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Published at 23rd of March 2020 03:51:28 PM

Chapter 551
Noah descended through the heatwaves radiated from the lava lake .

The "Breath" around him was consumed at high speed to protect his body, but all of that was just an act to bait Amos .
Noah knew that he had no chance to win against a rank 4 cultivator in the solid stage, he had just begun battling those in the gaseous stage after all .
Yet, he had an advantage that many couldn't even begin to suspect: His body .
"Junior, I understand your eagerness, but there is no point in your actions . Fire can't enlighten darkness, no matter how brightly it burns . "
Amos sighed after speaking those words, he felt that Noah was simply acting like an excited junior .
"Flames burn inside me too, they might be fueled by the darkness element, but they are still flames . "
Noah replied to his comment .
His answer was honest, he had often seen his ambition as a bright fire that drove him through his life .
Amos' eyebrow arched when he heard those words, he immediately understood that Noah had already gained some insights about the laws of his element, and his admiration for him couldn't help but increase at that moment .
"Haha! You are really amazing! How much has it been since you entered the heroic ranks?"
Amos became excited and quickly neared Noah to descend with him, he felt as if he could gain some insights from that conversation .

"All the elements are similar and also extremely different . They can't be found on their own, they are always combined . The world is just the result of that union . "
Noah revealed part of the insights obtained in his period of isolation in the azure plain .
He couldn't lie to a heroic cultivator that had reached the solid stage while keeping a youthful aspect, he had to give voice to his real thoughts if he wanted to obtain his attention .
"Look at this lake, isn't it made by liquid flames? Fire can flow like water, it can be subtle like wind, it can be sturdy like earth, it can pierce like lightning, it can shine like light, and it can engulf like darkness . Why shouldn't I be able to understand darkness through it then?"
Amos was stupefied when he heard those words .
He didn't create his own cultivation technique, his breakthroughs had come only from his understanding of his individuality .
That led him to be extremely confident in his path, he had already defined himself after all, he only had to dive through the laws of the fire element now .
Yet, Noah appeared incredibly vast in his eyes .
His existence seemed to encompass many fields while still being limited to one person, the depths that he reached seemed unfathomable .
The truth was that Noah's mentality was simply broader than that of a human since he belonged to a completely different species, he was able to have those thoughts because his body could absorb every type of "Breath" and transform it in its power .
What Amos didn't realize though was that, as they descended, even his protection began to waver .

However, he was too engrossed in that conversation that he didn't bother too much about it .

Also, he knew that Noah's "Breath" would be depleted before his, there was no reason to worry about the outcome of that battle in his mind .
"The world is a silent teacher, it gives you all the answers, but you can read them only when your mind is ready to accept them . Junio-, no, Noah Balvan, I thank you for broadening my eyes . "
Amos honestly thanked Noah, but the latter ignored him and continued to descend, the edges of his new robe began to burn due to the temperatures around him .
Then, when Noah noticed the first drop of sweat running down Amos' forehead, he stopped .
"I'm amazed you can last so much, you must be nearing the peak of the gaseous stage to have such deep reserves . "
Amos commented, but he couldn't know that Noah was refilling part of the depleted "Breath" through his cultivation technique at that moment, he had even removed his limitation to increase the absorption speed .
"Do you mind going deeper? I am enjoying this conversation, and I want to memorize the feeling of being near a divinity . "
Noah lied as he turned toward Amos .
His words were polite, and even a bit of eagerness was reflected in his gaze, Amos couldn't find any reason to deny to such a talented cultivator the chance to admire the lake one last time .

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"Sure, let's exchange insights until you are exhausted, I feel that this experience can benefit both of us . "
Amos agreed to his request, and they both resumed their descent .
They soon reached a distance of a few hundred meters from the lava lake, the temperature at that point became almost unbearable and, no matter how much "Breath" both of them used to protect their bodies, the heat still affected them .
Noah's robe began to burn, and even Amos' clothes took fire, it was as if the lake forced everything over it to become ash .
Noah was sweating profusely, but so did Amos, it seemed that both of them couldn't last much in that area .
"This is the limit for those with a rank 4 body, even our clothes can't survive in this air . "
Amos commented as the last bit of his robe became ash, his gaze went on Noah who was equally naked .
"What do you think about Heaven and Earth?"
Noah asked, his aspect didn't give him the slightest concern .
Amos sighed when he saw that Noah still wanted to converse, he decided to answer only when he saw that the "Breath" around him had vanished entirely .
"They are everything, they are balance, they are fairness . They encompass every existence and are part of everything in this world . Only gods can somewhat imitate their status by separating themselves from their laws . Yet, I think they are innately good since they give their energy to every living being . "

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Noah fell silent when he heard those words .
He had never been able to understand the mindset of someone that trusted Heaven and Earth, he had been their enemy since he started cultivating after all .
However, he felt that he could finally understand what the privileged cultivators thought about them .
That realization made him laugh .
Noah managed to hold himself back for several minutes, but, in the end, he couldn't help but explode in a loud laugh .
Amos' body was nearing its limits, his "Breath" wasn't able to stop the heat at all at that altitude .
Yet, when he heard the man next to him laughing, he noticed that something was wrong .
Noah had long stopped using "Breath" to protect his body, burned patches of skin could be seen everywhere on his figure .
Nevertheless, when he laughed, he seemed still full of energy, it was as if those burns didn't affect his complexion at all .
Then, Noah decided to stop pretending and reveal what he knew about Heaven and Earth to keep him a bit more at that height .
"You are a fool . "