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Chapter 557
Adrian had used the ability of his body-nourishing method to empower his muscles and skin, and had activated a defensive spell that had transformed him into a silver giant .

Also, his new form allowed him to release that humming sound, which was another defensive spell .
It wasn't surprising that he had been able to block Noah's martial art with all those defensive methods .
Yet, right when he was about to counterattack, Noah had surprised him, biting off his left ear with a quick movement .
Adrian couldn't use the humming sound in time, and the ears of a human were one of its most frail parts, his silver skin couldn't oppose the power behind Noah's maws .
Adrian couldn't understand how his Silver body spell had been pierced so quickly, he could only blame Noah's Demonic form for that .
He couldn't possibly imagine that Noah's physical strength was enough for that feat after all .
However, the Silver body spell wasn't his limit .
Adrian focused and his muscles bulged even more, his size increased, and his skin darkened while he transformed once again .
The silver giant became black as he reached a height of six meters, it seemed that Adrian specialized in spells that applied defensive and offensive measures on his body .

Nevertheless, Noah didn't feel any fear when he watched the transformation .
Why would he hesitate when his opponent wanted to have a melee battle?
Noah roared as he kicked the air under his feet to activate the Shadow sprint martial art .
His pride as a hybrid screamed inside him, a human dared to challenge him in a battle of bodies, he felt as if he had been offended by that gesture .
Adrian saw the fiendish figure suddenly appearing in front of him and crossed his arms to protect his chest, two black lines crashed on his skin but were only able to create small cracks .
Adrian's new transformation made him able to withstand Noah's martial art without using the humming sound!
The humming sound resounded once again, and Noah felt his movements hindered by dense vibrations that spread rhythmically in the air .
Adrian used his spell to create an opening in Noah's defense and followed it by quickly punching with his crossed arms, Noah saw two massive fists reaching for his face as he tried to oppose the restrictions around him .
Since he couldn't break the slowing spell and defend against the fists at the same time, he decided to attack .

Adrian only saw a blinding pale-gray light engulfing his figure before he felt his arms hitting something that resembled a mountain .
Noah had used his flames to weaken his uncle's attack and summoned Zac to endure the remaining power behind the fists .
Zac's defensive layers and shell were pierced, but the fists only had so much remaining power when they hit Noah's chest, the latter could easily withstand them without moving by an inch .
Flames and a corrosive black smoke lingered on Adrian's body, but they were only able to scratch the surface of his skin, his defensive methods were exceptional .

Yet, while he was still trying to understand how much damage did Noah suffer, he felt something similar to a hammer crashing on his stomach .
Noah had delivered a powerful kick after he blocked his uncle's attack, but he didn't manage to inflict much damage, Adrian's defenses were able to block his martial art after all .
It became clear to both of them that their fight would be a battle of endurance .
Noah and Adrian continued to exchange attacks between each other, almost completely ignoring the damages that reached their bodies .

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Shockwaves spread after every clash, the battle between those two heroic cultivators seemed to have turned into a clash between magical beasts!
The human cultivators that watched the fight couldn't help but realize how scary the heroic ranks could be .
They viewed heroic cultivators as haughty and distant figures, forever detached from the mortal world .
Yet, right in front of their eyes, those entities had turned into monstrous figures that fought using teeth and fists!
Noah relentlessly attacked, he slashed, kicked, and bit whenever he could, leaving the defense to his Blood companion .
Also, a black trail often came out of his fiendish form and quickly dove toward Adrian, only to disappear inside the black smoke immediately after .
Adrian, on the other hand, boldly punched Noah as the humming sound often resounded in the air .
As time passed, white marks and cracks covered the entirety of his dark skin, and he knew that his Black body transformation spell wouldn't be able to sustain his nephew's relentless offensive much longer .
However, he didn't understand Noah's state since the black smoke covered his features .

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He knew that he had landed many blows on his body, but he didn't know if Noah was injured .
He could only continue to punch madly, he was using two spells to empower his body, the effects of his body-nourishing method, and the humming sound, he didn't believe that he would lose that battle .
Another wave of white flames engulfed his figure, and a corrosive black smoke followed them, further worsening the state of his skin .
When his vision regained the focus on his opponent though, he saw that a massive, uneven sphere had appeared between him and Noah .
Noah had activated the Dark blast spell at the beginning of the battle and had continued to fuel it throughout its duration, the amount of mental energy and "Breath" contained in that fuming sphere made Adrian shiver .
Adrian was about to activate the slowing spell once again, but the sphere suddenly exploded, engulfing both him and Noah in its blast .
Before Adrian was forced to close his eyes to endure the might of the blast, he saw that the fiendish figure right in front of him wear a vicious smile .
The blast destroyed Adrian's black skin and torn his muscles, he felt the walls of his sea of consciousness tremble when his defensive spell was forcibly broken .
His Silver body spell though was still active and managed to endure the remaining power behind the blast .
Adrian was about to open his eyes when he felt hundreds of ethereal hands tearing his insides and two long wounds appearing on his torso .