude, it was clear that he was choosing who would fight for the lava lake .
The group obviously noticed his actions, Elder Jason, Elder Pansy, and Elder Laurel wore a solemn expression when they understood that they were being evaluated .
Elder Austin's expression became resolute, and he was about to speak, but a voice interrupted him and claimed the attention of the group .
"I'll fight for the lava lake, my endurance surpasses the benefits obtained by the fire element . "
Noah said as he fixed his gaze on Elder Austin .
The battles for the territories had to be fought in the sky above them, meaning that the fight for the lava lake would happen above it .
Noah didn't think that he could last more than a rank 5 cultivator in that environment, but he was more than sure that he surpassed all rank 4 cultivators in that field .
After all, he was a rank 4 hybrid in the upper tier, no human on his same level could match his endurance .
The three elders of the fire element were about to complain, but a heatwave swept them and interrupted their actions .

The heat engulfed Noah too, flames had appeared around Elder Austin, which were slowly nearing the four of them .
The elder had simply decided to test them!
The three cultivators with a fire aptitude revealed a determined expression as they closed their eyes to focus .
Being chosen for that battle was a great honor, and Elder Austin would probably reward anyone that managed to keep his training area, having the favor of a rank 5 cultivator was something quite valuable .
On the other hand, Noah simply stared at the incoming flames .
He had continuously eaten during the flight, and he had even managed to eat Professor Roy's dantian as the group left the territories of the Utra nation, his body was at its peak form and had also improved slightly .
The sight of the flames didn't force him to turn his gaze away, his icy reptilian eyes weren't bothered by their brilliance .
After all, his were the eyes of a dragon, flames were part of his bloodline now .
Elder Austin's flames neared the four cultivators, increasing the heat that surrounded them .
The four of them began to sweat, and traces of struggle could be seen on the three elders with the fire aptitude .

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It wasn't only a matter of enlightenment, the power behind the flames was too strong, they felt as if all the liquids inside their bodies were boiling due to the high temperature .
Noah was sweating and experiencing their same sensations, but they didn't have such a harsh impact on him .
His body expended nourishments at a fast pace to oppose the heat, but their depletion was far lower than the "Breath" contained in the bodies of the three elders .
His body was simply too strong, it needed less energy to do the same work .
Also, Noah absorbed part of the "Breath" contained in the radiance of the flames with every breath, he felt his lungs improving when that energy nourished those organs .
One by one, the elders began to crouch and retreat, unable to sustain the heat of the flames anymore .
The first one to give up was Elder Laurel, quickly followed by Elder Pansy .
Only Elder Jason struggled to remain in his position, but his determination was broken when he opened his eyes to stare at the contender next to him .
He saw Noah coldly staring at the flames while his long black hair fluttered due to the heat waves that they released .
He recognized the emotion hid by his reptilian eyes: There was eagerness, battle intent, and ambition .

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Elder Jason tried to look at the flames to see the emotions that their sight would bring to him .
He felt awe, respect, and a deep reverence for the being able to create such a wonder .
In that short exchange of gazes that Noah didn't notice, he understood what he lacked as a cultivator, and something deep inside him changed .
Elder Jason closed his eyes once again and spread his arms while stopping opposing the pressure radiated by the flames .
His body was immediately pushed back, and the heat burned part of his skin, but a smile soon appeared on his face .
Elder Austin dispersed his flames at that moment, Noah had won the competition by a large margin, he was clearly the perfect cultivator for the battle in the harsh environment above the lava lake .
He and Elder Julia turned without saying a word and resumed their flight toward the southern coast, the rest of the group quickly followed them in silence .
Noah ignored the gazes that went on him and was about to resume his flight when Elder Jason arrived next to him and bowed before following the group .
Noah guessed that he was just being respectful and put the matter in the back of his mind as he chased after his companions, he didn't notice that Elder Jason's eyes were now carrying an ambition quite similar to his .