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Chapter 575
The translation of the diagram of the Warp spell had finally been completed!

Noah had wholly understood the spell and translated it in his own language, it could be said that the spell now belonged to him .
Yet, that was only half of the process that Noah had in mind .
The Warp spell was still flawed and unsuitable for battle, Noah needed to modify part of its effects to add it to his arsenal .
Of course, that would take time and a lot of tests, but Noah didn't feel any hurry .
He had actually chosen to remain in the hall after the success of the will, he wanted to enjoy the wine and reminisce for that night .
One night didn't seem enough though, and there was still wine in that room, so Noah decided to stay there for a few more days .
There wasn't anyone in the Hive that could force him to leave, and he needed those moments to attune his realizations with his individuality .
He felt as if something inside of him had reborn .
However, to his surprise, it was his human side that had benefitted from the recent events .
He had acted as a machine for most of his life and focused only on his goal, but there was far more in the world .

There weren't sides inside his mind anymore, there was just him, but he could still feel that part of him had drastically changed .
Other heroic cultivators would enter the hall and sit on the other couches to enjoy a few moments of peace, that place seemed renowned between them .
'I might come here again from time to time . '
Noah thought as he flew away from the room after nodding to the other existences on there .
Learning to enjoy peace would take time too, Noah guessed that he would finish the modifications on the wills before that .
Yet, he felt no hurry .
The cultivation journey was long, probably endless, and most of it had to be traveled alone .
'Right now, no one is after me, and the four nations are at peace . My ambition and the hatred toward my father will always push me to improve though, especially the former . I feel that I have to find a sort of balance . '
Noah thought as he flew back to the area after the lava lake .
He wouldn't take breaks at all if he had to be true to his individuality, he was hardworking to the extreme after all .

However, he had to learn to enjoy his achievements, which was needed to fully make those improvements part of him .
'It's almost funny how I keep on forgetting to slow down, but there is always someone ready to remind me of resting . '
A complicated smile appeared on his face when he had those thoughts .
He remembered how that had often happened in the past, even if the reasons behind it were different .
Lily, June, William, and Nina did that as an expression of their affection, while Ivor and the Hive had personal reasons .
Yet, he didn't mind either of those reasons .
'Power can be the source of those behaviors . Ivor saw me as a promising heir while the Hive wants to nourish the youngest heroic cultivator in history . I obviously understand them since I'm someone who pursues power with the entirety of his focus . '

He couldn't find issues in Elder Julia's reasons, he actually felt that they were quite reasonable .
The way he saw it, the world was founded on power, and everything originated from it .

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It was reasonable to protect someone that could wield it .
Noah immersed himself again in the wilderness of the area before the snowy mountain as soon as he returned there .
He didn't even take a look at the lava lake during his flight .
He felt as if he had obtained too many insights for now, and he wanted to slowly absorb them before trying to improve even more .
After all, his centers of power were already growing at an incredible speed, even Elder Julia would be amazed by the enlarging speed of his dantian .
Of course, Noah was oblivious to that since he had never compared himself to other heroic cultivators, and there weren't set standards for their growth .
Peaceful times went by in the piece of Immortal Lands .
Every faction was busy with something, there were too many resources to plunder and too many constructions to build .
Also, there were areas that had yet to be fully explored due to their dangerous environment, the Hive still had to take a real look to the toxic rivers next to the White woods after all .
The other big nations were far ahead in the exploration and colonization .

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Still, the recent pact had shuffled some of their territories and forced them to use their manpower to relocate essential structures .
All four forces in the new continent shared the issues connected to the population of the human cultivators though .
Every rank 3 cultivator with wealth and ambition would want to travel to those fantastic territories, and even those in the second rank wished to obtain some benefits from them .
Most of those cultivators were either nobles, disciples of some important sect, or high-ranked soldiers in the army of the Shandal Empire, of which the old continent was full .
Many new habitable areas had to be built to welcome such a large number of travelers, and there was even the need to create specific places that could accommodate the weaker cultivators .
The situation reached a point where the habitations for rank 2 cultivators cost up to ten times the price for those in the third rank!
It was simply too expensive to force those territories to reach a density of "Breath" suitable for weak cultivators, and the three big nations couldn't give them away for free .
Only the Empire was somewhat laxer on that issue due to its sturdy political system, but problems appeared anyway due to its higher number of human cultivators .
The Hive, instead, eagerly waited for Chasing Demon's return .
The Hive was becoming stronger with each passing day, but that growth would skyrocket if its patriarch were to return .
Chasing Demon was the only one who could lay the copying technique on those new lands, and that was the only method that the Hive had to forcibly lower the density of "Breath" in the environment .
Yet, no trace of the rank 6 existences of the four nations appeared, no matter how many months passed .