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Chapter 576
Quiet months passed in the piece of the Immortal Lands .

Those months then became years, but the heroic existences inhabiting the new continent barely noticed that passage of time .
Black clouds though often appeared on the sky above it, and the crackling of thunders followed them every time .
Many rank 3 cultivators had been stuck on the last step before the heroic ranks, but the new environment and the help from strong organizations allowed them to cross it .
Something had become apparent to the three big nations when they realized how sharply the Hive had grown: The independence of the Coral archipelago could be the first of many successful revolutions!
Their internal issues had been exposed, and the fall of the piece of Immortal Lands further worsened their political situation .
A new land meant new hopes!
Of course, the rebelling forces didn't aim for the new continent, the environment there was simply too harsh for organizations that barely had heroic assets .
However, the focus of the three big nations in those territories gave them a lot of freedom in the old continent .
Many forces saw that situation as a chance to finally escape from the influence of those oppressing rules .
The three big nations were obviously aware that their behavior would cause such consequences, but there wasn't much that they could do .

Even the most powerful countries of the Mortal Lands would find themselves short on assets when a new continent appeared so suddenly .
It became clear that they lacked the manpower to control such a large surface and so many different organizations .
So, they decided to slightly ease their grip on the techniques and methods in their possession .
Loyal soldiers were given a chance to obtain the means to reach the heroic ranks at the price of harsh oaths, and even the costs for the resources useful in the heroic ranks plummeted .
The Shandal Empire handled things a bit differently, but the Council and the Elbas family favored the birth of heroic cultivators as long as they accepted their conditions .
The territories of the new continent would often witness the bolts of lightning of the Heaven Tribulation due to all those human cultivators that had finally obtained a chance to break through the heroic ranks .
After all, the number of hopeless and suppressed cultivators far surpassed that of those that could have access to cultivation techniques in the fourth rank .
Also, those cultivators would often have sturdier mindsets due to the lives that they were forced to live, which helped in making their breakthroughs easier .
Giving the means to advance to so many cultivators was a risky move, but the three big nations couldn't find any other solution to their issue in the short run .
They could only create the harshest oaths and tune them around the power of a rank 5 existence so to preserve some form of control .

Those events didn't only benefit the cultivators close to the leading powers of each big country though .

Many noble families and sects who had been unable to nourish some of their promising heirs and disciples could finally afford heroic resources and increase their power .
The heroic cultivators born among those organizations would have no bindings and could possibly go against the leading force of their country one day .
However, the Council and the Elbas family took that as a calculated risk, it was impossible to increase their manpower so quickly without risking anything after all .
June was one of the few cultivators that didn't benefit from that situation, but that still managed to overcome her Heaven Tribulation in that period .
June gasped for air in a remote area of the eastern coast that was close to one of the obelisks built by the Royals .
Sparks still lingered on the ground around her, and black clouds filled the sky above her figure .
However, the clouds were slowly dispersing, and the sparks seemed to gather under her feet only to be absorbed by her body .
White smoke came out of her charred orange robe, and a metallic hat fell on the terrain when she moved .

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The hat shattered when it fell on the ground, that inscribed item had simply endured too much during the tribulation .
Yet, June hid an ecstatic expression under the wild silver hair that fallen over her face after her hat fell .
'I managed to follow Master's instructions, I've defeated the Tribulation and captured a Heaven's spark!'
June thought while she waited for her dantian to fully absorb the nutrients released when she defeated the black clouds .
Her breath slowly returned to a normal pace, and she felt a wave of power surging inside her body when the whiff of rank 4 gaseous "Breath" inside her dantian stabilized .
It was only at that point that she felt confident in raising her arms and stare at the material that she held in her grasp .
There was a thick orange spark inside her hands that released crackling sounds whenever it touched her skin .
However, her skin didn't seem affected by the shocks that hit it, the lightning simply dispersed inside her body without causing any damage .
'With this, I have the material needed to continue the nourishing of my body . Master said that he had probably lost against the rank 7 Tribulation because his True Thunder body wasn't perfect . Yet, with this spark, I can complete the method that he had been able to create only in the fifth rank!'
June couldn't contain her eagerness to absorb that spark when she thought that .

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Eccentric Thunder had created the True Thunder body refining method only when he was already in the fifth rank, meaning that he couldn't obtain a Heaven's spark during his Tribulation .
'After I absorb it, I'll link my body to my dantian and create the Perfect circuit described in his teachings . However, that can only work as a foundation to my power, Master has stressed many times that I need to add formations that I create to the circuit or my individuality won't be expressed . I need to become a rank 4 to create and add formations that can affect my current body though . '
June carefully stored the orange spark in a particular container that she had previously prepared before depositing it inside her space-ring .
She was too tired now and absorbing something that was strictly related to Heaven was a dangerous procedure, she would have the confidence in doing that only when her mind reached the fourth rank .
'I should face the Earth Tribulation in a few months . I can subdue the Heaven's spark once my mind is in the heroic ranks, and I will finally be able to pursue the laws of the lightning element when even my sea of consciousness joins the Perfect circuit!'
The face of a young-looking man appeared in her mind at that point .
The prospect of becoming a complete heroic cultivator made her think about the man that had given her the means to reach that level .
Her ecstatic expression became a complicated smile, and a bit of longing filled the question that appeared in her mind .
'Where are you, Noah?'