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Published at 23rd of March 2020 03:51:31 PM

Chapter 549
The Utra nation and the Papral nation were ready .

The tournaments on the old continent had ended, and the contenders for the territories of the southwestern coast had been chosen, it was time for the one versus one battles .
The Hive couldn't know it, but the three big nations had issued events even in the settlements in the new continent, friendly fights would happen between the promising cultivators inhabiting the cities built in those lands .
Of course, those battles were just an appetizer for the main event .
Large crystals had been placed throughout the cities on the piece of Immortal Lands, they reflected images featuring the territories where the fights between heroic cultivators would happen .
Crowds of human cultivators filled the streets next to the crystals and to the stages that would feature the battles between human cultivators, the three big nations treated that even as a festivity .
The atmosphere was completely different in the group from the Coral archipelago .
Noah had reunited with the rest of his group only to be greeted by the tense air that surrounded his companions .
Elder Jason had notified and accompanied him in the area above the desert inhabited by the sandworms where the rest of the group was waiting, they couldn't use the forest of White woods with so many eyes on them after all .
Noah saw some new faces when he reached them, the Hive had made its selections too, bringing a few elders in the new continent to fight the battles .

'It's finally time . '
Noah thought when he sensed the anxiety in the air, even those mighty existences would become nervous when the future of the Hive was at stake .
Also, their performance in the battles would influence their reputation and possibly affect the future behavior of the Hive toward them .
"Prince, you can't fight with those clothes . "
Elder Austin spoke to him as soon as he noticed his arrival .
Noah had lived as a magical beast for months before that event, he would be mistaken for a beggar if a powerful aura didn't surround his figure .
He was about to change into one of the robes that he kept inside his space-ring when Elder Austin threw some clothes to him and added a few words as soon as he caught them .
"Wear this, you will be fighting as the Demon Prince of the Hive today . "
His words were simple, but they carried a deeper meaning .

The incoming battle would put the future of the Hive at stake, but it wasn't only a matter that concerned the conquest of resources that were beneficial to heroic cultivators .
The elders knew that the battles would be seen in the cities of the new continent, and possibly even in those of the old continent, performing well could inspire many exploited and restricted human cultivators, making them migrate in the Coral archipelago .
"My battles don't really inspire though . "
Noah said as he undressed and wore the new clothes .
The Hive had prepared for him a luxurious robe that matched his preferences, it was tight and could be easily opened to reveal his upper body .

Blue tentacles were embroidered on his sleeves, and a series of purple dots decorated his back .
The tentacles were the symbol of the independence of the Coral archipelago, and the purple dots represented the islands were the Hive thrived, everyone would understand his origin when he wore that robe .
It was clear that the elders wanted their Prince to appear majestic, but Noah's fighting style was far away from that description, especially after his period of isolation in the wilderness .

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"Don't worry, the Utra nation is going all out to conquest the lava lake anyway, we are confident only in keeping the forest of White woods . "
Elder Austin heaved a helpless sigh after he spoke those words, and he handed a report to Noah before flying toward the azure plain .
The report contained the information discovered by the Hive in the last period, such as the contenders that they would have to face and some of their abilities .
Noah's eyes sharpened when he read that a rank 4 cultivator in the solid stage would be fighting for the lava lake .
'They are going all out for the traces left by divine beings . Well, I couldn't have expected anything less . '
Noah thought before reading the rest of the report .
Elder Laurel would handle the battle for the forest of White woods, she had studied that environment so much that she was now able to cause the increase of toxicity in the air with her abilities, that fight wouldn't be a problem .
Elder Austin would be fighting for the azure plain and face a certain Elder Doyle from the Papral nation .
Noah felt gazes fixing on him for a short time before going away, and he felt the concern that those stares carried, it was clear that his companions were worried about his well-being .

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'Solid stage… I can endure a few attacks, but I can't beat it, not under normal circumstances at least . '
He knew that he had improved, but that didn't allow him to fight against cultivators on higher stages, he barely had the confidence to face a rank 4 cultivator in the gaseous stage after all .
Yet, he didn't really have to beat his opponent, he only needed to endure the heat radiated by the lava lake for more time than the contender .
'This solid stage cultivator should be in the early phases of the stage, or it would need a rank 5 body to contain its center of power . I can totally use the environment to my advantage or just escape until it is exhausted . I can do this . '
Noah's battle intent rose as he thought that .
He had already endured an attack fueled by a power similar to the solid stage of the fourth rank, and he had improved since that time .
He had never been more confident in his abilities .
Elder Julia neared Noah at that point and lowered her head to speak a few soft words .
"The Utra nation wants the battle for the lava lake to be the first, it's your turn . "
Noah nodded at those words and simply turned toward the east before flying in that direction, his focus reached its limits as he approached the fight .