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Published at 6th of April 2020 10:55:07 AM

Chapter 585
The world slowed down in Noah's eyes .

The living beings in the area seemed to be holding their breath, and that behavior wasn't limited to the magical beasts .
Even the magical plants there stopped absorbing nutrients, and the air seemed to freeze as if waiting for the catastrophe to unfold .
Of course, the world appeared utterly normal to the other envoys .
Only Noah could feel those sensations since they originated from the instincts inherited by the Cursed dragon species .
His strange behavior was quickly noticed by the other three heroic cultivators who began to stare in the same direction .
However, they could only see the beginning of the mountain chain that stretched toward the center of the continent .
They couldn't sense anything out of the ordinary even with their rank 4 seas of consciousness .
Yet, June was able to recognize Noah's expression .
She had seen him doing something similar when they were exploring the seventh layer of the Royal Inheritance, just before the rank 4 Cloud eagle's attack from the sky .
Her survival instincts kicked in, and her awareness reached its peak, but she still couldn't sense anything from that direction .
As time passed and nothing happened, she began to think that she had misinterpreted Noah's gesture .
"What are you staring at, Prince?"

Andrew asked while adding a mocking tone when he said the word "Prince" .
He found it funny that the "demon" who had escaped from the Utra nation would just become distracted during such an important meeting .
On the other hand, Noah barely noticed that the Eager Titan had spoken to him .
Fear spread through his body, he felt that the sensation that had accompanied him in the last weeks was becoming more intense with each passing second .
Then, when the intensity of that sensation reached its peak, he understood what was about to happen .
"Close your ears and retract your consciousnesses!"
Noah shouted before gathering all his mental energy inside his mental sphere and blocking his ears with his hands .
The instincts of a magical beast, coupled with the heroic mind of an expert in the beasts' field, made Noah able to predict the imminent catastrophe .
Of course, he didn't care enough about Faith and Andrew to help them, he would actually prefer for them to die since they belonged to enemy organizations .
Yet, June was among them, and he didn't want her to be unprepared .
A mental message sent by his consciousness would have reached her sooner without revealing its contents to the other two envoys, but Faith and Andrew would have noticed his action .
Noah couldn't evaluate the power behind the imminent catastrophe, but the two envoys would suspect that June was on his side if they survived after seeing him personally warning her .

Warning everyone would avoid creating any suspect while still alerting her, which was the best outcome that Noah could hope for in that sudden situation .
June didn't hesitate and followed his orders, she simply trusted him too much to do otherwise .

Noah's words confused Faith, but the solemnity radiated by his expression made her took his warning seriously .
After all, Noah's achievements were well known by anyone in a position of power .
Faith knew that the Demon Prince of the Hive had managed to escape from organizations ruled by heroic cultivators, had traveled for half of the old continent, and helped in the war for the independence of the Coral archipelago .
She didn't trust him, but she trusted his survival instincts .
Faith closed her ears and retracted most of her consciousness inside her mind .
However, she left part of her mental energy around her figure in case Noah's act was part of a trap .
It was needless to say that Andrew didn't follow any of Noah's orders .
"What are you even saying!? Faith, why are you listening to him? This Prince is surely planning something . I think it's time to cont-"
Andrew began to speak, but he couldn't continue the rest of his phrase since a deafening cry resounded from the center of the continent .

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The piece of Immortal Lands shook when the soundwaves spread through the entirety of its surface .
The ground split, mountains fell apart, and cracks appeared in the sky as soon as the cry crossed those areas .
It wasn't a matter of shockwaves or just an attack that used the sound to inflict damage, the cry was simply so loud that even the environment of the new continent could only crumble in front of it .
The cry affected even the sea around the continent .
Giant shards of ice separated themselves from the land under the azure continent, even the spell that had stopped the fall of those territories from the sky suffered some damage in that situation .
Noah couldn't move nor inspect his surroundings .
The air around him seemed stiff, it was as if it had become solid under the pressure that accompanied the cry .
His mental sphere trembled to no end, but the entirety of his consciousness was working to keep it intact .
His internal organs couldn't oppose those vibrations, he felt blood reaching for his mouth from inside his body .
Yet, he didn't dare to spit it .
He was sealing all his orifices in the best way he could, he even shut his eyes to protect them .
However, injuries were inevitable in that situation .

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He felt a warm liquid spreading on his palms, which made him understand that his eardrums had collapsed under those vibrations .
He felt tears running down his eyes, only to realize immediately after that those tears were instead lines of blood .
Blood kept on accumulating on his mouth as his internal organs kept on being torn, and he felt the foothold created with his "Breath" shattering every time he lost his focus .
In the end, the sound dispersed, and the tremors stopped .
Noah tried to open his eyes, but his vision was foggy, it seemed that they had been damaged while he endured that attack .
He couldn't hear anything too, even his sense of touch felt off when he waved his arms .
Of course, Noah wasn't in the dark .
His consciousness left his mental sphere as soon as its walls stabilized and analyzed the situation around him .
The other envoys seemed to be still struggling with the after-effects of the piercing cry, and Noah could see that they were far worse off compared to him .
Two pills appeared in his hands, and he quickly put them inside his mouth .
A warm sensation filled his body, and a massive amount of nutrients began to focus the injuries on his internal organs with their healing capabilities .
Noah didn't hesitate to gulp one of the rank 4 healing pills from Divine Demon's inheritance, and one of the compressed rank 4 magical beasts in the upper tier that the Udye family had sent in the last period .
Little by little, his vision and hearing came back, which made Noah able to analyze the devastation that the cry had brought to the piece of Immortal Lands .