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Chapter 578
Errol then pointed at the scroll still in June's hands and continued to speak .

"The Elbas family is aware that you'll be a complete heroic cultivator soon, and it wants to show that there are promising talents that choose to remain in their ranks . Come on, June, it's just an exchange meeting, we have done worse in the Royal Inheritance . "
June's eyes sharpened when she heard those words .
The Elbas family had obviously continued the exploration of the tower in the Nerere country in those years .
June and Errol had kept on clearing floors with the help of other cultivators that the Royals were able to find, but their progress was slow .
There was a limit to how much they could grow in those years, and the lower stages of the Royal Inheritance had begun to feature high numbers of rank 4 magical beasts .
It was needless to say that the exploration had been put in hold until heroics cultivators without links to the Elbas family and the Cause appeared in the Utra nation .
However, June's reaction didn't originate from the memories of those tests .
What concerned her was the awareness of the Royals about the state of her centers of power!
It wasn't an issue to know about her dantian or body, they were quite tricky to hide after all .
Yet, the sea of consciousness of a cultivator was its most personal space, but the level of June's mind was still easily understood by the Royals .
"I swear, some of your expressions start to resemble his . "
Errol laughed a bit when he spoke those words, but his expression soon became severe .
"June, you need to stop comparing yourself to him . He might be incredible when it comes to cultivation, but he leaves behind a trail of corpses wherever he goes . Look at Ruth, for example . Her will has shattered after our mission in the archipelago, and she claims that even her gift has been affected by that encounter . Don't follow the footsteps of a monster unless you want to turn into one . "

Errol advised June, and she knew that he was speaking the truth .
Yet, she couldn't control her feelings in that matter, Noah had simply helped her too much .
'I took your hand, and my world changed, you freed me with one gesture . How can I accept the happiness around me when it comes from cultivators that want to kill you?'
June lowered her eyes when she thought that .
The Royals and her family filled her with glory and benefits, but all of that felt rotten when it came from their hands .
"Sometimes, a cup of wine is worth more than all the luxurious banquets of this world . "
June murmured those words and continued to speak before Errol could ask about their meaning .
"I accept the mission, just tell the Elbas family to send the specifics about the exchange in a few months . I need to stabilize my condition and focus on my mental sphere before meeting the heroic cultivators of other nations . "
The peace on the piece of Immortal Lands continued even in the following months .

Nothing really changed in that period, only the cost of the resources suitable for heroic cultivators continued to plummet .
That event was uncontrollable, there were simply too many precious materials on the new continent .
Also, the three big nations continued to favor the birth of heroic cultivators, which further lowered the prices of rank 4 cultivation techniques and body-nourishing methods .
The only resources that saw an increase in their price were the spells .
The population of heroic cultivators was increasing sharply, which increased the need for diagrams that could be used at that level .
After all, a heroic cultivator without a suitable set of spells couldn't express the power contained in its centers of power .
Of course, that situation wasn't completely casual .
The central powers of each big nation knew that favoring the birth of heroic cultivators was a risky move, but they could somewhat control their power if they didn't make spells accessible .
Controlling the power of those under them was a necessary act to remain in power, they couldn't risk becoming the cause of a successful revolution after all .
Yet, the high prices around the spells didn't bring only positive effects .
As large organizations, the leading powers of the three big nations were involved in many purchases .
However, it wasn't worth purchasing diagrams in that period, they would simply suffer heavy losses just for spells with power up to the fourth rank .
That's why they decided to organize an exchange meeting .

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What surprised the Royals though was that both the Council and the Empire were willing to invite the Hive to the meeting, which forced them to accept that decision .
The news soon reached Elder Julia, who gave the role to inform the Demon Prince to Elder Jason .
No one could represent the Hive better than Noah, the thought of sending someone else didn't even cross her mind .
Elder Jason gladly accepted the job and flew toward the territory before the snowy mountain, where he knew that Noah was training .
The environment there was barren as usual .
Sparse magical plants could be seen from time to time, but the packs of ape-type magical beasts were relatively abundant .
Elder Jason found Noah in one of the areas near the lava lake, and he almost didn't believe his eyes when he saw the scene playing in front of him .
He saw Noah with his usual torn robe standing in front of a rank 4 Fire-eating ape in the lower tier .
However, to his surprise, the creature wasn't trying to attack Noah nor to escape from him .
He could clearly see the fear in the beast's eyes, but the latter didn't dare to move, it was as if Noah's eyes were keeping it still .
"Jason, what is it?"
Noah asked without even turning his head, he was too focused on the behavior of the ape to turn his gaze .
"P-prince, Elder Julia has a mission for you . There is a meeting organized by the three big nations and the Hive has been in-"

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"I'll go . "
Noah suddenly interrupted Elder Jason's explanation before releasing a low grow directed to the beast in front of him .
The Fire-eating ape struggled a bit, but, in the end, it lowered its head and pressed its arms on the terrain .
Elder Jason couldn't help but feel that the creature was kneeling toward Noah .
Then, Noah simply nodded and pressed his foot on the lowered head of the beast .
The beast didn't even try to react, it let Noah kill it without fighting back at all .
"Jason, the report . "
Noah spoke again when he saw that Elder Jason was still floating in the air with his gaze fixed on the corpse of the creature .
His amazement though was interrupted by Noah's words, and he hurriedly handed him the report contained in his space-ring .
Noah quickly read through its contents, and a slight smile appeared on his face after he stored the sheet .
"This is perfect, I was getting bored of this place!"
Noah exclaimed and walked past the stunned Jason as if nothing strange had happened .