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Chapter 587: 587
'Black feathered wings, gray skeletal bodies, and curved horns… I don't recognize them . '

Noah tried to link the identity of those creatures to the bestiary inside his mind, but he couldn't find any match .
The fauna and flora of the Immortal Lands were radically different from those of the Mortal ones, it wasn't surprising that Noah couldn't recognize those magical beasts .
'They must have been dormant deep underground . Earth element? I can't be sure . Yet, it's certain that they are the pack of the being that has released the cry from before . '
Noah's mind worked at full speed to find ways out of that situation .
Understand the threat, study the environment, and choose the safest path, Noah was going through those processes in a matter of instants .
He had even activated the Divine deduction technique to improve his thinking speed, he wasn't holding anything back in front of such a threat .
'The leader of the pack should be at the peak of the sixth rank or even be half-step inside the divine ranks . A handful of rank 6 creatures as captains, a hundred of rank 5 beasts as soldiers, and thousands of rank 4 pawns, we might be forced to abandon this place . '
The width and power of the pack of winged beasts could match any of the three big nations, it could even be considered superior .
Only the Shandal Empire with its god could overpower such a force since it appeared that the pack lacked a divine being .
'I can't affect this situation, I can only try to survive until I reach Elder Julia and Elder Austin . '
Noah realized that almost immediately, the pack of winged beasts was simply too numerous and powerful, he could only escape .

His gaze went on the other envoys, and some coldness filled his reptilian pupils while his mind made plans about them .
'Andrew can't run away on its own, he can be a good bait . These are the territories of the Papral nation, so Faith should know escape routes toward safe areas . June can use her status to find protection under the Council, but my situation is a bit different . '
Noah cursed inside his mind when he understood his options .
He would just follow Faith toward one of the safe areas of the Papral nation if he was a normal envoy and leave to the force behind him to reward the Council .
However, he was the Demon Prince of the Hive, the most promising new talent of the Mortal Lands .
His value would be incredible in the eyes of any force, especially since he belonged to the weakest country among the important ones .
Also, he was Divine Demon's heir, and the Papral nation was the home of the Ravaging Demon, the traitor of the twelve demon sects .
Noah didn't know how much Ravaging Demon knew about him, but he couldn't take any change against a being that was at least in the fifth rank .
Calm filled his mind when he understood that he couldn't seek political asylum inside the territories of the Papral nation .
Hundreds of thoughts had surged inside of Noah's mental sphere since its walls had stopped trembling, but only a few instants had passed in the outside world .

Dust and debris were still falling from the winged beasts' bodies, it was as if the Divine deduction technique was hastening the passage of time inside Noah's mind .
'It would take me less than a week to return to the forest of White woods if I use the secret technique, the Shadow sprint, and the Warp spell . I must go now!'
Noah thought and turned toward the south to prepare himself for the fastest escape that he was capable of .
He didn't care about Faith at all, and June was far safer than him in that situation since she could rely on the Council and on the escorts that had accompanied her through the travel .
However, he was alone, he could only rely on himself for his survival .
Yet, a sudden sense of danger filled his mind .
Noah felt helpless when he saw that winged beasts rose in the sky from the territories along the western coast, it seemed that they took a bit more to awaken due to the distance from the rest of the pack .
Only a few instants had passed from when the deafening cry filled the new continent, but that time was enough to fill the sky above its territory with winged figures!
Noah saw how hundreds of rank 4 magical beasts appeared in the escape route that he had just set, and they were even accompanied by a multitude of beings in the third rank of the same species!
'This land was the damned hunting area of these beasts!'
Noah quickly understood the situation and realized that he couldn't fly back to the territories of the Hive .

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He could cross the sea of rank 4 magical beasts, but they would inevitably slow down his journey and gain enough time for the rank 5 beings in the distance .
The safest path had suddenly become the most dangerous .
'By foot then!'
Noah directly switched approach and dived toward the ground .
Faith and June were still recovering, but their consciousnesses made them able to see their surroundings .
They could see that Noah was charging toward the ground, and they instinctively decided to follow him .
After all, it was thanks to him that their centers of power were still intact .
Of course, Andrew was completely unaware of the events that were sweeping the new continent and remained in the air .
The pack of winged beasts began to move after they were done echoing the orders of the leader, and each specimen shot toward the first lifeform in its line of sight .
Every magical beast or plant that couldn't fly had instantly become a prey .
The tide of migrating magical beasts appeared in Noah's eyes, but he didn't fear them .

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They were too scared, their only focus was to escape that situation .
Such an innate fear had been able to suppress their aggression, which made the ground the safest place where to hide for the moment .
Noah didn't slow down his descent and crashed on the ground, creating a large hole in the terrain that flung away the weaker beasts that were escaping on that spot .
Noah punched the terrain as he kept on diving underground, he was basically creating a large cave where he could reorganize .
The sky was the territory of the winged beasts now, and the surface was their hunting area, only the underground could provide him with some safety .
Noah punched and kicked, shattering any sturdy rock that appeared as he dug deeper .
He stopped only when he saw that the sunlight couldn't reach his position anymore .
"Now what?"
Faith's voice resounded in the underground area, and Noah turned to stare at the two women that had followed him underground .
The azure light radiated from the terrain illuminated their bloodied figures, it was clear that their bodies had yet to reach a stable state .
"Now, we wait . "
Noah said as he crossed June and Faith to destroy the entrance to the underground area .