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Chapter 546
The news of the alliance sealed between the powerhouses of the four nations quickly spread in the old continent .

Peace had been reached once again on the new continent, that period would last until the rank 6 existences of the countries returned from the depths of the piece of Immortal Lands, and the entirety of its surface was mapped .
The details concerning the battles for the ownership of the territories of the southwestern coast were also leaked, many cultivators were excited about that opportunity, and the organizations behind them didn't hesitate to organize fitting events .
The one versus one battles were an excellent opportunity to select promising heroic cultivator to nurture, the Utra nation and the Papral nation quickly organized tournaments to choose the contenders that would fight the elders of the Hive .
Also, powerful envoys reached the southwestern coast to analyze the territories, both nations had to know the battlefields to select the best candidates .
As for the Shandal Empire, the pact prevented it from joining the battles on the southwestern coast, which was one of the reasons why the other rank 6 cultivators accepted to seal it so quickly .
The Utra nation would attempt to claim the territories on the southern coast while the Papral nation had to fight for those on the northern coast, that division had only geographical reasons, it would be hard to control a land on the other side of the continent after all .
Another piece of information though spread as quickly as those concerning the alliance: Noah Balvan had killed Professor Roy of the academy!
Through the years, Noah's name had become quite renowned .
He was a criminal of the Utra nation who had escaped both his family and the Royals, gaining whatever he could from both of them;
He was the Hooded Devil of the Odrea nation, his explosive inscribed items had been a pain to deal with even after he left that country, the losses suffered by the Empire because of him were uncountable;
He led the human assets of the Chasing Demon sect in the war for the independence of the Coral archipelago, helping in making it become a country that aimed for the title of fourth big nation .

Also, many believed that he had been the one to obtain the inheritance in the separate dimension under the Great whirlpool, his status as Demon Prince of the Hive was taken as a proof of that achievement .
Yet, the fact that he had killed a heroic cultivator could only mean that he was a heroic cultivator himself, and a complete one too!
That news shook many cultivators forced to halt their growth due to their status, Noah had fulfilled their secret dream to escape the shackles of servitude and to rise to the realm of the heroic cultivators .
What was even more surprising was that Noah wasn't even forty!
"We lost the youngest heroic cultivator in history over a mortal woman . "
Thomas Balvan said after reading the report in his hands .
He was inside the main hall of the Balvan mansion, and his sons had their heads lowered as they stood around him .

The main hall of the mansion seemed far more luxurious compared to the past, many ornaments filled its walls, and even the concentration of "Breath" inside it was considerably higher .
Thomas Balvan looked at his youngest son before sighing in disappointment and reading the report again .
Reading that his bastard grandson had reached the heroic ranks so soon made him feel incredibly old, his over two hundred years of life began to weigh on his mind when he realized how much his family has lost .

Truth to be told, the Elbas family had granted countless benefits to the members of the Balvan family after Noah's identity was exposed .
What should have been a slow decline became instead a stable growth thanks to the help of the Royals .
New heirs were nurtured with the first-rate techniques of the academy, the future of the Balvan family was bound to be great with the support of the rulers of the nation .
Yet, nothing could compare to the value of the youngest heroic cultivator in history who also had one of the rarest aptitudes .
"Father, I'll go to the new continent . "
Adrian Balvan, the oldest son, spoke as he raised his head .
He had taken care of the new generations of the family and acted as the patriarch since Thomas spent most of its time in seclusion .
Also, he was the only other heroic cultivator in the entirety of the family .
Thomas stared at his firstborn for a while before asking something .
"Do you want to fight him?"
Adrian nodded and lowered his head again as a form of respect .

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"Go but return alive at all costs, the Royals won't cover for the losses caused by Noah this time . "
Thomas accepted Adrian's request while adding a warning .
"Do you think he can beat me?"
Adrian asked .
He was nearing one hundred years of age, he didn't feel good when his father hinted that he could die when meeting someone sixty years younger .
"I don't know, that guy keeps on breaking records! Heck, I wasn't even able to fly properly after I entered the heroic ranks, but he is already fighting against old monsters, I don't know what to expect!"
Thomas dismissed his sons with those last words, his mind was too messy to be bothered with those political matters .
Similar scenes could be seen in the mansions of the noble families whose heirs had encountered Noah or suffered by his hands, and the same was applied for the branch of the Royal family that handled the creation of a secret army of criminals .
A young-looking woman with long and wild silver hair sat on the roof of a mansion situated near the capital of the Utra nation .
A golden spear was laid next to her as she read a report in her hands, her fingers trembled slightly when she understood the contents of those words .
Max Ballor was behind her, his expression was solemn, but traces of concern appeared in his eyes when he looked at his daughter .

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He was incredibly proud of her .
June had single-handedly raised the status of the Ballor family to a medium-size noble family and had provided it the support of the Elbas family .
The family had to relocate to fulfill the role assigned by the Royals, but the benefits obtained through that job vastly outclassed the expenses .
Yet, June had long stopped seeing him as a father, and she was even colder with the rest of the family, she only used them as tools to obtain materials and techniques that she needed .
"Father . "
June spoke after she read the report a few times .
"You are only a human cultivator, you can't affect his life . "
Max gave voice to those words, he knew exactly what his daughter was thinking at that moment .
However, June completely ignored his statement and gave him an order .
"The colonized areas on the new continent are the best training ground for human cultivators . Contact the Royal family, I want to go there . "