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Chapter 586: 586
Noah analyzed his surroundings while he waited for his body to return to a decent state .

'June seems fine, Eccentric Thunder's technique and methods must be amazing . Her centers of power are working together to disperse the remaining tremors that are still affecting her, she shouldn't have suffered any lasting injury . '
A glance to June was enough to make him understand her state .
She was utterly defenseless now, her mental waves were all inside her mind, there was nothing that could stop Noah's probing at that moment .
'Faith's mental sphere is still trembling, but she appears quite calm . I wonder what kind of individuality does she have to have such firmness . '
Noah saw how Faith was using her focus to stabilize her mind without revealing any struggle in her expression, it seemed that her mental waves had some peculiar capabilities .
'The idiot, instead, is lucky to have a sea of consciousness still . '
Noah thought when he turned toward Andrew .
The latter's mental sphere had endured the entirety of the cry without defenses on its insides, and the mental energy that was around him had dispersed when the tremors arrived .
Noah could see that cracks had appeared on the walls of Andrew's sphere, his mind was able to remain in one piece only thanks to the protective membrane that had enveloped him when the attack reached him .
Of course, Noah didn't even need to analyze their bodies to understand their state .
Noah was a hybrid, but he had suffered a lot of injuries when the tremors swept him anyway .

The envoys though were only humans, many of their bones had cracked, and some of their internal organs had completely stopped functioning .
Blood came out from every part of their skin, their robes had been thoroughly drenched in those few seconds .
'I could easily kill the two of them now . However, this crisis has just begun . '
Noah's mind was working at full speed while he analyzed the situation .
He picked up clues from everything that he could see or sense and quickly compared them with his vast knowledge of the magical beasts' field .
He had been able to predict the arrival of the deafening cry mostly due to his instincts, but he couldn't know what would follow that event without understanding the situation first .
The natural paradise under him had mostly fallen apart .
The small lakes had disappeared since deep gorges had appeared after the earthquake, and the magical beasts that had survived had left in a hurry toward the areas over the sea .
The waterfall was still standing, but the mountain behind it had seen many boulders falling from its surface .
'A cry able to reach the western coast and possibly the entirety of the new continent; a power that can affect this sturdy terrain at such distance; the rank 6 existences exploring the central areas; a piece of the Immortal Lands falling into the Mortal ones…'
The data inside Noah's mind seemed to point toward a simple deduction: rank 7 magical beast!

'No, I would be dead in that case . '
Noah quickly discarded that hypothesis .
He had seen the power of a god, the ruler of the Shandal Empire had been able to stop a meteorite that would have probably killed most of the lifeforms on the Mortal Lands .
Rank 7 magical beasts would obviously be less potent than cultivators on the same rank, but that didn't mean that they were weak!
Andrew had managed to keep his life without preparing any defense beforehand, which meant that heroic cultivators could protect themselves against that power .
'Also, the Immortal Lands should have gods continuously absorbing their "Breath", it's unlikely that a single being can cause its fall . Well, I hope it, at least . '
Noah thought while he stared at the hordes of magical beasts migrating toward the coastlines .
Roars and cries resounded everywhere in the continent, the magical beasts in every territory didn't hesitate to run away from the central areas as soon as the tremors stopped .
Those creatures abandoned their packs to distance themselves from the origin of the deafening cry, they didn't even fight when they crossed each other's paths .
The entire fauna of the central territories was migrating toward the coasts and unleashed chaos along its path .

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Noah remained in the air, and his gaze went toward the beginning of the mountain chain after he understood what was happening around him .
However, the cause behind that event was still unclear, he didn't have the confidence of evaluating events that were so far away from his rank .
"W-what happened?"
Faith's voice resounded in the area .
She had finally managed to stabilize her condition, and she directly asked that question after gulping a few pills .
June opened her eyes a few seconds later and did the same, their complexion seemed to improve slightly after the drugs had taken their effect .
Of course, their bodies were far from fine, they could only see and hear thanks to their consciousness .
Noah didn't answer, he was as clueless as them in that situation, he was just waiting to see what other events would follow that cry .
There was no point in escaping, the tremors would reach him even if he flew over the sea .
Also, he now knew the entity of the attack, he could just deploy one of the most suitable defensive measures that Elder Julia had given him before the meeting .
Andrew was still doing his best to control the damages on his centers of power, but Noah didn't care about him .

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He had chosen not to kill him simply because he didn't know what to expect from now on, there was a chance that he could use Andrew's life to his advantage .
Noah wasn't wrong to expect some consequences, but what followed made the fear that had dispersed after the cry reappear .
Thousands of figures rose at high speed in the air, carrying clouds of dust and terrain in their trail .
They had a pair of large feathered wings attached on their backs and a skeletal humanoid body .
A pair of curved horns grew from their temples, and long claws spread from what could be considered their arms .
However, what made Noah really scared was that those creatures could fly!
The new continent was relatively safe due to the absence of flying magical beasts, but the appearance of those humanoid beasts completely changed the situation .
What was worse was that many of them were in the fifth rank, with a handful of them in the sixth rank, and the rest in the fourth .
The winged beasts released cries that echoed the loud one that had previously filled the continent .
The creatures under him stopped roaring when they heard those cries, it seemed that they feared the new presences that had filled the sky over the piece of Immortal Lands .
It was at that point that Noah understood the meaning of their roars and repeated them in human words inside his mind .
'Gather food . '