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Chapter 567: 567
The dome created by the formations didn't just have the ability to hide the shining lakes .

Elder Julia took her time to explain the features of the formations after the battlefield was cleaned, and the corpses of the magical beasts were stored .
The basins were an extremely efficient device that became self-sufficient once they were activated entirely .
The formations activated the innate capabilities of the terrain that made the surface of the basins and initiated the accumulation of "Breath", which was then stored in the form of shining water .
Yet, the accumulation didn't stop when the basins were full .
Elder Julia and the other experts had made many tests and calculations to find a balance between the expenditure of "Breath" and its accumulation so that the basins could function continuously without incurring in an overflow .
Even the copying technique though wouldn't be enough to deplete that considerable amount of "Breath" and bring balance to the device, not by copying rank 4 magical beasts at least .
The Hive couldn't possibly copy rank 5 magical beasts just to expend energy, it would be a complete waste .
So, the elders decided to link other formations with different purposes to the basins .

Those formations would gather their power to create the ethereal dome that covered the shimmering lakes, and that delimited an area habitable by human cultivators .
The dome could stop the senses of the magical beasts and plants and even the consciousnesses of weaker cultivators, but it also featured many defensive mechanisms .
According to Elder Julia's estimation, the dome would be able to defend against the attacks of rank 5 cultivators and even send part of their power back, it was basically a sturdy shield .
Of course, the cultivators of the Hive could easily cross the shield, but rank 5 elders could take control of it in dangerous situations and prevent access to anyone .
'This is indeed fit for human cultivators . I guess this area will become crowded quite soon . '
Noah thought when he analyzed the density of "Breath" inside the dome .
He could clearly sense that the area would be perfect for cultivators in the third rank, the only issue was the lack of buildings where to live .
'Well, I would have trained here anyway back then, I still do . '

Noah smiled internally when he saw the vast azure plain and turned his gaze toward the shining lakes in the distance .
He could still feel his hunger screaming to reach them and drink their water, but Elder Julia had emphasized many times that the basins didn't have to be affected in the slightest .
Apparently, even the tiniest change in the balance between the absorbed and depleted "Breath" could cause a chain reaction that would make the formations around them fall apart .
Noah could only give up on the shining water after he understood that aspect of the devices, and he turned to leave in the direction of the lava lake .
He couldn't concentrate with the hunger assailing his mind, and he needed to focus on completing the translation of the diagram of the Warp spell, he desperately wanted to improve his battle prowess after all .

His task in the azure plain was over, and Elder Julia didn't mention him when she assigned other missions, meaning that he could focus on himself for now .
It was evident in his mind that the Hive had just begun its exponential growth since it had finally covered all the areas where it was lacking .

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Human cultivators kept on migrating toward the archipelago, filling the Hive with manpower and promising soldiers .
Many training areas had also been created in the archipelago thanks to the shining lakes, the Hive was now forced to create copies of rank 4 magical beasts to balance the absorption of "Breath" and could train all those inexperienced assets that reached its shores .
The Hive had also taken control over the southwestern coast of the piece of Immortal Lands, gaining lands that heroic cultivators could use to train and meditate .
Some of those lands would eventually become sources of income, the elders mentioned by Elder Julia were tasked to analyze and write down the growth of Azure Credits so that she could decide the quantity to reap .
The cultivators with a fire aptitude had even gained a land containing traces left by divine beings, it wouldn't be surprising if many experts with that element were to appear in the next years .
In the end, with the ethereal dome, the Hive had obtained an area habitable by human cultivators .
Not only the colonization could finally start due to that achievement, but the issue of the overcrowded islands would be solved once cities were built in that safe area .
Noah could imagine that the scenery inside the dome would drastically change in the next months, but he didn't really care, he was too distant from the matters that concerned human cultivators now .

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That was why he decided to simply go away and leave those matters to Elder Julia, there was too much to do about his personal power .
Noah flew toward the lava lake, but he didn't stop there, his destination was the area inhabited by ape-type magical beasts after the rocky wasteland .
He knew that the next target of the Hive would be that land, it couldn't be satisfied with just a few thousand kilometers of habitable terrain .
So, he thought that he could begin to lower the population of magical beasts while he trained, he needed to feed his body after all .
'The next step of the Hive will be the colonization of this area . Yet, it's pointless to create other basins now since a balance has already been reached . We must wait for Chasing Demon to return so that he can lay the copying technique on the new continent and on the territory in our possession in the area of influence of the Empire . Only then the Hive will be able to create more training areas and more basins . '
Noah summarized in his mind while he landed among the sparse vegetation of that area .
The inscriptions on the walls of his sea of consciousness activated and consumed mental energy to assemble meanings in an intricate layout, he had resumed the translation of the diagram of the Warp spell without hesitation .