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Chapter 564
Noah didn't mind the new assignment .

He was used to training while he fought magical beasts, defending an area didn't hinder the translation of the diagram at all .
'Thoughts for lines, wills for diagrams . Imitate the meaning of each line and link them to form a will that respects the effects of the spell . It's just a matter of testing . '
Noah's mind was focused entirely on the Warp spell while he casually slashed toward a rank 4 Saber-toothed tiger, his attack severed the creature in two even if he wasn't using the secret art .
Weeks had passed already since Elder Julia gave her orders, but the constructions of the devices seemed still in progress .
However, Noah didn't expect anything different .
He knew that the devices had to be extraordinarily complex, and linking them to the teleportation matrix in the forest would take even more time, they couldn't be ready so soon .
'I'm losing track of time more often… I guess my concept of time is gradually adapting to the higher form of life that I've reached . '
Noah thought as he neared the maimed corpse of the tiger and calmly ripped off one of its legs before storing the rest in his space-ring .
His hunger continued to increase as his body grew inside the upper tier of the fourth rank, and he felt that his mindset was constantly distancing itself from the notions that he used to have when he was only a human cultivator .
He couldn't help but notice that he was becoming indifferent to the passage of time, months could go by while he analyzed diagrams or created techniques, but he would barely notice them .

'Heroic cultivators are higher existences, but this doesn't only concern the power that they hold, it also involves their mentality . '
Noah suddenly felt so distant from the feeling that he used to have when he was younger .
He remembered the anxiety, the optimization of his training schedules, his constant efforts in trying so much to reach the next breakthrough .
Now, instead, he felt calm .
His eagerness and efforts were still there, but they had evolved into more mature feelings, into something fit for the higher entity that he had become .
'Maybe I feel in this way only because I know that I'm doing everything I can to improve already . '
That conclusion made sense in his mind .
His body was improving at high speed, his dantian never stopped enlarging, and his mind could only benefit from the constant usage of the Divine deduction spell .
The growth of all his centers of power wasn't hindered in the slightest, and that made Noah feel delighted .
Training his body and dantian almost took him no effort due to his cultivation technique and hybrid status, and he could just stare at the fifth Kesier rune whenever he ended one of his activities .

'I wonder how many years will it take for the next breakthrough . Five? Ten? Twenty?'
Noah didn't know what the average time needed for the breakthroughs in the heroic ranks was, they mostly depended on the cultivator after all .

Also, the pieces of information about other heroic cultivators were rare, especially when they involved their age .
Cultivators would simply stop aging as long as their rank increased, Noah still appeared as a twenty years old man due to his fast growth, for example .
'These periods don't feel that long though . I'm still eager to reach the next rank or stage, but I feel as if five years could pass in an instant if I just close my eyes . '
Noah's mind wandered as he finished eating the limb of the tiger, only a few patches of blood remained on the corners of his mouth after the meal .
'Maybe I should just compress the corpses of some magical beasts in the upper tier in the form of small pills . Some of its nourishments would be lost in the process, but it would be far more comfortable to eat in battle . I need to find an alchemist . '
Noah thought when he inspected the huge pile of magical beasts' corpses inside his space-ring .
He preferred to eat them in the normal way since he had inherited the dragon's tastes, but the amount of nourishment that he could obtain while he was fighting was limited .

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Yet, if he compressed an entire corpse into a small form, he could avoid munching pieces of magical beasts in battle and simply eat one of those pills when he was reaching his limits .
Noah immediately contacted Elder Austin and expressed his needs, but he didn't hope to receive an answer anytime soon, the elders in the fifth rank were quite busy after all .
'Oh, it's done,'
Noah exclaimed in his mind when he sensed that a will rose from the sea inside his mental sphere .
The inscriptions on the walls of his mind stopped shining, signaling that Noah had deactivated the Divine deduction technique, and the will slowly flew outside of the sea of consciousness only to appear in the outside world .
'This is the eighth already, I should have fixed all the issues concerning the harmonization of the meanings inside it . '
Noah evaluated in his mind before pouring "Breath" inside his half-transparent figure that floated right in front of his face .
The will shone with a dark light as soon as the "Breath" fueled the meanings that it contained, and black flames began to appear over its surface .
Noah intensely stared at the changes in the will, he saw how the flames quickly absorbed its ethereal figure before disappearing together with the dark light .
Black flames reappeared at a few meters of distance, but nothing came out of it even after they dispersed in the air .

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Noah heaved a helpless sigh when he saw that, he knew that he had failed in the translation of the diagram once again .
'I really can't seem to get this teleportation right . Well, I'm gaining experience in creating spells through wills at least . '
Noah thought before sitting on the ground and taking out the fifth Kesier rune from his space-ring .
His consciousness didn't sense any creature in the area that he was defending, and a lot of his mental energy had been expended to create that will, it was better to use the remaining one to improve his sea of consciousness .
Once his mental energy was almost depleted, he simply waited for it to reform before activating the Divine deduction technique to analyze his mistakes .
After he found some mistakes, he still relied on the Divine deduction technique to find solutions .
In the end, he began the creation of another will without ever deactivating Divine Demon's technique .
Noah had specifically chosen that order in his experiments so that his mind would always be slightly better when he approached the creation of the following will .
Of course, during all those procedures, he would still pay attention to his area and kill the magical beasts that tried to enter it, he couldn't let anything affect the work of the elders on the border behind him .