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Published at 6th of April 2020 10:55:10 AM

Chapter 582
Noah nodded at Faith before lowering his gaze toward the natural paradise .

He was quite interested in the water poured by the waterfall, it didn't happen often to find something that could appease the innate aggression of the magical beasts .
Faith had spoken the truth, the insect-type magical beasts that filled the environment seemed to peacefully cohabitate, which was something that Noah had never seen in his life .
'This can be a training area with equal value to the lava lake even if it lacks traces left by divine beings . I believe it might force any cultivator in a meditative state in a matter of hours!'
Noah thought while he analyzed that territory, but he was soon forced to stop since Faith continued to stare him with growing intensity .
"What is it?"
Noah asked .
Faith wasn't trying to probe his centers of power, so he couldn't understand the reasons behind her action .
"My apologies, you are the first man that can divert his gaze from me so soon . I was just surprised, I guess that the Demon Prince is amazing even in fields outside of cultivation . "
Noah shot a confused expression toward Faith before shaking his head .
He could imagine the torments that such a beautiful woman had to endure through her cultivation journey, the world wasn't exactly a good place after all .
'Her beauty might have been the very reason why she focused on cultivating . '
Noah was aware that Faith was a rare talent, her youthful appearance was the proof that she had met few hindrances on her path toward the heroic ranks .
Yet, there was a limit to how much Noah cared about her situation, he was simply analyzing her to understand her individuality better after all .

He remembered Jason's words, he knew that the cultivators on that meeting would probably become someone important in the future, which was why he was using that chance to learn about them .
Noah didn't know if they would become his enemies in the future, but it didn't hurt to be prepared for that eventuality .
"Faith, don't mind the eunuch, any man that can't appreciate your beauty shouldn't be worthy of your thoughts . "
A manly voice resounded in the area .
Noah turned to look at the huge figure that had appeared in the distance .
The man that had spoken was extremely burly and was more than two meters tall .
He wore a sleeveless red robe that revealed the thick black hair on his arms .
Long and unruly black hair fluttered in the wind as he neared Faith, and traces of a growing beard filled his chin .
'Did he just shave to impress Faith?'
Noah couldn't help but think that when he saw the burly man kissing Faith's hand as a form of greeting .
"Did he bother you in any way? You know the voices about him, he isn't called Demon only due to his title . "
The man asked Faith while wearing a concerned expression, he seemed really worried about her well-being .
"Andrew, you can drop with your act . I've already said that I won't accept a man that can only think about war . "

Faith retracted her hand, and a bit of coldness began to fill her figure .
Noah stared at the event with interest, it seemed as if Faith's peaceful aura had instantly solidified into something sturdy .
"I also think a lot about you!"
Andrew complained, but Faith simply heaved a sigh and distanced herself from him .
"I apologize for his rude words . He is Andrew, also called Eager Titan, and he is the envoy from the Shandal Empire . "
Faith revealed the man's identity to Noah, but the latter simply nodded and continued to analyze the environment under him .
Andrew seemed far weaker than Faith .
Noah felt that he could completely overwhelm him if a battle were to happen .
Andrew, though, didn't like Faith's kindness toward Noah and began to radiate a dense battle intent as he stared him .
'No one should ever challenge a dragon unless it is confident in defeating it . '
Noah thought as he turned his head to reply to Andrew's stare .
The envoy from the Empire was clearly challenging him, and he wasn't even slightly inclined to ignore him .

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Not only was that meeting a matter of glory and pride, but Noah couldn't let anyone challenge him so bluntly and just ignore it .
Andrew was a bit surprised to see the same person who was ignoring Faith's beauty was immediately reacting to his challenge .
However, he was the Eager Titan of the Empire, he couldn't just show any weakness against the representative of such a small nation .
The two of them kept on staring at each other, and the atmosphere between them became tense .
Then, Noah broke the silence with a few words .
"I'm ready when you are . "
Both Andrew and Faith could see the pure confidence radiated by Noah's figure when he spoke .
Noah was basically asking Andrew to attack first, and he did so without the slight trace of worry .
Andrew felt as if he was just an ant in Noah's eyes .
"You think that, just because you have defeated your worthless uncle, you know the power of melee specialists?"
Andrew's aura surged as he gave voice to those words .
His muscles bulged, and his hair fluttered as mental energy and "Breath" were exuded from his body .
"Faith, do you have anything against this battle?"

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Andrew asked without moving his gaze away from Noah .
Faith sighed before answering .
"Do what you want, but I'll kill both of you if you ruin the harmony of this place . "
Faith didn't exude any battle intent, but her words carried a chilling pressure, it was clear that the territory was more important than her guests in her mind .
Then, right when Andrew was about to charge Noah, a fourth figure appeared in the area .
Noah and Faith turned toward the new presence, and Andrew dispersed his aura when he noticed the action of the two of them .
A young-looking woman with wild silver hair appeared in their view .
A golden spear filled with orange inscriptions was in her hands, and her eyes radiated a bright orange glow .
'The color of her eyes has changed . '
Noah couldn't help but notice that difference, and June had similar thoughts about his pupils .
June had completely ignored the other two envoys when she realized that Noah was there, and Noah found it difficult to divert his gaze too .
More than twenty years had passed since their last talk, but their aspect had barely changed .
However, they could both notice the few and small differences that had appeared in those decades .