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Chapter 561
The Warp spell was one of the three diagrams in Noah's possession that he could use for the entirety of his cultivation journey .

Yet, Noah found it hard to use it efficiently as his power grew .
The issue wasn't with the power of the spell, but with its effects .
The smoke of the Demonic form became more threatening each time he memorized a Kesier rune, and the Body-inscription spell's power was linked to the magical beasts turned into Blood companions .
Those spells were clearly battle oriented, and Noah could always put them to good use in any of his fights .
However, the Warp spell had effects not strictly related to combat .
The spell was useful to travel long distances and to make lose track of any pursuer, but it had unfavorable conditions to its activation that made it quite predictable in battle .
The teleportation required time and the cultivators on Noah's level were able to react to that sudden tremor in the air, he couldn't use it to take his enemies by surprise anymore .
Yet, the Warp spell didn't have limits, Noah could use it through the entirety of his journey, so he decided to use the Divine deduction technique on its diagram first .

He had other ideas on how to create, modify, or even fuse spells, he could clearly imagine the Black hole spell and the Dark blast spell being combined into one, for example .
However, now that he had time, he wanted to focus on creating something that would last, and that wouldn't have to be discarded due to his growth .
The lines of the extremely complex diagram formed over the sea inside his mind before being redirected in the inscriptions over its walls .
Noah experienced part of the feelings of the creator of the diagram, as well as the deep meanings that those lines contained .
'These lines… Their power is linked to the mental waves of a sea of consciousness, they are meant to teleport a cultivator till the limits of its consciousness . The diagram is a teleportation matrix without set destination nor origin, a perfect machine that can bring anywhere as long as enough energy is poured inside it . '
Noah began to understand the meaning behind those lines .
The Divine deduction technique allowed him to analyze diagrams at high speed, that feature was one of its main abilities after all .
Noah intended to completely understand the diagram so that he could reproduce and modify it through his wills, turning it into his personal spell, which effects could be altered according to his needs .

'The black flames aren't a portal, they act as a container for my body, which gets expelled once they reappear in their destination . Since the body is contained inside the flames, the teleportation won't deplete as much energy as it should . Amazing, the creator of the Warp spell has found a way to reduce the interference with the space to make the consumption of mental energy and "Breath" somewhat affordable . '
Learning more about the mighty entity behind that diagram made Noah marvel .

'Yet, the entirety of the body and the teleportation seem fixed effects . '
Noah stopped using the Divine deduction technique as he thought that .
More than half of his mental energy had been depleted to understand those few things, and he didn't even know how much time had passed in the outside .
It couldn't be helped, he was trying to understand a spell that had no limits to its power, he couldn't expect to learn everything about it with only one round of the Divine deduction technique .
Noah needed time to thoroughly understand the lines of the diagram, time to learn how and why they were connected in that shape, and time to reproduce them in the form of wills .

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Only after all those processes were completed, he could start to modify it according to his needs .
Of course, what he needed was to turn that movement-oriented spell into something that he could rely on in battle and hopefully increase his battle prowess .
'I might obtain black flames able to teleport only my attacks if I can remove those two fixed effects . At that point, I would be able to synchronize three spells and a martial art, creating an offensive that isn't affected by distances . '
The attacks in Noah's mind were the Warp spell, the Demonic form spell, the Body-inscription spell, and his Dragon's claw .
'It wouldn't even stop there . Theoretically speaking, even my other spells could be directly teleported next to my enemies, and I might add a form to my martial art… All of this can only happen if I manage to modify this masterpiece though . '
Noah knew that there was no point in dreaming when he had yet to take the first step toward his goal .
However, he had all the time that he wanted now .
The Hive was still trying to create items able to lower the density of "Breath" in the territories of the new continent, and he knew that hunting magical beasts before that was pointless .

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Other creatures would simply migrate to take the place of the killed ones, he and Elder Hope had already seen that happen after all .
Also, he was the Demon Prince, and he had just claimed a territory containing traces left by divine beings under the Hive's banner .
His achievements were impossible to evaluate, and not even a rank 5 cultivator could dictate his next actions so casually .
To put it simply, he didn't really need to help his companions with the colonization of the southwestern coast .
'I've done more than enough for the Coral archipelago, I need to focus on my power now . The other elders can handle the pointless clearing of these areas, I'll just remain here to train . '
There was something that Noah was sure of .
The new continent came from the Immortal Lands, which meant that rank 4 cultivators could only affect it so much .
He didn't know how the Utra nation had built those obelisks, but he was sure that the work of many rank 5 cultivators was behind it, meaning that the elders on his level wouldn't be able to modify the environment in the plain and the area after the lava lake .
'I'll just wait to be contacted by the higher-ups . Until then, there is only me . '