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Chapter 563
The rank 5 cultivators of the Hive spent the months after the one versus one battles trying to find a way to fix the issue about the density of the "Breath" in the new continent .

They knew the method used by the Utra nation, but they were unaware of the specifics of the obelisks, they could only learn their most apparent features when they explored the eastern coast .
The Papral nation would never reveal its methods to an enemy force, and the Shandal Empire had been silent since the two big countries attacked its territories, the Hive was on its own on that matter .
Also, the Coral archipelago lacked experts in many sectors, only a few inscription masters specialized in formations could be found on its islands .
It soon became clear to those rank 5 existences that they could only use formations to solve the issue .
Yet, deciding on a method was different from finding a solution, the elders still had to find something that could absorb or drain enough "Breath" from the environment to make the lands of the new continent habitable by human cultivators .
The only formation in their possession that could drain so much energy was, of course, the copying technique .
It didn't take much for the elders to understand that the copying technique had to be used to solve that issue, the only problem was that Chasing Demon was away at that moment and he couldn't lay the technique on the new continent .
Some months and many tests had to pass before they could create the blueprint for something that seemed viable .

The other rank 4 elders received a mental message that explained the plan of the higher-ups at that point, even Noah had to admit that their move was quite smart despite the Hive lacking the assets of the other big nations .
To put it simply, the elders wanted to set up formations able to send "Breath" to the copying technique in the Coral archipelago .
Of course, since the Hive didn't have a method to accumulate that energy endlessly, the copying formation had to be continuously put to use to deplete it .
Yet, the Hive couldn't summon the copies of rank 5 beings just to deplete that energy, it would simply be a waste .
So, the elders decided to create training grounds for the human cultivators in the archipelago and make them face many copies of rank 4 creatures .
The population in the islands had sharply increased in the last years, and that growth didn't seem to slow down .
That led to a situation where the Hive was filled by many human cultivators or even commoners who lacked proper training or battle experience .
Those cultivators could just be used as cannon fodder in their current state, but they could become valuable resources once gained enough experience, some of them might even aim for the heroic ranks one day .

The Hive had a population with a high percentage of cultivators, similar to that of the Shandal Empire, meaning that it could copy the big nation in the methods that it used to sort it .

The Empire used its endless expansion campaign to train, sort, and promote soldiers, creating a ranking system where anyone could become the leader of a small legion made by simple soldiers .
The Hive wanted to imitate that system, but it lacked the power to engage in so many wars .
So, it decided to use the copying technique as the method to train, sort, and evaluate its cultivators .
The mental message didn't just convey that information, it also requested the help of the rank 4 cultivators .
'I should go, this is quite important . I've even completely understood the diagram of the Warp spell, I've reached the limit of what can be achieved in seclusion . '
Noah thought as he stood up and exited the cave that he had created in the azure plain .

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He didn't know how many months had passed, but he had finally analyzed all the lines of the Warp spell and understood how they interacted between themselves, it was time to bring the process to the next phase .
'I need to reproduce the diagram using my wills as the language . Succeeding in this procedure will allow me to modify it and will also give me experience in the creation of spells . I don't know how much it will take though . '
Noah sighed as he flew toward the forest of White woods .
The elders had decided that the border between the two lands would be the area where the formations had to be placed .
That position wasn't casual, the formations needed to be near the teleportation matrix so that the latter could be used to set the destination of the absorbed "Breath" .
Noah's mind wandered as he fueled the Divine deduction technique with his mental energy .
He knew far too well that he could approach the translation of the diagram only in one way: Through countless tests!
Yet, he had Divine Demon's legacy, and translating was easier than creating from nothing, he was confident that he would succeed, it was only a matter of time .

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When he reached the border, he found that many of the elders on his level were already there and floated silently around Elder Austin and Elder Julia .
Noah reached the group and waited for everyone to arrive, it didn't take much before all the heroic cultivators that the Hive had deployed on the new continent gathered there .
"This will be the area where we will build the devices, you must fend off any magical beast or plant that tries to near this part of the plain until the constructions and its defenses are completed . "
Elder Julia ordered and began to assign specific spots to each elder, and she even requested for Elder Morgan, Elder Laurel, and Elder Duke's help .
Linking the devices meant to absorb the "Breath" in the area to the teleportation matrix wasn't an easy task, especially when the White woods could just increase the toxicity of the forest when they felt threatened .
Even those rank 5 cultivators needed the help of experts in specific fields, and those three elders suited their needs .
Then, she just dismissed everyone else, and Noah could begin to fly toward his assigned area .