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Chapter 565
Weeks continued to pass in which Noah became faster in solving the mistakes that kept on appearing in his wills .

Countless experiments and constant analysis were bound to give results, Noah found himself completing the creation of each will in a matter of days during the last period .
After all, he was just translating a diagram in his personal language, he wasn't creating something from nothing .
At some point though, he received another mental message from Elder Julia, who pressed him to return to the border between the forest and the azure plain .
Noah didn't hesitate and flew toward the forest of White woods as soon as the message ended .
On his way back, he noticed that even the other rank 4 cultivators in the plain had been summoned, Noah saw a small group of powerful entities forming around him as he returned to the appointed location .
The Hive had deployed less than twenty heroic cultivators on the piece of Immortal Lands, that number didn't seem high, but it represented almost half of the entirety of the heroic assets of the archipelago .
The elders that had joined the group on the new continent were either on the gaseous or liquid stage, the most powerful ones in the fourth rank were still in the archipelago to monitor the situation .
Large basins became visible when the group reached the border of the plain .
The basins were hundreds of meters large and less than a hundred meters deep, and Noah couldn't help but sense a certain familiarity when he saw the terrain that made the surface of the vast holes .
Then, the answer to that sensation came from the memories that he had inherited from the Excavating worm .

'This is the same terrain of the Bare Dungeon! It will transform into Obsidian Credits if enough "Breath" is poured inside it!'
Noah thought when he reviewed the images of the Bloodline inheritance .
"You are all here, good, we can start then . "
Elder Julia appeared over the basins as her words resounded in the air, Elder Austin and the three experts in formations and magical plants were behind her and remained silent as she kept on speaking .
"There are ten basins along this border, and they are all linked to the teleportation matrix inside the forest . Formations also cover their surface, and we have already deployed many defenses in the surrounding area . These devices and the defenses will become self-sufficient once enough "Breath" is gathered inside them, but we expect that magical beasts will try to storm this area once they sense the activation . "
The elders released amazed gasps when they heard her words and shot gazes to the basins that covered the border .
The meaning behind Elder Julia's explanation was clear, they needed to defend the devices until their activation was completed .
"Choose a basin and defend it, Elder Austin will intervene if the number of magical beasts is too high or if something in the fifth rank appears . Go, and remember that the Hive might go bankrupt if you fail . "

The elders showed stern expressions when they heard the last phrase and immediately picked a basin to defend, Noah took the central one and found Elder Jason standing proudly next to him .

No more words were spoken, silence reigned over the area as everyone focused on defending against the incoming tide of creatures .
Elder Julia nodded when she saw the resolve pictured on the elders' faces and landed on the spot before the basins to pour "Breath" in what seemed one of the cores of the formation .
Lines lit up under her and spread in the area, it didn't take much before their brilliance covered all the basins .
Lines also spread toward the forest, a sort of humming sound resounded from the white crowns of the magical plants as the formation under them activated .
Noah was the first one to sense that something was changing in the air around him .
His mind was susceptible to the variations in the "Breath", he was a hybrid after all, that feature was part of his instincts .
He sensed that the "Breath" around him was moving toward the basins as if attracted by the terrain that made their surface, its density in the air immediately decreased as the process continued .
The terrain in the basins began to shine along with the lines of the formations around them, crystals began to appear at their bases as the "Breath" gathered there .
'I think I understand now . '
Noah thought when he stared at the shining holes .

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'The formations enhance the innate absorbing capabilities of that terrain, forcing it to accumulate enough "Breath" to transform into Obsidian Credits . Yet, I believe that this is just part of the mechanism . '
Noah continued to stare at the basins with interest .
His inscription method was somewhat limited compared to the formations field, he wouldn't give up on the chance to observe how it worked .
The surface of the basins soon completely transformed into Obsidian Credits, but the absorption of "Breath" didn't stop .
Shining drops began to appear over the crystals, they accumulated at high speed and soon became shining water that kept on filling those vast holes .
The basins transformed into shining lakes right under Noah's amazed gaze .
At that point, he understood the reason why Elder Julia was so concerned about the magical beasts' attack .
His hunger seemed to explode when he stared at that shimmering water, he felt the urge to dive in it and claim that area as his .
Then, roars reached his ears .
Noah turned only to see that smoke filled the horizon, and he instinctively wielded his sabers when he understood the cause behind that event .

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Heavy footsteps soon resounded in the area, the ground trembled as if unable to endure the charge of so many magical beasts .
'More than a hundred of them, all in the fourth rank . '
Noah's eyes sharpened when he evaluated the power behind the incoming tide, and he didn't hesitate to cast the Dark blast spell to begin the accumulation of energies as soon as possible .
His companions imitated his actions, they also prepared their attacks and defenses when they realized the event that they had set off .
After all, they were less than twenty, and that was only the first tide formed by the magical beasts closest to their position, there were bound to be more of them as the "Breath" kept on gathering behind them .
Yet, two huge fiery snakes flew over the elders' heads and crashed on the incoming tide, unleashing deadly flames that burned to death most of those beasts .
The rank 4 cultivators raised their heads to the sky only to see that Elder Austin was floating in the air above them and that a rare seriousness could be seen in his expression .
"The first one is free, you can handle the next . "