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Chapter 579
Elder Jason didn't turn, he kept his eyes on the corpse of the magical beast .

The scene that he had just witnessed simply didn't make sense!
Magical beasts had innate aggression that couldn't be tamed, they could just be subjugated under the rule of a stronger being of a similar species .
Those features were further enhanced as the creatures' rank rose, rank 4 magical beasts could be barely controlled even by the leaders of each pack .
Of course, even those mindless beings could understand the difference in power when they saw it .
Every living being had an innate sense of danger, and magical beasts were the best in that field .
Yet, his eyes didn't lie to him, he knew exactly what he saw .
He saw a rank 4 magical beast offering its life to Noah without struggling, it was as if Noah's pressure had suppressed even its survival instinct .
That was theoretically impossible, only creatures of a similar species and on a higher rank could subjugate lower beings so thoroughly .
However, Noah was a human, and his centers of power were still in the fourth rank .
"Are you coming?"
Noah's voice resounded in the air, and Elder Jason felt a pair of reptilian eyes landing on his back .
He could immediately sense from that stare that Noah's aura had changed into something sharper and denser .
It wasn't surprising that a cultivator's aura changed as it explored the depths of its individuality .

The heroic ranks were meant to solidify the essence of each cultivator, it was evident that a change in their mindset would affect the aura that surrounded them .
After all, the "aura" was just the energy innately radiated by the mental energy contained in the sea of consciousness .
Yet, Noah's aura seemed to change way too often .
It had first started as a cold and sharp halo only to become a violent membrane that surrounded his body .
Also, Elder Jason could even feel some sort of pride inside it .
Those sensations came from his instincts, Noah's aura wasn't clear in the end .
He seemed to radiate far too many things at once, but, at the same time, it was as if everything simply came out from the dark halo that followed him .
"How did you do it?"
Elder Jason asked when he turned toward him .
He didn't want to probe the powers of another cultivator of the Hive, especially of the Demon Prince .
Yet, the ability to tame magical beasts in the fourth rank wasn't something that could be overlooked .
The copying technique had allowed the Coral archipelago to become independent, showing how useful those creatures could be .
So, the possibility of building an army of real magical beasts wasn't something that he could ignore just to be polite .

"Oh, that . "
Noah didn't seem surprised by that question, but he still hesitated a bit to answer .
He wanted to be true to his individuality, which meant that he couldn't just make up a lie to cover himself .
At the same time, he couldn't just reveal that he had fused himself with a magical beast, which gave him access to powers that simple humans could never wield .

"I think it's clear that my body-nourishing method imitates magical beasts in many ways . "
Noah said in a plain tone .
Cultivators weren't stupid, especially those in the heroic ranks .
Anyone would notice that something was off about his body, he had revealed his flames and his physical strength against Adrian after all .
Also, it was easy to make a connection with the magical beasts' world .
Noah was an expert when it came to those beings, anyone would be inclined to think that he had taken inspiration from those powerful creatures when he created a body-nourishing method .
Of course, all of them believed that such a powerful body would have some sort of equally strong backlash due to the rules of Heaven and Earth .
"My body releases a peculiar scent, which becomes stronger as my rank grows . This scent makes most magical beasts think that I'm one of them rather than a human . "

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Noah said when he saw that Elder Jason's attention was on him .
His words weren't exactly lies, he was really exuding the scent of a magical beast .
Yet, that was because he was a real magical beast or, rather, because he was also a real magical beast!
"I've been working on a language that could be understood by those creatures in the last period . I guessed that I could talk to them since they recognized me as one of their kind . What you've witnessed is me succeeding for the first time in that language . "
That was another half-truth .
Noah had never needed to create a language, he already knew it .
However, he had to live in the wilderness as a magical beast for an extended period before becoming able to use that ability .
His body alone wasn't enough to make those creatures accept him in that world, the aura around him also had to change to make that possible .
In the end, he had succeeded .
His growls could carry commands that the beasts submitted to him had to follow, and he guessed that he could expand that ability to other fields .
He wasn't lying when he said that Jason had witnessed his first success, the ape in the lower tier was the first specimen that he had completely submitted to his rule .
Yet, that was only the simplest way to use that ability .
Noah could clearly imagine him becoming able to create packs as he continued to train or just build a system similar to that of the rank 5 Albino snake in Twilboia Cliff .

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"That's amazing!"
Noah was surprised to see Elder Jason exclaim that when he was done with his explanation .
"Prince, you've managed to make use of a feature of your body to control magical beasts! The implication that this achievement could have are endless! We must tell Elder Julia, she will surely know how to bett-"
"No . "
Noah interrupted Elder Jason's phrase .
"I can just give orders that magical beasts can understand, but it's the power behind the orders that affects their decision to follow them . I don't mind doing missions, but I won't focus on an unreliable ability just because it can be beneficial to the Hive . Be sure to say this when you report to Elder Julia . "
Noah explained before flying away in the direction of the forest of White woods .
Elder Jason hesitated a bit, but he decided to follow him in the end .
He couldn't really give orders to him, and Noah's words also made sense .
Noah was a member of the Hive, but he was also a cultivator striving for the higher ranks .
No one could ask him to stop focusing on his cultivation only to train in something that could benefit the Hive .
A bit of guilt filled Jason, which made him transmit some thoughts to Noah's consciousness .
"I've spoken too much, Prince . You have done so much for the Hive already, but I actually asked you to sacrifice your training to do even more . My apologies . "